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.To view territorial evolution, a high resolution map is recommended, found here.

Welcome to Diplomacy: The Future Map Game. This is a simulation of future diplomacy with you at the forefront. Choose a country, guide your nation, wage war or produce peace. The Map Game is a realistic, plausible approach to the1 future relations of nations. The map provided above will update accordingly to territorial changes made throughout the game. Have fun, play friendly, and, most of all, be plausible with your choices.

How Do I Play?

Your first task is to choose the modern day country you will control over the course of the game. Only one country is allowed for each player. Once you have chosen your country, write your country, your name, and your talk page directly below. An example of this format is provided.

Singapore:Derpmaster21- 20/03/16

If a country is annexed, collapses, is absorbed or occupied, list the crossed out country name and the reason for its demise next to it below. For example: "South Korea - Annexed and invaded by North Korea"

  • Taiwan - Chinese military overthrows government, annexes island.
  • Cambodia, Burma - Invaded and annexed by Thailand.
  • Greece - Suffered revolution and financial collapse.
  • Makedonien, Ostmakedonien - Invaded by Bulgaria, united under one Bulgarian province.
  • Macedonia Merged with Bulgaria

Please review the rules of the game before playing. They can be found here. These rules may change. This is a drastically important aspect of the game, and, if not followed, may cause for you to be banned from the game. At the upmost importance is plausibility.


Mods are the moderators of the game. These people are selected by means of application. For the first five turns of the game, the only mods will be the creator of the game, and the creator of the last game. This is to ensure that the future mods will do their jobs properly. After turn five, players interested in becoming a mod must apply by writing an application explaining why they should be included as a mod. Mods have the ability to delete impluasible events, and create mod events. Only a mod can make a new turn. To be a mod, you must have played in this game for a minimum of five turns. Only five mods will be allowed.


  • Creator and First Chief Mod, Map Moderator and Maker: VonBraun
  • Past Creator Second Chief Mod: Higuys333

Game Settings

  • 1 day (24 hours) = 1 year (1 turn)
  • The game will begin once ten people have joined the game
  • Every turn is one year until 2200, then it becomes ten years. By the year 2300, it will become 20 years.
  • If you do not post for ten turns, your nation will be taken away, or given to someone without a nation.
  • Every 25 years are to be archived to reduce the amount of scrolling.


All international communication, national events, diplomacy, etc are included here, the gameplay. Remember that each day equals one year, up until 2200. Please follow the already in place format that has been presented. Note: You cannot make decisions for countries that are not in your power, such as "Mongolia votes yes in its referendum to dissolve into China." These types decisions made by non-controlled countries will be made by mods. There are excpetions to this rule, and, if you think the decision of the country is extremely likely, contact a mod and explain why you think this.


Mod Event: Catalonia's 2014 referendum never officially occurs thanks to the Spanish government not recognizing the validity of the event. Polling throughout the region of Spain shows that a large majority of its population are unhappy with the Spanish decision, and over 60% wish that Catalonia would attain sovereignty, a massive gain since the last polling from the previous year. Spain continues their stance that the Catalan referendum is unconstitutional.

Mod Event: Lithuania officially adopts the Euro as their currency, making it the newest member of the eurozone, and discontinuing the Litas.

Mod Event: Ebola, now ravaging through West Africa and gaining a force in South Europe, has infected a total of over 40,000 people by the end of 2015. Efforts to stunt the growth of the disease in west Africa are being pursued by nations of the developed world, but the people of west Africa fail to adapt to new hygienic, unorthodox lifestyles.

