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This map game is an Active Map Game.

I want to try to make this the longest map game, ever.


There isn't much of a backstory to this map game. However, it should be mentioned that this will be focused on what is happening currently. This Map Game takes place in 2017, and continues from that point. Play as any country you would like and the main goal is to survive the longest.

Rules/ Important Information

General Rules

  • No implausibilities, after two warnings, your nation will be taken away, and become available to others.
  • No swearing in-game, but it is allowed in comments.
  • Every 20 years will be archived.
  • Each turn will be one year; Once 2050 is reached, each turn will be three years; Once 2100 is reached, each turn will be five years.
  • No Racial Slurs are allowed.
  • Turns are added once most of the nations have added a turn, and all Mod and Player responses are done.
  • If you're country ends up being defeated, you can continue to play [by playing] as a different nation.

Warfare Rules.

  • Chances for winning a successful invasion/war against a country in their homeland is 50%.
  • War is declared after a formal Declaration of War is announced, however, it takes a year to begin invading.
  • If a country chooses to do an unannounced invasion, their chances of winning are increased to 75%, but the chances of another country intervening plus a rebellion occurring are also increased to 75%.

Nuclear Strike Rules

  • Nuclear weapons are allowed to be created once a nation has played for five-plus years, and each take two years to fully complete one nuclear weapon. There is a three year cool-down before construction of another nuclear weapon is allowed.
  • Using a nuclear weapon on a location can cause global outrage; Neighboring countries have the possibility to invade your country, to gain control of the nuclear weapons.

Moderator Rules and Regulations

  • Mod's may not create any mod events unless the Head Mod, Solace, is inactive.
  • Mod's may not decide what happens within another country unless they have permission from the other country's player.


World Map

2016 Political World Map Blank-2 (1)-2

Russia Map

Discord Russia Map 1


(You do not have to upload a map for your country if you are unable to. You can also play as a revolutionary group within a country of your choosing.)


  • Head Mod/ Creator/ Map Mod: Solace

Mod Application

Need more mods. Add yourself to the list, describe why you want to be a mod, and you may be chosen to become a mod :D

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  • End of Second Korean War.

The poll was created at 20:47 on February 19, 2017, and so far 2 people voted.
Kim Jong-un

The poll was created at 20:47 on February 19, 2017, and so far 3 people voted.



Mod Event: The United States is slowly becoming divided due to President Donald Trump's executive orders, as well construction on the wall.

  • Flag of Russia Russia: We continue to build ourselves to be the great superpower. We continue build military, 70,000 troops are recruited into the Armed Forces, with 45,350 of them are new troops in the Ground Forces. We also add more military equipment, such as armored vehicle, main battle tanks, artillery, aircraft, ships, etc. We plan to build new aircraft carrier, it will be built in 2020. We continue send air strikes to the ISIS and help our ally, Syria in Syrian Civil War. [Secret] We continue to fund Ukrainian rebels. [TOP SECRET] We plan on expanding to Europe, by invading Ukraine and the Baltic States. The invasion is scheduled to be launched in 2019 - 2020. [End Secret]. We hope to strengthen our relation with USA. President Vladimir Putin wants to visit the White House and talk with the U.S. President Donald Trump. [Players (USA) Response Needed]. We continue to grow our economy, by increasing production in agriculture, petroleum, and mining. We also continue to promote tourism, and build infrastructure to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
    • US Response: Sure.
  • Flag of the United States-0 United States of America: Trump, seeing as funds for the wall could not be secured, abandons the project in a State of the Union Address, Saying: "We can not secure funding for the wall, and therefore, we must cancel the project. Instead, we shall build a Canal that shall not only keep immigrants out, it shall also give a profit to the US in the long term, as it shall cut down shipping times even further from the east coast to the west via sea". The US military budget is cut down to approximately 400 billion, with the 200 billion in revenue revenue going to NASA for the Constellation Program.
  • Chile: we start to Build Up Defenses, for this we ask The USA for help [Players (USA) Response Needed], we start to build our shipping powers, we start to produce our own firearms, the frist one will be called the CA-17 which is base on the AR15 and it shoots 308 rounds, we also make Semi auto Handgun Call the CA-07 which shoots 357 Magnum.
    • US Response: We are incapable of helping right now, but once we stabilize on the home front, we'll help.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: With North Korea still threatening us with nuclear war, we continue to increase our military personnel, as well as our military technology. We work on our next satellite, named KSLV-2, which is scheduled to be launched in 2019.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We start to build more tanks and aircraft. We ask for an alliance with New Zealand and Papua New Guinea [Mod Response needed] We start to develop more weapons and work on a new rifle which is called the cyclone-j 27 Which can hold 50 bullets.
    • Mod Response: New Zealand and Papua New Guinea both agree to an alliance
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We plan to cut down carbon emissions and further integrating green energy. We begin wine production, and expect great results due to our climate. We promote domestic tourism. We decriminalise soft drugs, and establish a rehabilitation programming for addicts and tighten controls on hard drug use. Innovation in medicine and science continues, and we plan to have a working fusion reactor by 2020 latest. We also upgrade our military in case some nation doesn't recognise our neutrality and invade us. We improve quality of life within the nation.
  • Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan: The President has announced he plans to slowly reduce his power, and begin to hold genuine elections. Pressured by the Public, he declares our neutrality has ended, and we ally with Russia. This causes mass protests across the nation, and there are rumors a coup is planned to take place in early 2019. The first genuine elections will be held in 2022. The President starts to toughen up on crime, and begins to hire more Police, and more soldiers. We begin to build more high rises in Ashgabat, and ask Iran for a non-aggression agreement (Mod Response Needed). We hope to begin negotiations with Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan over the territorial waters in the Caspian Sea (Mod Response Needed).
    • Mod Response: Iran happily agrees to a non-aggression pact. Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan deny to re-negotiate the territory of Caspian Sea, as they believe that they have a good amount, as well as everyone else [having a good amount of territory].
  • Nigeria: We ask for talks with Togo and Benin about a possible joining of the nations, to become the Republic of West Africa. We ask Mozambique and Egypt is they would like to create and African alliance, for defense and for trade. ( Mod and Mozambique responses needed)
    • Mod Response: Although Togo and Benin enjoy Nigeria as a neighboring country, they decide to decline the offer to become the Republic of West Africa. Egypt agrees to create an alliance, for defense and trade.
    • Mozambique Response: We agree to the alliance, and aim for better relations with the rest of the African continent.


Mod Event: Although stopping construction of the wall seemed eventful and pleased a few citizens, multiple citizens are curious about whether there will be another ban on Muslim immigrants traveling to United States. ISIS, which remained quiet throughout 2017, have announced that they will use everything they have to make a final push to take control of the Syrian Government, which is estimated to be concluded in 2019. ISIS begins to burn multiple oil fields while traveling through to Damascus. People around the world look to their government to see what they will do to counter this.