  • Flag of Ireland  Ireland stops all flights to and from West Africa. It screens for Ebola in Airports, and launches a Ebola Preparedness Programme. The government donates 500 million to Cure research.
  • Flag of the Russian Federation The Eurasian Economic Union is officially formed between Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan. Similar to that of the European Union, the formation of the union produces positive effects on the failing economy of Russia, accounting for the large amounts of sanctions performed on Russia from the 2014 Crimean Crisis.
  • Flag of Greece We improve our economy, in response to the epidemic in west africa we close down all our borders.
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland improves on its military and economy, it seizes all semi-state companies and makes them fully state owned. It abolishes the water tax after virtually nobody pays it. Ireland also imposes a Wealth Tax, boosting its economy. Ireland also starts the Nationalization of  most Business and Industry and the redistrubution of wealth
  • Flag of Ireland We demand the USA gets rid of their trade embargo on Cuba, stating it only harms the civilians.
  • Flag of Ireland We propose a referendum on Irish Re-Unification to the British Government and David Cameron, we propose it would take place on June 8th 2016
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden begins to improves economy and build up military. The Swedish Government says the population of Sweden grows faster thanks to Swedish population growth rate is about 1.3% per year. Due to lack of highways in north, we remade the European route E4 from 2 + 1 or Two-lane expressway to four-lane highway north of Gälve.
  • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia, for the first time, announces that Russian troops have been sent to East Ukraine in hopes of a peaceful resolve to the situation and clashes between rebel forces and Ukraine. With the announcement, Russia officially recognizes the sovereignty of the state of Novorossiya on May 5, 2015, and announces that they will commit to its people in allowing their 'country' to coexist with Ukraine.
    • Flag of Ireland Ireland recognizes the sovereignty of Novorossiya and lifts 2014 sanctions on Russia.
  • Ambassador Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand is elected the Leader of ASEAN and instantly begins the process off raising the GDP of the Alliance. We propose a Cambodian referendum, asking if they should become a part of Thailand and from a larger nation called Khmer such as the older Khmer kingdom before. We begin on Modernizing our military to be more prepared for the world around us. (Secret) We begin to fund a program for rebels in Myanmar so we can help their people with out having to cooperate with their government.
  • 24px Japan's fishing sector begins to grow. Hokkaido Prefecture is divided into three other Prefectures: Sapporo, North Hokkaido and South Hokkaido
  • Flag of China The People's Republic of China builds its economy and military. A feeling of nationalism spreads across the country. 100,000 people join the ranks of the People's Liberation Army. China starts to research enhanced 3D printing, which will increase production speeds up to 90%. China begins a full conversion to being a 100% solar powered country. To begin, China safely shuts down any nuclear power plants and coal power plants. We begin to run extensive drills on all branches of our military, training reserves as well. The drills are held at different times but span the whole year. China begins screening at airports, checking for fevers, asking for recent travel histories, and asking people about nausea or any other sicknesses. We begin to improve the medical system in the country, and improve living conditions for our large population, greatly improving health.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom British Parliament accepts that the referendum should take place June 8th, 2016. The United Kingdom asks of either Germany, Sweden, Thailand or Canada to oversee the referendum.
  • Flag of the United Kingdom The United Kingdom begins to screen at airports just as China and Ireland have done due to the Epidemic in West Africa. The United Kingdom begins to improve its economy, as well as recruiting and doing massive reforms for our military. Citizens in the United Kingdom begin to become upset with the fact that they have no right to concealed weapons permits. They feel the right should be theirs to safely conceal weapons with a legal permit. Parliament notices this, and plans to propose a vote about it next year.
  • Flag of Canada Canada starts screening at Airports. Canada improves its military and boosts its economy.
  • Flag of Peru (war) Peru develops its mining sector, ports and roads. The economy is developed as factories, urban internet and coastal railways are expanded. A literacy campaign is held in Lima.
  • Flag of Germany Germany begins Ebola screening at all border stations and airports. Germany also begins to increase military and economic power and a total 15,000 more troops are trained over the year. 7,000 of which became reserves while the others became active duty. Germany also begins construction on a new state of the art military production center which have the ability to produce some of the most modern and powerful things for war.
  • Flag of China China readies a corps sized force of 75,000 soldiers on Mazu Island along with the People's Liberation Navy, People's Liberation Air Force, and PLA Landing Craft, 15 miles off the coast of mainland China, and some 90 odd miles from Taiwan. In the coming months they will attack any and all Taiwanese Military bases, and peacefully occupy any civilian areas. (Secret?)
  • Flag of the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin, in December, makes a public speaking appereance while touring in Minsk. He calls on the Ukrainian government to recognize the validity of the rebellion in East Ukraine, and allow for the people of East Ukraine to choose their final destiny. This would be put in the form of a political referendum within the next two years. Putin repeatedly condemns the violent actions of Ukraine against the rebels of Novorossiya, and hopes for a peaceful, democratic end to the ongoing Ukrainian civil war.
  • Flag of Finland Finland stops all visitation to West Africa.