  • Mozambique: We begin a campaign to get rid of corruption, provide housing, electricity, clean water, and education for all, and reduce crime and inflation to less than 5% by 2030. We ask the support of the African Union and our allies for this endeavor [Mod & Nigeria Response Needed]. We also start improving relations with NATO, hoping to become a NATO member.
    • Mod Response: All of the members of the African Union will support, but request that you support them when they would like to make this change also. Countries that will not support you are: Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, and Somalia.
    • Nigeria: We, of course, accept this offer to help a friend in need. We pledge two million USD to your cause.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We continue building defense and military, 13,465 people are recruited into the Armed Forces. We also add more equipment. Hearing news that ISIS start attack Damascus, we start send 18,000 troops to defend the capital city. We also continue send airstrikes to ISIS militia. [Secret] For security and safety, we ask President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad to escape and evacuate from Damascus. We tell him that our troops will help Assad to evacuate to Russia [Mod Response Needed] [End Secret]. We and Syria start a peace negotiation with the rebels (Free Syrian Army), we hope the war ends soon, and we also hope that we can co-operate to fight the terrorists, Da'esh (ISIS) [Mod Response Needed for Negotiation Process]. [Secret] We increase military training activity, it is part of the preparation of invasion of Ukraine. We continue send supplies to the rebels [End Secret]. President Vladimir Putin visits the White House and meet US President Donald Trump. We will increase trade activity with the US, and we hope the US agree to trade in military [USA Response Needed]. We concern Trump's policy for ban immigrants from Muslim nations, including Iran and Syria. We start to expand our military alliance, CSTO. Serbia is accepted as new members after being observer of CSTO. We invite China, Turkmenistan, and Iran to join CSTO. [Mod and Turkmenistan Response Needed]. In this year, we hold presidential election, with Vladimir Putin is re-elected as president after getting 66% of popular vote. We also host the 2018 FIFA World Cup, with having great success for the events, although Russian national team doesn't win the tournament.
    • Turkmen Response: The President accepts this offer, but this causes nationwide protests, demanding Turkmen Democracy.
    • Mod Response: President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, is able to successfully escape Damascus, and evacuate to Russia, however, ISIS is able to find this out when they finally reach the government buildings. The Free Syrian Army agree to a peaceful negotiation, but after learning that you have evacuated Bashar al-Assad, they deny any new negotiations. Iran joins CSTO, while China will deny joining.
  • Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan: Once again, due to the lack of democracy, The President was elected last year. We begin spending millions on farms and de-desertification, hopefully insuring the safety of Future Turkmens. We also ask Russia for a non-aggression pact (Hexarafi Response Needed).
    • Russian Diplomacy: You have joined CSTO (our military alliance), so you don't need to ask us for non-aggression pact.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We start troop deployment in Syria and start to train more troops. Desert training areas are set up as well as mine training areas. As we mine iron ore we start to use some of it to make weapons. (Secret) we start to develop nuclear weapons and chemical weapons (secret end)/ We start to construct an aircraft carrier as well as more fighter jets and bomber planes.
    • (Understand that nuclear weapons cannot be constructed for another 3 more years, and to build 1 will take another 2 years)
  • Nigeria: We reiterate the offer to Togo and Benin about crating the West African Union, and warn it could be very damaging to their economy if they do not join. (Secret) We begin work on a navy, and harbour, spending one billion USD on the cause (end secret). (Mod response needed)
    • Mod Response: Togo and Benin continue to deny the joining of a nation, and they both take your message as a threat. They begin to slowly build up a military, just in case of an invasion.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We were originally going to send 10,000 troops to assist in the ISIS situation, but with Russia and numerous other countries interfering, we decide that it would be best to allow other countries to deal with the issue. We continue to increase our military, as we aren't sure when North Korea will attack us. North Korea announced that their development of nuclear weapons is due to us and The United States, but we counter that by saying that the North is simply delusional, and we had, if anything, a more peaceful resolute than nuclear war. We decide to decrease the very harsh laws on Marijuana, adopting something similar to California's Marijuana Laws. It will take 2 years before it has the possibility of becoming completely legal. Although this has caused a slight increase in drug usage, we still continue to crack down on drug usage and anything related to it, as decreasing regular laws to a simple fine/ probation/ 90-day jail period will take another year.
  • Saudi Arabia: We ask Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen and Kuwait to join us in a Middle-Eastern Union, We ask to create an alliance with Egypt, Jordan, Ethiopia and the above nations if they refuse a union (Mod Response needed) we force all able bodied men into the army for three years from the age of 18 to 21. We bomb areas in ISIS. We legalise gay marriage for people over 25.
    • (Not Plausible currently due to Saudi Arabia's Government) | Mod Response: Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, and Kuwait all decline to join a Middle-Eastern Union, along with Jordan and Ethiopia not wanting an alliance. Egypt accepts an alliance, due to current ties have become strained, and their pursuit of wanting to increase positive relations.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Poroshenko is very alarmed by the results of the recent Russian elections and asks for more American troops in Eastern Ukraine [US Response needed]. Meanwhile, the presidential election is planned for next year and incumbent President Poroshenko announces his intentions to run for a second term. He does face major opposition though, his poll numbers being in tanks (which are lower than his predecessor Victor Yanukovych who was removed from power in 2014) and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has also announced her intentions to win the presidency for the Fatherland Party. (Secret) We begin to suspect that Russia is planning an invasion, so we begin an immediate investigation to see what there up to [Mod Response on results]. (Secret)
    • US Response: We agree, and an expeditionary force of 15,000 men have pledged to go and fight the Donetsk People's Republic.
    • Mod Response: The investigation of Russia results: Military Activity has increased.


Mod Event: Although the multiple bombing runs and various attacks on Syrian rebel groups proved successful, Syria eventually collapses. Syria is split up into 3 separate nations: Islamic People's Caliphate (ISIS controlled), Kurdistan Republic, and Sunnistan. Although small currently, Multiple people within Kurdistan Republic and Sunnistan have begun a rebellion in Turkey, as they want to gain land. Islamic People's Caliphate has began an invasion of Israel and Lebanon, after influencing many of their citizens to join their military to claim "what was rightfully theirs". Throughout all of this chaos, the United States of America remained quiet.


Black = Islamic People's Caliphate, Green = Sunnistan, Orange = Kurdistan Republic)

  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: Several high-ranking government workers were fired yesterday due to a corruption scandal. We also start improving existing infrastructure, especially roads, water pipes, sewage pipes and electric lines, and we also begin building more water and sewage pipes and electric lines to serve communities with none of these things. We also start building more schools, improving and expanding existing schools, and hiring more teachers to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for education. We begin investing in the tourism industry, most notably beach and eco-tourism, and we reduce taxes on companies to 4%, to entice companies to set up their headquarters in Mozambique. We start building more hospitals and improving the quality of existing ones, as well as improving and creating more garbage trucks to collect the increasing number of trash in the country. The campaign, called Plano Mozambique, or Plan Mozambique, focuses on eradicating corruption, having in each settlement at least one primary and secondary school, hospital, access to electricity, clean water, and garbage facilities, this will help improve Mozambique's standards of living. The goal for this plan is to become a first-world nation (i.e have a HDI higher than 0.800). We will begin devising another plan for improving the gender inequality situation. The current president, Fillipe Nyusi, begins to develop a pacifist policy, announcing in an African Union meeting earlier this month, "I do not want to involve my country in any wars, whether it be ISIS, or Afghanistan, or Ukraine, or any other future wars. Mozambique is not ready for wars yet, and even if Mozambique is ready for wars, we will not join any war, as we want to focus our money and resources on creating a better country for our citizens, not on bombs or guns or weapons that can end lives and destroy cities, even if it is for a good cause. The nation of Mozambique will always strive for our citizens' lives, and not to cause disorder,". This speech gains very high approval among the Mozambican populace, as they now know that they will not die from war, and so they are safer.
  • Nigeria: Togo and Benin were right to view us as a threat and we invade them to fully annex with 400,000 soldiers. We also block their trade with our navy. We request their immediate surrender
    • Mod Response: Without proper knowledge of the areas in both Togo and Benin, 250,000 troops are displaced, and end up either MIA or KIA. Benin is quickly taken, but Togo had been slightly prepared for this, and are successfully able to defend themselves. Only 20,000 troops remain from the entire invasion. Togo declares war on Nigeria, with most of the African Union siding with them. Your navy is able to stop trade for a few hours, but Togo's, Ghana's, and Chad's military forces were able to stop your navy.
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We declare ourselves neutral in the light of the events in the Middle East. We construct more schools and upgrade to curriculum to incorporate valuable skills that the nation requires. We improve infrastructure, and build more settlements. We hold an international Science Convention in Geneva, inviting several scientists worldwide to participate and share knowledge. This event is planned to be annual should it be successful. We send trained mechanics to maintain the Swiss portion of the Large Hadron Collider.
    • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique Dip: We send our finest scientists to the Science Convention.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The presidential election take place, and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko wins the vote in an almost landslide victory against

    Tymoshenko taking the Oath of Office

    Poroshenko, winning 55% of the vote. About a month later she is inaugurated president, making her the first woman president in Ukrainian history. Her first act as president, applying for emergency membership of NATO and the European Union, for the betterment of our people and society [Mod Response]. We have had recent reports that there has been more artillery fire on public and government buildings around the Donetsk region with multiple casualties. We plan a full scale retaking of the region sometime next year.
    • Mod Response: She is reluctantly allowed into the European Union, but NATO will make a formal response once they finish conversing about it.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We start to send more troops and planes to Syria battle ISIS. We get our best hackers and try to locate their main computer system which would lead us to their main base[Mod response needed]. Meanwhile 3 of our frigates are sent to frigates. Our Prime minister also upgrades our public transport system.
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: We condemn the Islamic People's Caliphate for their invasion of Lebanon and Israel, nations who have done no wrong to them. We continue focusing on Plano Mozambique (see above), and we begin creating more recreational spaces such as parks across the cities of Mozambique, most notably Maputo, to make the standards if living in the cities better. A revamp of Maputo International Airport is also underway, to make it look more modern, and attract more big airlines so Maputo can become the air hub of Africa, like cities such as Dubai and Singapore. We have seen a slight improvement in the standards of living for Mozambicans, but it takes a lot of money to uphold these developments, and so the income tax is increased to 15%. The Mozambican army is officially abolished.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We add finishing touches to KSLV-2, and delay it's production for another year, as we want to make sure nothing bad will happen to it. We are able to reduce the harsh laws on marijuana, but once this is completed, there is another delay for the complete legalization of marijuana, as the law is estimated to be finished and effective in 2021. Like Mozambique, we condemn the Islamic People's Caliphate for their invasion of Lebanon and Israel. A huge science presentation is shown about how we can make our country, Republic of Korea, a futuristic powerhouse of economical growth and production. Although this presentation is simply speculation about what our country could accomplish within a decade, we decide to invest into these ideas. We increase tax rates by +5% to each tax base of income, and estimate to complete the presentation's ideas of a "New Korean Country" by 2029-2045. Our current active military that prepares for any North Korean attacks stands at 400,000/ 625,000 troops. We begin upgrades on various buildings, and begin small-time industrialization and continuation of urbanization of large cities, such as Seoul.
  • Caliphate of TurkeyIslamic People's Caliphate Islamic People's Caliphate decided that they would invade France but in the process they stumbled across 2 nuclear bombs along the border. Tring to be as quick as possible and move the bombs and end up blowing up 1 of the 2. They finally get back to base and start making a launcher
    • (Still Implausible)
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We condemn the Islamic People's Caliphate for their action of invasion of Lebanon and Israel. After this action, we start intervening, by declare war to the Islamic People's Caliphate. [Secret] We invade Syria because we want restore back the Syrian Government. Due to this, we use more money for invasion of Syria, and cancel our planned invasion to Ukraine. But, military activity is still increased [End Secret]. We also start help Iraq and (Iraqi) Kurdistan to repel IPC from Iraq. We start to build more infrastructure.


Mod Event: A referendum is held, and Ukraine is finally allowed into NATO. It will, however, be another 4 years before NATO can really do anything to assist/help Ukraine. The United States begin their election process, with Bernie Sanders leading the Democratic Party, and Donald Trump leading the Republic Party for re-election. President Trump has announced that he made multiple new executive orders, which blocks any transport from every country with a high percentage of Muslims, and every country deems "evil", which includes: All of the Middle East (excluding Kuwait), Turkey, Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, and, the most significant, China. The airline ban has sparked intense hate from both enemies and allies of the United States, and the airline ban will be in-effect for 1 year. IPC successfully takes Lebanon, and assassinates the President on live TV. IPC also begins to take land within Iraq, and Sunnistan and Kurdistan Republic begin to push further into Turkey, as well as taking some of the land of IPC. IPC, seeing this, declares war on Sunnistan and Kurdistan Republic. Sunnistan declares their invasion of Turkey, while Kurdistan Republic declares their invasion of Iraq. North Korea begins relations with IPC.

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko makes a statement that she is very pleased that Ukraine was accepted both into NATO and the EU. She does wish however, that more military support can be supplied to help against Russian aggression [Mod Response]. During a speech in Kiev, she does say that she feels that Russia is a major threat to Ukraine's sovereignty and that if nothing is done soon, "We could be under the Communist shield once more." Polling shows her at 57% approval rating, and many expect that she will run for re-election in 2024. A recent report says that crime in Eastern Ukraine has been on a major rise in the past year, along with attacks on Ukrainian government troops. She declares on public television, "We are at war with our own, and it needs to stop. We are all Ukrainian! Not Russian, not Crimean, Ukrainian!" President Tymoshenko announces that a no-fly zone has been declared over Eastern Ukraine and that the only planes allowed are Ukrainian, and that if any other planes (passenger or military) are seen will be shot down, she also says, "To President Putin, we are not afraid of you. Fly your jets in Eastern Ukraine if you want, but just know that we are not scared to shoot them down." The minister of defense announces that war games will be held in the Black Sea with the Ukrainian Navy and invite the American, French, German, and British navy to join [American/Mod Response needed].
    • Mod Response: NATO states that if Russia becomes more aggressive, military support will be sent, but for a regular NATO military force, it will take 4 years. American Navy declines, but French, German, and British Navies join.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: The Muslim minority in the north is outraged by Trump's travel ban, and join the swarms of protests engulfing the world. We continue with Plano Mozambique, and continue improving infrastructure. We have noticed a slight improvement in standards of living in many places around the country. The minimum wage is raised to 1000 New Meticals (equivalent to $140) per month, to improve the standards of living for our workers. We have seen a growth in the amount of companies whose headquarters are in Mozambique, increasing the amount of money that goes into the government. We have wired electricity and clean water pipes to 565 villages already, and from the current projection, we will become a first-world nation in about 2050. We declare neutrality, but do not sever ties with Nigeria or the Afircan Union.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We condemn North Korea for them beginning relations with the Islamic People's Caliphate, but we also encourage North Korea to simply stop this madness, and do what the citizens want: Unite [Mod Response Needed]. We continue our development into becoming a futuristic, technological powerhouse, and hope that we are completed by 2044. We launch our satellite, KSLV-2, and it successfully makes it into space without any known problems. Due to relations between IPC and North Korea, we prepare all of our active military in case of an invasion.
    • Mod Response: North Korea refused, Kim Jong-un said in his speech in reaction of South Korea's statement, "Yes, we want to unite, but it must be under our rule!". North Korea prepare their troops to fight South Korea and increase security of Demilitarized Zone, they also continue testing more missiles, and they test their nuclear bomb in their territory.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We condemn action of Islamic People's Caliphate for assasinating Lebanese President, we also condemn North Korea for their relation with our enemy, IPC. We cut all relations with North Korea and start to build defense in Russo-North Korean border. We launch invasion of IPC by sending 47,500 troops and 30 tanks [Mod Response Needed for Result]. We also ask Kurdistan to help us in case of invasion to IPC. We warn Jordan to prepare their defense because Jordan probably will be attacked by IPC. [Mod Response Needed]. We also ask NATO, especially the US, to attack IPC, your ally, Israel is under attack! [Player/Mod Response Needed]. Meanwhile, in case of Ukraine's statement, we react with making a statement, that delievered by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, saying that "Russia will pull their troops from Ukraine and stop aiding the rebels. We let them to make their decision, if they want independence, we won't care, also if they want to stay with Ukraine, we won't care. We also will accept no-fly zone in Eastern Ukraine." But, we won't give up Crimea as Crimea was formally annexed by us, we start to set up defense there. In addition, we now use most of military cost and troops to fight IPC and maybe North Korea, so we won't attack Ukraine in near future. President Putin reacts after the US ban immigration from several Muslim nations, including Turkey and Iran, plus they also block immigrants from China, Putin is questioning, "Trump, why do you block people from Muslim nations, including your allies like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan to visit your country. Why do you block all transportation to China? Who will be the next? Mexico? Africans? or Russia?".
    • Mod Response: IPC is able to successfully hold off Russia, although they do suffer heavy casualties. Jordan has already prepared for an oncoming invasion, by having most of their active military ready to defend against any attacks from IPC. Kurdistan says they will not help, but will begin to push into IPC's territory on their own means, as they want "what was rightfully theirs to begin with". NATO is currently torn about who they are going to attack, as parts of NATO member Turkey are being claimed by Kurdistan Republic and Sunnistan, while Islamic People's Caliphate is basically going on a genocidal route of invasions and conquests in most of the Middle East. However, France has decided to intervene in the current Israeli invasion, and dispatch 50,000 troops in Israel.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: In the elections taking place this year, the nationalist Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party won a major victory with 58% of the vote. The past four years of Angela Merkal's open-border policies have filled the country with migrants and the crime rates are skyrocketing, as well as the number of terrorist attacks. The new Chancellor Beatrix von Storch, leader of the AfD and member of the Grand Ducal House of Oldenburg, immediately begins a program to round up and deport all Muslim migrants that have arrived since 2014. Sweeping reforms occur, with encouragement, such as tax cuts, being made for ethnic Germans to reproduce and grow the population. The draft is reinstated for men aged 18–27 and the Bundeswehr is set to be expanded to 550,000 men, organized into 28 divisions, including 16 infantry, 8 panzer, and 4 landwehr divisions. German youths are encouraged to enlist, and a propaganda campaign promoting German patriotism begins. The Armee Kommado (Army Staff) is dissolved and replaced with a new Generalstab (General Staff), and the rank of Generalfeldmarschall is also reinstated. The new German government announces that we are considering leaving the EU and NATO.
  • Flag of Namibia.svgNamibia: Namibia condemns the Nigerian invasion but doesn't do more beyond sending its one good Antonov An-25 to help with transportation, although repair work is begun on the other. Namibia asks Russia if it is interested in helping Namibia build a nuclear power plant. [Player Response Needed]. We also ask Angola what it wants to do with the ~12000 Angolan refugees in Namibia. [Mod Response Needed]. Namibia reforms its educational system to try to teach more practical skills, and aims to have a nationwide primary grade educational system by 2023, and begins to build a desalination plant in Walvis Bay and the pipelines to transport the water, in addition to beginning research on cloud seeding. The government begins to build processing plants for its mines. It begins a low-scale operation to search for oil off the coast. It also begins to set up defenses in the Caprivi Strip to intercept any armed forces trying to use it as a corridor without authorization.
    • Mod Response: Angola asks for you to hold onto them until Angola is able to create a place for them. The place is expected to be done in 2022.
    • Russian Response: We accept to help Namibia to build the power plant. We hope our support will help Namibia to improve its economy.


Mod Event: Islamic People's Caliphate moves their entire invasion of Israel to Iraq, to hopefully gain Iraqi land. The United States has been "hush hush" on the election, so it is still unclear whom had won the election, although people around the world assume it was Bernie Sanders who had won. North Korea continues in their nuclear program, and declare war on South Korea, Japan, United States, Russia, and China, due to everybody disagreeing with them, along with continued joint-operations within the five countries. The Islamic People's Ccaliphate sends 10,000 troops to assist North Korea, and North Korea sends them one nuclear warhead, which proves to be unfavorable by multiple nations across the world. Kurdistan Republic and Sunnistan continue their push into Turkey, which has turned into a battle zone.