  • 405px-Meandros flag.svg In Greece Golden Dawn win the elections by popular vote, the previous president and all members of the previous government are also executed, and we leave the EU, as Golden Dawn is Anti-EU, we also change our flag to represent our views of Fascism
    • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia begins sanctions of Greece, and condemns their change of governemnt to this archaic system.
    • Flag of China China places sanctions on Greece due to their Neo-Nazi antics.
    • Flag of Australia Australia begins to place sanctions against Greece due to the new fascist government.
  • Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria decides to introduce conscription to young men aged 18—25, similarly to Russia. The Bulgarian Land Forces are, after the first conscription wave, in 2016, have around 120,000 personnel. The Bulgarian Air Force has around 51,000, while the Bulgarian Navy has about 87,000. More ships for the Navy and aircraft for the Air Force are being put into production. At the same times the Bulgarian foreign ministry condemns the actions of the Ukrainian government in eastern Ukraine, calling the killing of civilians by the army as "genocide" and "crime against humanity". Bulgaria wishes for closer relations with Russia.
  • Ambassador Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand sends troops to Cambodia to defend it borders and renames it self Khmer. The Modernization of the Armed forces goes well with the unveiling of stealth Frigates that is to be produced in the next years. We next set our sight on Laos to strengthen the region. While the rebels get better trained in Burma/Myanmar.

Mod Event: The Cambodian government denies the referendum requested by Thailand.

  • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia announces in February that it will double its troops in East Ukraine due to a non-complying Ukrainian government. By summer, thanks to the new insurgence of Russian forces, most territory claimed by rebel groups in East Ukraine are under their full control. This area stretches from the Russian border, east to Romania. Over 19,000 have died since the intital beginning of the civil war in 2014.

Mod Event: The Ukrainian government, on September 4, 2016, officially calls for the end of the ongoing conflict, and wishes for diplomatic talks to be held with the leaders of all rebellion groups within east Ukraine and members of high government in Ukraine. On September 7, 2016, the Ukrainian government officially recognizes 'Novorossiya' as a legitimate, independent state, marking an end to over two years of fighting, and almost 19,000 deaths. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Spain all recognize the legitimacy of Novorossiya's sovereignty on the first day.

  • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia officially recognized the sovereignty of Novorossiya.

Mod Event: Ebola, now ceasing all expansion in Europe and South America, still thrives in west and central Africa. Now with over 194,900 deaths by the end of 2016, and 413,000 cases in total, Ebola begins to threaten the stability of many west African governments.