  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko condemns the actions of the North Korean's and declares that if NATO get's involved in the war she will not be afraid to get involved, and asks if there is anything Ukraine can do to help (NATO response). We
    Ukrainian armed forces march, 202107:40

    Ukrainian armed forces march, 2021

    The military march in downtown Kiev.

    begin our joint military exercises, beginning with our navy in the Black Sea and then our military in Eastern Ukraine (where the rebels aren't located), and soon preform a major military march in downtown Kiev. [Secret] We still hold a big grudge against Russia and see them as a threat to our sovereignty and tell our navy to intentionally fire at Russian controlled military posts on the coast of Crimea and have our air force fly very low over the

    A beach in Anapa, Russia

    beach pictured (left) to frighten the people (Mod Response on results) [Secret]
    . With the rebels in the east, we declare immediate war to "cleanse the east of the non-Ukrainian rebels" as President Tymoshenko put it during her televised address to the nation. In Kiev, major protests are forming around the Russian Embassy and have recently been very violent, with a protester throwing rocks at windows and one throwing a "molotov cocktail" at a security checkpoint. In the past two months, three people have died during the protests and 270 have been arrested. We tell the Russian Embassy staff (including the Russian ambassador to Ukraine) that if the protests get any worse she will send in the military to disperse the crowd, [Secret] We have no plan on protecting any Russian staff, especially the Russian ambassador [Secret]. A recent poll shows Tymoshenko's numbers have been on the rise lately.
    • Mod Response: NATO states that they are still deciding what to properly due, since North Korea has nuclear weapons, so they ask to not do anything radical. Multiple NATO members condemn your aggravation of Russia, which is found out due to a few soldiers publicly speaking about the incident. Russian citizens seem to now have an 'unfavorable' view against Ukraine since seeing the plane flying low at a beach in Anapa, Russia, along with the shots fired towards various Russian controlled military posts in Crimea. A formal Russian Response is needed for Ukraine's aggression [Russian Response Needed]
    • Russian Diplomacy: We condemn Ukraine's action for shoot our planes down and their aggression. After this incident, we pull our ambassador and stop trading with Ukraine. We also may cut all relations with Ukraine, if they continue their aggression.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: Reforms continue as Chancellor Beatrix von Storch of the AfD nationalist party strives to make Germany a world power again. Muslim migrants are rounded up and deported while the government promotes having children among ethnic Germans and gives itself greater powers. The AfD forms an alliance with the Tradition und Leben monarchist party, and begins making plans for restoring the Deutsches Kaiserreich as a constitutional monarchy. It also plans to abolish the current states of Germany and replace them with the monarchies that existed prior to 1918-19 as part of a nationalist revival. The national anthem is changed from Deutschlandlied to Heil dir im Siegerkranz ("Hail to Thee in the Victor's Crown"). Recruitment continues for the German Armed Forces which are set to be to a strength of 550,000 men, while new divisions and a general staff is organized. The German Foreign Office issues a statement in which we condemn Ukrainian aggression against Russia as "dangerous and extremely foolish" and says that "Germany will not back Ukraine in its senseless provocations". We announce that Germany will be leaving NATO and the EU by 2023.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We begin preparing all active military troops for the war on North Korea. We send 50,000 troops to the De-Militarized zone between our's and North Korea, and begin pushing into North Korea, along with sending 5,000 trained individuals to search for any mines and and potential bombs in the De-Militarized zone [Mod Response Needed]. We begin building multiple THAAD, which are all scheduled to be finished next year. (Secret) We begin a thorough search for any defectors/spies and possible tunnels that are made from North Korea, and if any are found, we will lace them with various mines and bombs [Mod Response Needed] (End Secret)
    • Mod Response: South Korean troops successfully take North Korean city of Kaesong. South Korea also take small territory of North Korea, around the Demilitarized Zone. Several mines and bombs are also cleaned, but some of them are exploded, killing 15 people. Your spies have discovered two North Korean tunnels, under the DMZ.
  • Flag of Peru.svg Peru: President Ollanta Humala condemns the actions of the North Koreans. We start to fight corruption in the civil service and their are a few highly published trials. Lima's airport and docks are upgraded. The copper, iron ore and coal mines are slightly expanded. We prospect for more phosphate, more iron ore and more silver. Some new schools open in Iquitos.
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We discuss the possibility of a merger with Liechtenstein and Austria as the Alpine Confederation. Should both nations come into agreement, the unification process will take a few years. Domestic tourism is encouraged,as is secularism, as we don't want to get involved in any religious matters. Science and technology continue to improve in Switzerland. We plan to implement drones as emergency services by 2024, and the transition to zero dependency on fossil fuels is expected to be complete in 2025. [Mod Response Needed]
    • (Implausible. Would take longer to have zero dependency on fossil fuels since fossil fuels are used in everything and are all mostly used for Energy, something very difficult to replace)
      • They use a lot of Hydro-electricity and atomic power, but there is still some oil and gas plants. Electric cars are still being developed, but look promising.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ Switzerland: We offer Switzerland an trade offer. The deal is: If you invest heavily in our new iron mines and provide us with 10 (diesel) railway passenger trains, then we will grantee you 50% of the profits from the mines you invested in and 100,000 tonnes of cut price iron ore for the next 20 years. [Player response needed].
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ South Korea: We offer South Korea an trade offer. The deal is: If you invest heavily in our new iron mines and provide us with 12 (diesel) railway passenger trains, then we will grantee you 50% of the profits from the mines you invested in and 110,000 tonnes of cut price iron ore for the next 20 years. [Player response needed].
      • South Korean Response: We agree with the deal.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ Japan: We offer Japan an trade offer. The deal is: If you invest heavily in our new iron mines and provide us with 12 (diesel) railway passenger trains, then we will grantee you 50% of the profits from the mines you invested in and 110,000 tonnes of cut price iron ore for the next 20 years. [Mod response needed].
      • Mod Response: Japan agrees with the deal.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: In response with North Korean declaration of war, we start to invade them from Vladivostok, with 17,000 troops are sent to occupy Rason and North Hamgyong Province. We also conduct naval shooting to city of Chongjin [Mod Response on Result Needed]. We also ask China, even South Korea and Japan to work together, by combine our troops (only China), supplying, and medical treatment to all troops [Mod/Player Response Needed]. [Secret] We are sure NK will launch nuclear bombs to their enemies, including us, so we start to evacuate government officials to bunker. Vladimir Putin is remain in office, but this year he will go to bunker along with his family. Anti-missiles defense are built in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladivostok, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, and Novosibirsk [End Secret]. We send more 55,000 troops to IPC-controlled Syria and Iraq, along with 25 tanks. We also launch missiles and airstrikes to vital places [Mod Response on Result Needed]. [Secret] We start to form and fund rebels pro-Assad in Damascus. We also send agent to assassinate Caliph of IPC [Mod Response Needed] [End Secret]. We condemn Ukraine's aggression. Prime Minister Medvedev saying that "Ukraine starts to threaten our sovereignty." We start set up defense in Crimea, Rostov, and Krasnodar-Krai. We also increase security in Ukrainian-Russian border. If they continue this, we may cut all relations with them, and maybe war. Russian citizens in Ukraine also starts to escape, and we start to help them. People start a demonstration in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Rostov, Kazan, and even Sevastopol, in response of Ukraine's aggression. (Currently, We have no plan on Ukraine since our plan was cancelled. We keep let the Ukrainian rebels to do their action their selves, and not intervening.)
    • Mod Response: Rason and North Hamgyong Province are successfully occupied. The naval attack on Chongjin proves successful. All nations agree to work together. The attack on IPC-controlled Syria and Iraq proves successful, and many IPC troops retreat back to Syria from Iraq. The missiles and airstrikes prove successful, destroying many headquarters and military bases. The agent is is successful in assassinating the Caliph of IPC, but the agent is found and decapitated before he could properly escape. Multiple videos of his death surface on streaming platforms such as YouTube.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Namibia begins to build a nationwide system of clinics and larger hospitals in a "hub and spoke" model projected to be finished at the latest in 2025. A system of railroads is being build to facilitate this as well as further tie the nation together, set to be completed at most by 2027. A major line is between Swakopmund–Walvis Bay–Lüderlitz, set to be completed in 2023. We also propose to Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe to build a railroad between us, running from Grootfontein into Zambia through Livingstone then along existing tracks to Lusaka, where it splits. One goes to Lilonwe via Chipata, and the other goes to Harare via Chirundu. This will help facilitate trade and hopefully reduce road accidents (since there'll likely be less trucks). [Mod Response Needed]. We also begin a port extension and expansion project in Lüderlitz and Swakopmund, set to be completed by 2029. We also begin to import more machines to help the mechanization of farming, which we hope will reduce the number of people working in farming as well as make it more productive. We propose to Angola to build a dam on the Kunene River near the point where it becomes our shared border, which will provide water to farmers and generate electricity to both of us. [Mod Response Needed]. We also begin an expansion project for Walvis Bay Airport due to be completed by 2025. We begin to build the nuclear power plant with Russian help, and is set to complete it between 2029-2030.
    • Mod Response: Angola will build the dam, but is estimated to be finished in 2024. Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe agree to con-jointly build a railroad.


Mod Event: North Korea begins to mobilize all of their troops, and invade China, South Korea, and Russia. The United States end result for their election proves to be Donald Trump, once again. President Trump sends 4,000 troops to South Korea, and 30,000 troops to Japan, to both defend against/attack North Korea. IPC begins to lose control of their land due to rebellions and major attacks conducted by Russia. Riots begin to become a common thing with The United States of America, as Donald Trump was elected once more. President Trump, seeing the harsh criticism, decides to remove China from their travel ban after he re-instates it. President Trump declares war on IPC, and begins to mobilize troops in Israel, sending 79,000 troops, along with sending a few tanks and planes.

  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We continue to upgrade our technology and medical facilities. Swiss medical care is now seen as one of the greatest in the world. We get our scientists to focus on a vaccine for Ebola and Zika, as recent headlines state several minor outbreaks. We upgrade our roads, and implement laws that cut down the national carbon footprint by 2-3%. We remain neutral in the Second Korean War and the situation with the IPC.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ Switzerland: We again offer Switzerland an trade offer. The deal is: If you invest heavily in our new iron mines and provide us with 10 (diesel) railway passenger trains, then we will grantee you 50% of the profits from the mines you invested in and 100,000 tonnes of cut price iron ore for the next 20 years. We also offer to give any help we can to Switzerland in their plan make a Zika vaccine. [Player response needed].
    • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We accept this proposal.
  • Flag of Peru.svg Peru: We condemn ISIS and N. Korea. Our mines iron expand modestly. South Korea and Japan get the promised iron ore. Prospectors have found some more phosphate, iron ore and silver. The Puno to Cusco line and the Cusco to Machu Picchu line gain Several many new trains. A new regional line states is to be biult between Ilo and Mollendo over the next year. It connects the coastal towns of Ilo, Ciudad Jardin, Corio, Punta Yeba Buena, Pampas Nuevas, Punta de Bombon, La Curva, Mejia, Ariznia and Mollendo with 2 tracks and 5 trains. 50 miles of rain-forest become a nature reserve in Maynas Province . We build a Cogeneration Biomass power-stations in Lima that runs of of burning Municipal solid waste. We plan to cut our carbon footprint by 2% by with in 5 years time and by 10% in 12 years time. We enlist 100 new cops to help look after security at the mines. Some new rural schools open in the rain-forest interior provinces. We open a new tram line in Lima.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ China and Spain: We offer China  and Spain a trade offer. The deal is: If you invest heavily in our new silver mines and provide us with a corvette, then we will grantee you 50% of the profits from the mines you invested in, 10,500 ounces of cut price silver and and 20,000 tonnes of cut price iron ore for the next 20 years. [Mod response needed].
      • Mod Response: Both countries agree.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peruvian diplomacy @ Paraguay and Bolivia: We think South America needs to pull together to stand up to America's Trump regime. Peru would like to form a customs union with Paraguay and Bolivia. [Mod response needed].
      • Mod Response: Both countries agree.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Namibia begins construction on its section of the railroad, and the railroad is due for completion in 2026. We ask Angola what they want to do with their refugees now since their place is due to have finished construction this year. [Mod Response Needed]. Namibia continue its current projects. We also begin a reforestation and FMNR project in the northwest of the country, roughly centered on Oshakati and Otjiwarongo to try to reclaim some land to increase access to the local villages as well as creating towns and resorts on which to center ecotourism. This is due to be completed around 2040. Namibia also asks the Swiss for help combating AIDS, which is rampant in Southern Africa. [Player Response Needed]. We also propose a rail link between Divundu (which is on the projected Namibia-Zambia-Malawi-Zimbabwe line) and Sowa in Botswana, which will open up both countries up to increased trade and act as another corridor from Namibia into South Africa. [Mod Response Needed]. Namibia condemns the war provoked by North Korea and expresses wishes for a peaceful resolution.
    • Mozambique Dip: We propose that the Namibia-Zambia-Malawi-Zimbabwe line be extended to include the cities of Xai-Xai, Maputo and Inhambane in Mozambique. We also propose a "Southern African Co-Prosperity Sphere" between us, you, and any other African nation south of the DRC that is willing to join. It will work much like the EU, with a shared currency, and an official title of "President of Southern Africa". (Namibia/Mod Response Needed)
      • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibian Dip: We give our permission to extend the NZMZ line, and propose to use Zimbabwe's existing lines into Mozambique (through the Harare-Mutare-Beira and Harare-Gweru-Maputo lines) and Malawi's existing lines into Mozambique (through the Lilongwe-Nampula and Lilongwe-Beira lines), and propose for Mozambique to build a Nampula-Quelimane-Beira-Inhambane-Xai-Xai-Maputo line to link the system together. [Player and Mod Response Needed]. As for the Co-Prosperity Sphere (which totally doesn't sound like the Japanese propaganda concept), we reject a common currency, but we propose to make all members' currency legal tender in the SACPS (the South African rand is legal in Namibia). We also want any SACPS rules and regulations to not be legally binding to constituent countries (although they can have non-government/law consequences) so it doesn't become a collection of "united" states in all but name. We also want all countries to have the right to leave whenever they want, as well as for them to be able to be kicked out by voting or some other process. [Player Response needed]
      • Mozambique Dip: We accept.
    • Mod Response: Angola says that they will now take the refugees back into their country. South Africa and Botswana agrees to do a rail link between your country and theirs. It is expected to be completed in 2024.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: The program of national revival in Germany continues. The German Government condemns the actions of North Korea and offers diplomatic and logistical support to the anti-North Korean coalition. The armed forces are continued to be developed and improved as planned. The economy is also developed. We begin the process of leaving the EU and NATO, telling all NATO forces in German territory to return to their countries. [mod response]
    • Mod Response: The troops leave, and many countries are left confused towards why you left NATO and EU, with many people blaming the new political party, and memes surface comparing Nazi Germany to the current Germany.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko tells NATO and Russia, "We have no idea why those traitorous former soldiers have been spreading lies about our military activity. The firing on Crimea was merely an "accident" and the pilots of the jets were mistaken for their flight path and were wrongfully shot down. We will not take this sitting down." Soon after Tymoshenko declares full war on Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic, saying that "Communism needs to be fully eradicated from our land and we will not let ourselves turn into a Soviet type state." Soon after the statement, military jets and attack helicopters begin raining over the region along with tanks and almost 27,000 soldiers begin swarming the region [Mod Response on Results]. We publish a report and send them to NATO, the European Union, Russia, and the United Nations showing them that the firing on Crimea was an accident and the pilots misdirection of their flight path, along with our Prime Minister apologizing to President Putin for the mistake (with President Tymoshenko's apology seemingly missing) and soon after a meeting is proposed between Russian President Putin and our Ukrainian President Yulia Tymoshenko to "cool activities" between our two nations [Russian Response needed]. [To Russia in Secret] A whistleblower in the high ranking Tymoshenko cabinet tells President Putin that Tymoshenko was almost forced to publish the statement by her cabinet who were worried about war and that she will remain mostly quiet for the rest of her first term, but cannot promise anything if she wins re-election [End Secret to Russia].
    • Russian Diplomacy: President Russia Vladimir Putin accepts to meet President Yulia Tymonshenko of Ukraine. However, we won't reinstate embassy and send back our ambassador to Ukraine this year. We also pull trade embargo on Ukraine, and start trading again.
    • Mod Response: Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic are quickly taken and defeated.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We start to push our troops to Syria, with 40,000 troops are sent. We also continue aerial shooting and bombing to IPC's military bases and other vital places. We also move our troops to North Korea, along with Chinese troops. We hope to capture Ryanggang Province, Chagang Province, South Hamgyang Province [Mod Response Needed]. We accept apologize from Ukraine.
    • Mod Response: Ryanggang Province is taken, however, ~200,000 North Korea troops were waiting in both Chagang Province and South Hamgyang. Many of the Chinese and Russian troops end up either MIA or KIA. The Syrian push is shown to be small, as land on the border was only taken before the location turned into a battle zone.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We begin building multiple THAAD's, in case North Korea begins launching nuclear weapons. We mass produce small underground shelters in the face of any nuclear fallout. (Secret) We begin a large push into North Korea, by pushing 300,000 troops in the direction of Pyongyang unannounced, along with sending 20 spies into North Korea to assassinate the leader, Kim Jong-Un [Mod Response Needed] (End Secret). We send our navy to into the Korea bay, and begin firing shots right on Nampo, South Hwanghae, and North and South Pyongan [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: The North Korean army is caught off guard by the surprise offensive and are pushed back almost 20 miles from their original positioning. [Secret] The spies successfully enter North Korea, but have some difficulty getting near the leader. 3 of the spies do attempt to shoot him, but they only graze him and hit two generals standing behind him. 13 out of the 20 spies are captured and executed, while rest are MIA [Secret]. Much of the defensive bases on the shores of Nampo are destroyed, the navy guarding from South Pyongyang are able to defend themselves, but almost the entire navy guarding North Pyongyang are destroyed.
  • Flag of Mozambique Mozambique: We begin building the railway to join with the Namibian plan, and we officially establish the Southern African Co-Prosperity Sphere with Namibia. We cut all ties with North Korea and the IPC, and we stop recognizing these nations. Plano Mozambique has proven to be a great success so far, with the standards of life across the country rapidly improving. Many companies have now moved their headquaters to cities such as Maputo, Xai-Xai, Inhambane, Beira and Nampala, giving a huge influx of newfound wealth, and our HDI, and GDP per capita have risen profoundly, rising above any nation in Southern Africa, and rivalling nations such as the Phillipines, Laos and Vietnam. We are now no longer a developing country, but a transition country. We have made the transition from 3rd world to 2nd world, and soon will move into the category of 1st world, modern and Western countries. To celebrate our newfound wealth and profound living standards increases, we are building the Tower of Mozambican Prosperity, a shopping mall/office/retail/apartment complex that will rise 55 floors, or 160 meters tall and will be the tallest building in Mozambique.
  • Flag of Laos Laos: The felling of timber is now legally regulated and a 100 mile zone is now a nature reserve on the southern border with Cambodia. We open a few gypsum, tin, gemstone and gold mines in the northern hills. We open a new radio station in ‎Vientiane. Tourism is encouraged on the Mekong River as we build 2 hotels in the central region of the river's course. Several new clothing factories and some cotton cotton farms emerge in the north of the country.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: (Was given a free turn) Summary recap due to missing a few turns: We are happy and very pleased that U.S. president Donald Trump has canceled the wall. Relations have improved. While this is going on. We have been looking into shifting our military budget into our air force. We want to order three F-16 "Fighting Falcons" from the U.S. We would also like U.S. advisers to train the pilots on flying the F-16s. [U.S. response needed]
    • Mod Response: The United States says that they will not send any military technology. President Donald Trump talks about this issue: "we will not send Mexico any forms of Military technology because all they are trying to do is find new ways to bring in rapists, murderers, and criminals".