  • Flag of Sweden In May, the European route E4 will be completed, as result, all European routes in Sweden begins to be upgraded and construction begins at roads E10, E12 and E14, only at 2+1 or Two-lane expressway.
  • Flag of Peru (war) 1,000 troops are called up. Ebola checks are run on international flights from Africa. The Cusco Machu Picchu line is raised from 2 tracks to 3 tracks to increase capacity. We recognize 'Novorossiya' and 50 peace keepers are ready to go to the region if needed. 
  • 405px-Meandros flag.svg Greece warns Russia not to sanction our country.
  • Flag of France France signs a embargo on Greece becuse of the neo nazi while boosting the military.
  • Flag of China The China National Space Administration (CNSA), is almost complete in their work on Tiangong-2. Tiangong-2, (literally: "Heavenly Palace 2") is a planned Chinese space laboratory and part of the Project 921-2 space station program. Tiangong-2 was originally expected to be launched by the China National Space Administration by 2015 to replace the prototype module Tiangong-1, which was launched in September 2011. In September 2014, its launch was delayed to 2017.
  • Ambassador Flag of Thailand.svg Thai troops slowly march at the cover of darkness into the jungle of Cambodia to do a lighting strike that will topple their government and put us in charge of the nation.
  • Flag of Spain Fear of Ebola is still strong among many citizens. Every single plane, big and small coming from West Africa is to be checked by airport security and people in Hazmat suits.
  • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia, after large funding boosts to their national space agency Roscosmos, announces a new unmanned Lunar exploration program starting next year. The project, named 'Novoluniye' or 'New Moon' in english, will first consist of three Lunar mapping orbiters launched in 2017, Novoluniye I, Novoluniye II and Novoluniye III. The program will continue throughout 2018 in the collection of data from the Russian orbiters. In 2019, Novoluniye IV is set to become the first Russian unmanned Lunar lander since 1972, and will allow for the Russian Lunar exploration program to compete with that of the Chinese. Further plans for the program are classified, but it is in public knowledge that a Russian manned landing on the Moon is expected in the late 2020s.
  • Flag of Spain Spain declares neutrality for the event that a major conflict ever breaks out in Europe again.
  • Flag of France French born David Barnard breaks the land speed record for motorbikes with his jet power bike named the Rivera going 400 mph at the bonnevile salt flats. France calls Barnard a national hero.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland passes several laws, allowing the government to enlist the entire population into the military. Scientists in Iceland start researching Ebola and is starting to try to develope an airborne cure.
  • Flag of Spain Rumors are going around that Spain might make a nuclear weapon sometime in the near future. It remains speculation for now.
  • 24px 2016 Japanese election, Shizno Abe wins, and the next election is scheduled in 2019. Japan, inspired by the European Parliament, tries to create the Asian parliament and Asianparties. Japan gives this idea to ASEAN.

Mod Event: Due to the gained independence of Novorossiya from Ukraine, and the previous, failed referendum in Scotland in 2014, a wave on independance sweeps through Europe. In the centre of the movement is Catalonia, Spain, and Veneto, Italy. Although the Spanish government rejected Catalonia's referendum in 2014, the desire of sovereignty continues to grow within the region, to the extent that violence is under serious consideration by the Catalan separatists.

  • Flag of the United Kingdom The UK puts sanctions on Greece because of their new fascist government. The UK also puts out military advertisements to try to have more citizens enlist in the military, It works very well and the armed forces is increased by 50,000 by December 31st 2016 and is on a continual rise that suggests numbers of 100,000-150,000 by the end of 2017. British scientists begin work on Ebola and the Parliament bans all flights from West Africa and checks heavily from flights coming from majorly affected countries. UK Begins negotiations with Ireland on the topic of re-unification.
  • Flag of Spain Protests in Madrid by the Catalans turn violent when police try to calm them down, leading to a shootout between several protesters and the police. In the end 87 people are killed, 150 wounded, and over 300 arrested in one of the most deadly protests in Spanish history.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland makes several legislative acts, lowering the drinking age to 15, allowing anyone from sixteen and up to serve in the military, increasing the number of enlisted soldiers to about 2000. (secret: Iceland plans to elect a communist party when elections come to turn. This is due to Iceland wanting an increase in land, population, and control over its own government)
  • Flag of China China begins to fund Catalan Separatists.
  • Iceland establishes Christianity as its main religion. All airlines to Iceland are checked for any who carry the disease known as Ebola. Widespread rumors of a communist party taking control in about two years have occurred. There have been a few assassinations of governmental officials from unknown groups of people.
  • Flag of Australia Due to the Ebola outbreak in Africa, Australia starts to limit and regulate flights coming from Africa. All passengers in flights arriving to Australia from Africa will be checked for the disease and quarantined if they show symptoms of the disease as a precaution.
  • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia officially supports the Catalonians in their fight for independence due to the violence seen in Madrid in the past year. Russia announces that they will monetarily fund the effort of the Catalans, and calls for Spain to allow a peaceful referendum to pass. "Europe cannot financially sustain a civil war" says President Vladimir Putin in a public speech during a Crimean tour.
  • Flag of China China's force of 75,000 soldiers stationed at Mazu Island last year travel the 90 miles south from Mazu Island to Taipei City, followed by Naval Artillery and Bombing runs. Chinese forces seize and hold all military bases in Taiwan in the following days. A platoon of People's Liberation Army enters the Taiwanese Governor General's Office and holds it. No unnecessary violence occurs in civilian areas. Taiwan is officially annexed into Mainland China.
  • Flag of Spain Spain has made the decision to make Catalonia an independent nation starting on 1/1/2017 because the violence is getting worse and worse every day.
    • Flag of China China congratulates Catalonia on their peaceful independence and sends them steady monetary funds.
  • Canada places sanctions on Greece for its new archaic Fascist government. Canada improves its military and economy.
  • UK proposes that North Ireland take a vote if they want to re-unify with Ireland.
  • Flag of Spain Spain's president frowns upon the fascist government in Greece and the fact no one is doing anything about it in a public speech to the Spanish people.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States elects a new Congress and a new President. Polarization within the general public seems to have worsened as people further entrench themselves in the 'Republican vs. Democrat,' 'Red vs. Blue,' 'Old vs. New,' 'Us vs. Them' mentality. 
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States places an embargo on Greece for Golden Dawn's victory, and says that "the only 'dawn' here is a new era of something old that we fixed in 1945".
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States announces it has removed its embargo with Cuba and "hopes to build a stable and healthy friendship in the future".
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States begins screening airports and borders for Ebola patients. Flights in and out of Africa, with emphasis on West Africa, are becoming more and more restricted.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg NASA successfully sends the Orion spacecraft into orbit. Space-X and Boeing are almost set to take over the ISS and bring the private sector into low-Earth orbit within the next two years. NASA also announces plans for an unmanned Moon landing in the next five years, with a possible manned landing afterwards. After that, NASA will try to land unmanned craft on an asteroid, with a possible manned landing in the future.
  • Flag of the Russian Federation On December 24, President Vladimir Putin, on his first public speaking tour in the newly independant nation of Novorossiya, is shot four times by a mentally unstable Ukrainian nationalist, claiming that the Ukrainian civil war was purposefully caused by Putinist Russia. Vladimir Putin dies almost immediately on site. The assassination of Vladimir Putin causes mass hysteria among, not only the United Russia political party, but also the people of Russia. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev officially takes the office of President of the Russian Federation within the day. A sense of mourning spreads throughout Russia as Vladimir Putin remained one of the highest approved of any Russian leader in history. The assassination ends seventeen years of an elected Putin in Russia, and causes the United Russia party to become highly unstable. With presidential elections approaching in 2018, and the rising popularity of both the Communist Party and Independent Party of Russia, the political future of the Russian Federation becomes unknown.
  • Flag of Spain A car bomb is discovered right out the front door of the capitol building where the president of Spain is inside for a meeting. The bomb is defused and the car is towed to a nearby impound for an inspection to find out who put the car there.24px24px