Mod Event: North Korea has begun their full mobilization of their entire nuclear stockpile, with nuclear targets aimed towards: Washington DC, New York City, Mackinaw City, United States of America | Seoul, South Korea | Moscow, Russia | Beijing, China | Tokyo, Japan. Islamic People's Caliphate begins to collapse on itself, with multiple countries closing in on prime locations. Lebanon is successfully freed from IPC-control, due to assistance from the United States of America. Kurdistan Republic and Sunnistan want Observer status within CSTO. Although African politics towards the war on Nigeria remained quiet, Chad, Niger, Cameroon, and Togo begin a large-scale invasion of Nigeria to gain land and to assassinate President Muhammadu Buhari.

  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: We are not angered at Donald Trump's comments, but more along the line with baffled. We will get our fighter jets from Russia instead. We want to order four MiG-29 "Fulcrums" from Russia. We would also like advisers from Russia to train our pilots for these aircraft. On other matters, we will open our borders and send any aid we can to the potential victims of the possible nuclear attack. [U.S. and Russian response needed]
    • Russian Diplomacy: We accept.
    • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexican Reply: We are utmost delighted. Shipping and authorization should take about a month to three months. Training should take around a year.
    • Mod Response: United States decline the offer
  • Flag of Peru.svg Peru: A small coal mine opens in in the Cuenca del Santa in the Marañón Province. Lima_Metro is refurbished. 250 km of Ucayali_Region becomes a nature reserve. A few new oil wells open up on the coastline of Talara. Production of oil, gas, arsenic trioxide, bismuth, copper, gold, lead, molybdenum, rhenium, tin, and zinc rise slightly. Iron production goes up sharply. Petroperú's La Pampilla refinery is expanded slightly.  Marcona_District is riddled with new iron mines, many of which are joint ventures with Japan and South Korea. Cerro_de_Pasco is riddled with new silver mines, many of which are joint ventures with China and Spain. All other mines are slightly expanded to. Servery occur in respect for building a hydro-electric power station in La_Libertad_Region with in 3 years from now. Some new rural schools open in the rainforest interior provinces. We start to fight urban rats and cock roaches. We build the Lima TV Tower 2023. It is 540.1 m (1,772 ft) tall and issues VHF-UHF transmissions. It is the tallest in South America. We offer aid what aid we can to all the places that are under nuclear attack [Player and Mod responses needed]. We send 100 troops to help defend Japan from N. Korea if they want them [Mod response needed].
    • Russian Diplomacy: We thank Peru for offering help to us. We ask Peru to send humanitarian to help our civilians to evacuate from major cities. [players Response Needed]
      • Peru response: The 3 cargo aircraft that bring the medicine and tents to Russia are told to stay in Russia to help in the evacuations. A cargo ship arrives with cement on it.
    • Flag of Peru.svg Peru's secret plot: We condemn N. Korea again. [Secret] We train some police and army snipers in assassination skills and send most of them to N. Korea in hope they can kill it's president in an assassination. [end secret] [Mod response for mission's result needed].
      • Mod Response: Japan accepts the offer of troops + aid, and South Korea accepts aid. United States President Trump states: "we will help ourselves. All they are trying to do is find a way to bring in more immigrants". Most of the spies are caught and executed. The remaining spies miss and accidentally hit and kill Kim Jong-un's wife, Ri Sol-ju. Kim Jong-un interrogates the spies, torturing them for their original whereabouts, eventually executing them, but not before announcing a new nuclear target: Lima, Peru.
        • Peru:The loss of Lima is big. A new capital is set up in Ilo, but the nation soon collapses in to chaos and civil war between regional bodies.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: We continue push our troops to occupy Chagang and South Hamgyong. More 77,000 troops and 30 tanks (including tanks from War of IPC) are sent to join the invasion. We also start launch missiles to Pyongyang and other major cities in North Korea [Mod Response Needed on Result]. [Secret] We start to evacuate President Vladimir Putin to secret bunker somewhere in Ural Region. Ministers and Staff from Kremlin are also evacuated [End Secret]. We stop all activities in Moscow, and start to evacuate people there, as we receive news that Moscow is aimed for nuked by North Korea. Not only in Moscow, but civillians from other major cities like St. Petersburg, Samara, Nizhny-Novgorod, Krasnodar, and Kazan are evacuated to anticipate nuclear bombs are aimed to these cities. We continue to push our troops into Syria and Damascus, we hope to capture it as soon as possible [Mod Response on Result]. We accept Kurdistan and Sunnistan's admission into CSTO as observer.
    • Mod Response: Chagang and South Hamgyong are successfully occupied. Missile attacks on North Korea prove very successful, with Kim Jong-un simply abandoning his citizens to hide with a bunker. Al-Hasakah, Raqqa, Dier ez-Zor, Aleppa, and Idlib are captured, due to there being no IPC troops within those locations.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Namibia begins to deport its Angolan refugees who haven't become citizens of Namibia or lost their refugee status back to Angola. It is scheduled to be completed by 2024. As the Swakopmund-Walvis Bay-Lüderlitz (SWL) line opens, trade in these three cities rise, increasing revenue and wealth in these cities too. We begin to implement an economic plan to increase living standards in Namibia similar to the Mozambique one. It calls to shift the economy from agriculture to manufacturing & processing and ecotourism, with support from fishing, mining itself, and commercial agriculture. To meet this, three new desalination plants begin construction on the Skeleton Coast, projected to open in 2030, which will supply water to northern Namibia for farming, tourism, and mining, while operations in southern Namibia will get their water from the dammed reservoirs already existing and collecting water due to low demand, in addition to the cloud seeding program going on. Large solar farms are build across the desert, which will supply electricity, projected to become operational in 2028. Agriculture will be primarily based in the north by the Kunene, Okavango, and Zambezi Rivers, and in the south by the Orange River. We plan for Walvis Bay to become the dominate port with Swakopmund, Lüderlitz, Henties Bay, and Oranjemund as smaller auxiliary ports. To meet this end, enlargement and expansion projects for the docks of Walvis Bay, Henties Bay, and Oranjemund are begin, projected to finish in 2032. We begin to construct the necessary pipelines, power lines, and roads to make all this work, which is projected to finish in 2030. The government promotes investment in manufacturing firms and tries to attract foreign investment. We also keep looking for oil. Already a bit has been found and a few oil rigs are being build by private companies. We offer to send troops to help clear landmines in Angola left from the civil war. [Mod Response Needed]. We offer to buy two Independent-class LCSs from American manufacturers, one Rubin-class patrol boat from Russia, and one Braunschweig-class corvette from Germany. [Mod Response Needed]. [Player Response Needed].
    • German Diplomacy: We agree to sell Namibia one corvette.
    • Mod Response: Angola agrees for troops to help clear landmines. They will also send their own troops to assist.
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: We are somewhat startled by nuclear threats from North Korea, but are thankful that the nearest target is far away. We fear the possibility of a nuclear war, so we attempt to invent multilayer shielding, implementing an array of technologies, but we can only hope nuclear war is not a reality until at least 2050. We increase scientific funding. Bern and Luzern are upgraded to accommodate a larger population. In other news, a strange man makes a bank deposit account and stores a strange disk.
  • Flag of MozambiqueMozambique: We are outraged at the North Koreans, and we immediately place crippling sanctions in every North Korean export or import, as well as officially denouncing the nation in the emergency UN meeting. We accept any refugees coming into Mozambique, and will offer them citizenship as long as they stay for more than 4 years, can speak Portuguese, and can pass the citizenship test. We begin clearing leftover landmines from the Mozambican Civil War. We continue building the Tower of Mozambican Prosperity, and continue improving living standards of the population.
  • Flag of IndiaIndia: We invade Pakistan with 80% of my fighting-men, wepons and millitary assets  (Mod, do I win) and annex there half of Kashmiri and Jamure. India nukes are launched. 4 are fired at the Capital of North Korea, 2 are fired at Islamabad, 2 are fired at Quetta and at 3 are fired at Karachi (Mod, do they hit the targets). We build a new frigate, 50 new busses, many new roads in Bihar state and several new plastic piping factories. Islam is banned and Hindus beat them up in Kashmiri and Jamari.
    • Mod Response: You quickly take Sind and surround the cities of Karachi and Islamabad. The Pakistanis do not surrender. All nuclear missiles hit their target, except for 2 nukes aimed for Pyongyang, one which was shot down under Chinese airspace and landed in a remote valley in Sichuan Province, and one that went off-course and hit part of the DMZ instead.
    • Flag of Namibia.svgNamibian Dip.: Namibia condemns the Indian invasion of Pakistan and maintains that all malicious use of nuclear weaponry is wrong.
    • (Implausible. Reason: Read ALL of the Rules)
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: Seeing as North Korea is preparing Neclear missiles we tell USA that we will accept their refugees [mod response needed]. We declare war on North Korea and ask New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, U.K, France, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, India, South Korea and USA to join us on an invasion of North Korea [mod and player response needed]. We prepare 50 000 troops to invade North Korea
    • Mod Response: All nations agree to invade North Korea. The United States says that if it ends up worse than believed to be, they will send some refugees.
  • Flag of Laos Laos We put trade sanctions on India and N. Korea. We say India has no right to Kashmir and Northern Korea is a police state.
  • Flag of China(returning) PR China: We scrap all our nuclear weapons, cut the armed forces by 20% and declare a pacifist nation. Zen Buddhism becomes the new inspiration as Mao's legacy is forgotten. We denounce the aggression against Pakistan and refuse to take sides over N. Korea. We put a weather satellite in to space and build several new oil and municipal wast burning power stations in Hebe Province.
    • (Implausible. Reason: Doing too many things in such a small period of time. It takes years to accomplish what you just made in one turn. You can leave the Second Korean War, but you cannot already "refuse to take sides" since your nation has already been included in the war. Keep plausible, and keep up with what is going on.)
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We finish construction on multiple THAAD's, along with finishing numerous underground bunkers for the citizens. There are a total of ~32 million people living within these bunkers, which are located throughout all of South Korea.