  • Flag of Spain Catalonia celebrates its first day of independence and the world welcomes the new year of 2017!
  • Iceland has released its propaganda about the newly formed communist party. Several government officials have been assassinated. Iceland starts building up its economy and made its plans public that they were dropping out of NATO and they plan to drop out of the EU. (secret: Iceland has started to buy supplies for making drones from several countries. They have started to establish many drone making facilities, and the military has been researching about mass production of these military drones). The cure from Ebola is starting to form, being about 45% complete. Scientists have been working on this cure day and night, and announce the official cure to be available in about a year.
  • Flag of China China begins to prepare the launch of the Tiangong-2 Space Station from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. It is scheduled to take place early next month.
  • Flag of China China begins to monetarily fund Iceland.
  • Flag of Spain Spain builds up military with propaganda and public speeches. Enlistment jumps to over 200,000 from 130,000.
  • Iceland has released propaganda of increasing the population, giving tax incentives to those who have one or more children. This has the predicted results and the population increases by about 4000 people. It is predicted that by 2500 the population will increase by at least 80,000. Several scientists work on several diseases that arent major but has infected a large amount of people before.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden continues to improve its economy, industry and build up its military. A huge revolt in Stockholm occurs on 19 July 2017. They want to establish an democratic republic called The Vaniljoto Republic of Sweden. They also want to change the flag, removing the Nordic Flag and leaving Nordic Council, as all companies makes the Swedish vision of home-media, video games, food products and other product that replace the Nordic vision at once. 400,000 protests match into and storm the Stockholm Royal House. Finally, the monarchy abolished and Republic declared, with its Euroweetz founder as their first president and Vanellope Von Schweetz appears as an national character of Sweden. In October, Upgrade at roads E10, E12 and E14 completed and construction begins at roads E16, E18 and 20, only at 2+1 or Two-lane expressway
  • Flag of Ireland Paul Murphy of the Socialist Party becomes the Taoiseach of Ireland. The Nationalization of Industry and business is complete and we start a food ration programme, providing each family with almost enough food to feed themselves (per week) for free. NAMA is abolished and abandoned homes are given to the Homeless and Asylum Seekers.
  • Flag of Ireland The redistribution of wealth starts. A 70% tax on wealth and raised Social Welfare is put in place. The name of Ireland is officially changed to Èire (to be used in Irish and English)
  • Flag of Iceland Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, the prime minister of Iceland, has been assassinated by an unknown group. There have been rumors of the formation of a communist party called the Icelandic National Communist Party. The whole country is in shock from the prime ministers death. Several members of different parties, including the Icelandic National Communist party, they have claimed to restore the country if they get appointed as Prime minister.
  • France, after finding out of the assassination embargoes Iceland. France says that they will stop the embargo if Iceland stops being Communist.
  • Flag of IcelandIceland leaves the EU and NATO, and does not repeal past acts and laws. Iceland's representatives have said that Iceland could care less about the Embargo from France.
    • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia begins funding Iceland monetarily as the newly elected President Dmitry Medvedev travels to Reykjavik. This diplomatic relations warming between the Russian Federation and Iceland stems from the recent increase in public opinion of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation due to the instability of the United Russia Party. Russia publicly proposes multiple trade opportunities between Russia and Iceland.
    • Flag of Ireland Ireland Suports Icelands decisions and wishes to seek better relations with the new government, supporting the new system, but reminds them that peace and the happiness of their citizens should be the top priority, and to listen to the will of the people.
    • France says they will stop the embargo under one condition if Iceland Ireland and Russia bans gay marriage and abotions.
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland Starts a Embargo on France
  • Flag of Ireland  Irish Taoiseach Paul Murphy tells the French President to get a life and says that it would never commit such a anti-rights violation as to ban gay marriage
  • Flag of Ireland Irish Taoiseach Paul Murphy calls the french presidents comments, ignorant, offensive and childish, saying he will not get caught up in a name calling match
  • france has lift the embargo on Iceland and said sorry to Ireland while asking to lift there embargo on us.    
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland denies to lift the Embargo, saying it will serve as a reminder of why they should never act so childish again.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States welcomes Catalonia to the international community.
  • france has lift the embargo on Iceland and said sorry to Ireland while asking to lift there embargo on us.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States congratulates Paul Murphy on his ascension to Taoiseach.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States condemns France and tells them to "stop acting like a toddler", and places sanctions.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States acknowledges Iceland's decisions and "hopes they think carefully about the road they are building for themselves".