    Picture of the empty city of Seoul, South Korea

    We make a final push into North Korea, marching into Pyongyang with 2.9 million troops and 300 tanks, along with whatever troops survived previous province captures [Mod Response For Results]. Before our troops made it to Pyongyang, we came across what looked to be multiple concentration camps. We learn that many of these people were people who go missing from multiple countries almost every single year. We see humans without entire arms and legs; humans with a piece of their head missing; Numerous human deformaties. Photographers publish these human rights violation throughout the world. Our president, whom was given political power during this war, Park Geun-hye, gives a final message: "(Translated into English) This is it. This is the final battle and testiment of what will be the Second Korean War. As our troops walk into the badlands of North Korea, we must remain vigilant that they will successfully defeat North Korea and it's leader, Kim Jong-un. We know that some people might not have enjoyed this conflict, but a wise philospher once stated that "The ends justify the means." This is Park Geun-hye, your President of South Korea, signing off." After this message, Park geun-hye is quickly moved into an underground bunker, as the entire population waits for the final results of the war.
    • Mod Response: The South Korean army is met with heavy resistance military soldiers on the outskirts of the city. Surprisingly, South Korean troops are met by violence by civilians in the city. Still, the tanks are able to break the wall of the guarding troops and begin driving through the streets of Pyongyang. Soon enough, the city turns from very quiet to very chaotic, as fighting throughout the city continues for months on end. After about three months of fighting allied troops march through the center plaza in front of many government buildings. It takes another 3 days to finally capture the main building and many officials surrender. Finally after 5 months of fighting, the city is fully captured and the city officially becomes occupied under the allied forces. But, after a sweep of the city, Kim Jung-un is missing but one of the generals that has been captured says that he still alive and is somewhere in the countryside that is still in North Korean hands. It soon becomes clear that even though the capitol is captured, the fighting will continue until Kim Jung-un is captured.
  • Flag of the German Empire Germany: Chancellor Beatrix von Storch officially announces that Germany is now a constitutional monarchy. Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia is crowned the new German Emperor, or Kaiser. Likewise, the restoration of monarchies in the other German states is also taking place, including Chancellor Storch's native Grand Duchy of Oldenburg. Meanwhile, the Kaiserlich Heer is finished reforming, currently having 550,000 troops in 28 divisions. The German Navy, the Kaiserlich Marine, is also reformed and is set to be expanded significantly from 65 ships to 120 ships. Shipyards begin building new vessels. The Luftwaffe is also planned to be expanded. Meanwhile, the German population is starting to go up after years of encouraging Germans to reproduce. We also begin to look for other countries to start economic agreements with.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: President Tymoshenko announces her intentions to run for a second term in office as President. She also puts out a statement saying that, "We have won, we have succeeded, the Ukrainian people have won once more and have proven that we will fight for what we believe in. The Ukrainian Civil War is over, and will remain over for hopefully the rest of time. I do thank that Russians for pulling out of the war on the rebels side." An immediate investigation is launched about Russian involvement by the Verkhovna Rada and will be researching very deeply to Russia's past involvements and plan on publishing them to NATO and the UN. Videos are shown across the country and the world of Ukrainian tanks rolling through Donetsk and another famous video of a Ukrainian soldier raising the Ukrainian flag on government buildings throughout the region. The Red Cross is brought in also to help assets the damage caused by the war, and early findings show that 27,800 people have been killed in the conflict and over 2 million people have been displaced and President Tymoshenko orders the immediate reconstruction of the region and hopes that it will be completed by 2027 and, "...hopes that Ukraine can return to a nation as one, not as three." President Tymoshenko flies by plane to Moscow, Russia to meet with their president, Vladimir Putin.
  • Mod Event: In the Second Korean War, Pyongyang is officially captured and many generals surrender and give very valuable intelligence. Still, Kim Jung-un is still alive and at large, and is believed to be in the countryside alive and the threat of nuclear war is now even more prevalent than ever.
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea: We begin searching the countryside for Kim Jong-un, and we want to know if we received any information that confirms that we can stop the launch of North Korea's nuclear stockpile [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response:  One of the top generals under the regime says that most likely Kim Jong-un still has complete control over the nuclear stockpile and could launch at any second.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: With the threat of nuclear war looming, President Tymoshenko declares war on North Korea. She says at a press conference, "I know that it is late in the war and that they probably won't make until 2025, but we need to help as much as possible." Soon after, she sends 2,300 Ukrainian armed soldiers and 200 special operatives along with 13 tanks, and 2 fighter jets to the Korean peninsula. Almost immediately, our troops begin joining the South Korean troops and begin the final push into the countryside to help find the leader, Kim Jong-un. Along with the fighter jets to do fly over's and air strikes on N. Korean held bases.
  • Flag of the United StatesUnited States of America: Construction of the "America Canal" has finished, making the Panama Canal obsolete. The Atlantic Fleet is downsized, as ships are moved through the canal to completely blockade the remainder of North Korea. A revitalization of our Nuclear Arsenal has begun, and preparations have begun for possible Nuclear War. We begin a "Blitzkrieg" of North Korean outposts. North Korean people swarm at American forces, waving at them as they pass, after being liberated from the Tyrannical North Korean dictatorship. To avoid the "Yalu Incident" which happened in the First Korean War, we send a large portion of our Air force to bases along the former DMZ, and activate our Paramilitary and Reserve, sending a portion of them to the front-lines to fight off North Korean soldiers, in their desperate counterattacks. At home, The economy is fairing well, with a surge in Arms Manufacturing during the war, and Factories sprouting up across the country due to a State funded Total Mobilization. We threaten North Korea that if they do not surrender within the next 50 days, then total destruction shall ensure. [Mod Response Required]
    • Mod Response: North Korea's government was stopped before they were able to make a formal response. No response has come from Kim Jong-un.
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: We invade North Korea with 50 000 troops, 12 tanks and 6 frigates along with the other countries we called to help. We attack from the south west and east we would like to know if we succeeded[mod response needed] we then start looking in the countryside for Kim Jung un in teams of 12-20 soldiers searching homes, bunkers, farms and caves for his bunker[mod response needed]
    • Mod Response: Any remaining scattered troops within the areas whom attack are defeated quickly. Kim Jong-un is still not found.


  • Mod Event: Kim Jong-un is found. He is found under a barn in a secret bunker. He is found and arrested by American and South Korea forces. While being moved to a vehicle, he yells "(Translated to English) Love and Faith are corruption. Death and manipulation occur when these things are present. Red Bird Clipping Rose Three Six Nine Union" Once this is said, the barn begins to open up, revealing a nuclear missile being cleared to launch. The nuclear missile is launched, shown to be attacking the United States of America. The missile is, however, hit by South Korea's THAAD, and goes down in the Sea of Japan, exploding upon hitting the water. Nearby ships sitting there from Australia, United States of America, South Korea, and Japan are instantly destroyed on impact. Casualties are estimated at ~20,000. Kim Jong-un is moved to the DMZ, and world leaders around the world are asked to arrive at the DMZ to decide what should be done to Kim.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine: The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces that the conference between President Tymoshenko and President Putin will be moved until 2025 because of the recent events in Korea. She immediately flies to Seoul, South Korea and issues a statement while getting off the plane, "This is a great day for the entire world, peace has been achieved, Communism toppled once more, and the people of North Korea liberated. As a representative of the Ukrainian people, I will push for the fullest extent of punishment." A statement from her office is put out and says that President Tymoshenko will push for Kim Jong-un to be charged by the International Criminal Court to the "fullest extent". The Verkhovna Rada votes 226 (YES) to 224 (no) to extend the presidential election until next year because of Tymoshenko's projected time in Korea after the war. Tymoshenko is easily expected to win re-election with an approval rating at 61%, and has shown even more public support.
  • Flag of the United States US Update: Total losses are counted, and 1,000 American servicemen are killed. President Donald Trump makes a speech, stating that, despite the world being shocked by this event, we remain strong, and with the destruction of the USS Nimitz, a new one is being constructed, named the USS Nimitz II. Presidential approval ratings skyrocket after Kim Jong Un's capture. with an 82% approval rating, one of the highest in American History.
  • Flag of Mexico-0 Mexico: We are glad to see that the "Second Korean War" is over, and that it did not result in an absolute bloodbath. We now have four "modern" fighter jets in our air force (MiG-29 "Fulcrums"). We have deployed two of them at our airbase in Mexico City, Campo Militar 1. We have deployed one at our airbase, Base Aérea Militar No. 13, Chihuahua, Chihuahua. The last one is deployed at our airbase, Base Aérea Militar No. 18, Hermosillo, Sonora. We wish to thank Russia for selling us these fighters and taking their time to train our pilots.
  • Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia: Namibia reiterates its offer to buy two Independent-class LCSs from America and one Rubin-class patrol boat from Russia [Player Response Needed]. Namibian troops are sent to help Angola clear landmines. Namibia also begins to harness the electricity from the new Kunene Dam and divert some of the flow to farms in the north. Namibia also puts trade embargoes on India and encourages other nations to do the same. Trade begins to increase as the NZMZM-line and the BSAN-line opens. Construction of cargo terminals begins in Windhoek Airport and Walvis Bay Airport and other major airports, such as Keetmanshoop Airport, Lüderlitz Airport, Swakopmund Airport, and Grootfontein Airport. All target airports will receive an ATC tower if they don't have one, ground radar and aerial radar if they don't have one, ILS systems if they don't have one, and at least one additional runway paved with asphalt due for 2026. We also purchase several new trains to use on our rail system. The Namibian president flies to the DMZ, and pleads that Kim Jong-Un "is only tried for his crimes, not that of his father or grandfather." We begin construction of another nuclear power plant and several oil rigs off the coast. We offer to buy 5 F-CK-1 Ds and two AIDC IDF LIFT trainers from Taiwan. [Mod Response Needed].
    • Russian Diplomacy: We agree.
  • Flag of Russia Russia: The soldier in Korea, after hearing news of about Second Korean War, were celebrating the victory. 82,000 troops left Korea (70,000 of them left since Pyongyang was captured) and went back to Russia. The remaining ±3,000 troops stay in Korea to secure the territory. President Vladimir Putin, in his last term as president, visits Seoul to join the conference (We need to make the page for it. However, this will be a slow turn). We also start to make treaty with IPC, Kurdistan, Sunnistan, and Assad regime with pro-Assad rebels in Aleppo. Now, we hold the election, with Dmitry Medvedev became candidate for next election with United Russia. WIP
  • Flag of AustraliaAustralia: It is Malcolm Turnbull's final day at office before he packs up and leaves for Switzerland to begin a new life he goes to Seoul to attend the conference, fireworks go of in most Australian cities and 42 000 troops are called back to Australia. 8000 stay to make sure there is no more resistance [mod response neeeded] The election starts and is between Christopher Pyne and Chris Bowen we would like to know who wins [mod response needed]
    • Mod Response: No more resistance occurs. Chris Bowen wins the Australian election.
  • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland: Several citizens celebrate the capture of Kim Jong Un, while the government allows these celebrations so long as they don't get too out of hand. We begin construction of a highway connecting Bern to Vienna, bypassing Vaduz as well. We decide a name and flag change is in order and by 2025 we will be known as the Alpine Confederation. We will retain our neutrality in any case. The first fusion reactor is up and running, a bit late but better late than never. Drones are beginning to be a normal sight in emergency services.
  • Flag of the United States United States of America: Donald Trump interrupts regularly scheduled programming to have a press conference. This is his speech: "We owe it to ourselves to have removed the Tyrannical regime of Kim Jong Un, and having made a step in the Full Eradication of the Remnants of Communism, we owe it to ourselves a complete re-structure of the US Government, our economy, and our country in General. We shall start with this:" (A map rolls down from behind him, of a redrawn US map.) "Both the Democrats and Republicans have been narrowly winning majorities in states for years. To properly represent the American Public, we have redrawn some US state boundaries:
    Usa New
    "We are also going to abolish the following denominations of US Currency: The Penny, Nickel, Quarter, Dollar Bill, and Two Dollar Bill. Now, These shall still be legal tender, but we shall stop the manufacturing of these denominations, in exception for the bills, which shall be replaced with dollar and Two dollar coins. Also, we are abolishing Reaganomics, as in the long term, they have created a wealth gap so large that the richest 1% own 99% of the American Wealth, and making it so that the richest 1% will have to give at least a billion dollars in charity every year. I am also now pulling The Affordable Care Act entirely, and replacing it with a healthcare system based off of Germany's healthcare system. We have slowly been buying old, abandoned apartment buildings, re-furbishing them, and now they are going to be Temporary homes for the homeless until they can get on their feet. We are also giving the homeless jobs in factories at minimum wage, as that was much better than most of them got before. All of these changes are to go into effect immediately. Now, For the Government, If you take a vacation, Government money will not pay for it, and you will not be able to vote in any legislation until you return. Lobbying is now illegal. You cannot buy someone's vote, and if you are caught doing that, you shall face up to 5 years in prison. We are de-criminalizing most hardcore drugs. If you want to waste your life on Heroin, go ahead. One less idiot in the workforce."
    • Mod: What is a realistic, plausible date for the completion of all of this to be implanted?
  • Flag of the German Empire Germany: The Imperial Foreign Office issues a statement in which we condemn the North Korean government and voice support for the anti-NK coalition. Reforms in Germany continue, the military is set to be expanded by another 50,000 men. New ships for the Kaiserlich Marine are currently being built, and new aircraft for the Luftwaffe. The Imperial Government begins looking greedily at our neighbors.
  • Mod Event: In the United States, the presidential election takes place and Democratic Senator from New York Kirsten Gillibrand wins the election against the incumbent Republican Vice-President Mike Pence. Senator Gillibrand vows to revoke all of Trump's so called "accomplishments" when she takes the Oath of Office. In the House and Senate elections, the Democratic Party has taken back the Senate and the House of Representatives. When Gillibrand is sworn in as president, the government will be fully democratic. She vows that abortion will be legal, gay marriage will stay legal in all states, decriminalization of the hardcore drugs will be reinstated immediately, and many more liberal reforms. Almost 6 million people take to the streets, in happiness of Trump's exit from office revealing a very unfavorably view of the president even though polling had shown he had high approval ratings.
    • (Implausible and Now, Against the rules. Reason: Countries are allowed to do as they please with their politics and anything related and unrelated. Mod's only respond to [Mod Responses] and, in the case where I, Solace, am inactive, Mod Events)
  • KCR: A year after Kim jung un's capture, a man by the name of Kim sung un rises to political spotlight after claiming he is the son of the former dictator. By recruiting online and gathering loyalists to the former dictator ship, Kim solidifies a strong support group which based itself in the city of Hamhung. So far, no violent actions have been taken, however many threats have been made, and the group has a number of 30,000 involved members at the moment. (SECRET) Underground bunkers and tunnels are being used to funnel illegal money and weapons from Chinese cartels in the north, this is being done in hamhung.(SECRET). Kim sung stays in secretive locations, regularly traveling the country side recruiting new members to the movement, promising a "better and improved" regime.

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