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States reports that its cases of Ebola are beginning to decline.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg At this point in time, 20 out of the 50 US states have legalized gay marriage. Furthermore, 11 out of the 50 US states have legalized marijuana.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg Space-X's Elon Musk makes his first trip to the ISS, becoming the first civilian to enter space with minimal affiliation or support from NASA. Space-X and Boeing announces its first commercial flights will begin on July 20, 2019 (the 50th anniversary of the Moon landings). Each visit will cost $5,000 roundtrip per person.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The US economy has made major improvements as we reach the 10-year anniversary of the beginning of the Great Recession. Employment sits at 5.1% and continues to decline, the national debt has stagnated.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States is sending missionaries to France to teach literacy and language proficiency.
  • Flag of China China is now monetarily supporting Iceland, Ireland, and Catalonia. China support's Iceland's recent changes to their Government, and supports Ireland's Food Ration Programme.
  • France current president steps done after 10 years, the national front leader Pierre Bonaparte steps in and France lifts the ban on gay marriage and FSP launch the Marianne space shuttle its becomes a Frech symbol.
    • Peru is concerned by the French gay marriage issue.
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland proposes a programme to promote the tourism and education on each member's country (boosting relations and respect for each other) between Iceland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. The reasoning is because of their common history of Vikings and using that to promote a healthy sustainable long term relationship.
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland lifts the Trade Embargo on France, but warns it can be put back just as quick.
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland places sanctions and a Trade Embargo on Israel and prevents anyone holding an Israeli passport from entering the country.
    • Ambassador Flag of Thailand.svg We offer Eire a trade agreement.
  • Flag of Spain A crazed neo-Nazi shot at the Spanish president during a public tour in Zaragoza. All the bullets missed and the gunman was taken into custody.
  • Flag of China Tiangong-2 is launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in China.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland has appointed the Icelandic National Communist Party as the political leaders of the country until they officially hand over power. Iceland also participates in Ireland's proposal of the tourist program. Iceland proposes an economical and military alliance with Russia, China, Ireland, India, Greece, and Greenland for the Eurasia Treaty Organization, much like NATO for most of Western Europe. Iceland has 85% of the Ebola cure complete.
    • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia will not associate itself with the government of Greece, and declines the offer completely.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States was supposed to release the remaining files on the JFK assassination by October 2017, but without much public stir over the files, the President quietly makes them secret for another fifty years.
  • Flag of China China condemns Iceland for wanting an alliance with Greece, and refuses to respond to Iceland's request until Greece has declined. If Greece becomes Iceland's ally, it will damage Chinese-Icelandic relations. China dislikes the idea of a Eurasian Treaty Organization, However, China commends Iceland's government for putting the INCP into office.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland revises the proposal and leaves Greece out of the alliance.
    • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia agrees to the military and economic strengthening between it and Iceland. Russia announces, within the week, new trade dealings with the Icelandic government. Russia publicly states that they fully support the Icelandic government in their efforts for buildup, and will be providing the changing nation with financial aid throughout the year of 2018.
  • Flag of China China decides to become allies with Iceland, but refuses to join any Treaty Organizations with multiple countries.
  • Flag of China China sends a trade agreement requests to Russia.
    • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia agrees to new Chinese trade requests for the new year, and welcomes a fortification of Russo-Chinese financial dependence.
  • Ambassador Flag of Thailand.svg Thai troops storm the Cambodian border and declares a "peaceful annexation." We hold a test for all who want to participate to become an official citizen of Thailand. The test is only for people 21 and above making everyone below that age and official citizen. We begin to increase trade inside of ASEAN members and we think about Japan's idea. (Secret) next year we prepare for the rebellion in Burma/Myanmar to take place seeing as the people are getting poorer and poorer.
  • Iceland publicly announces mass production in drone making facilities. Population has grown by about 2000 people. Mass production of drones has already yielded about 200 drones. Drone production is projected to produce about 1500 drones in two years. Iceland proposes a trade agreement between Russia, China, Ireland, and Novorossiya, all separately. The INCP plans to raise the population by one million in 3000.
  • Flag of China China accepts Iceland's Trade. Agreement Request.
  • Flag of Peru (war) We secure our borders and fortify them. Peru offers its support to Catalonia. We declare an isolationist nation and improve farming. We wish to join forces with both the Swedish and American Space programs, if they want us. A launch site could be built in part of rural Peru and our mines produce some space important metals like gold, copper and silver which they can buy of us.

Mod Event: NATO unanimously votes to exclude Fascist Greece from the alliance, due to extremely controversial views held by the political party Golden Dawn, including racism, nationalism and antisemitism. Greece is no longer a member of NATO officially on October 20, 2017.

  • Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria: An additional 20 aircraft (10 fighters, 5 fighter-bombers, 3 bombers, and 1 transport) have been ordered for the Bulgarian Air Force. For the Bulgarian Navy, 4 missile cruisers and 8 destroyers have been laid down, though it is estimated they will take quite some time to be completed. Meanwhile, Sofia and other major cities are scenes of massive anti-fascist protests. In response, the Bulgarian government closes borders with Greece. Worried about the fascist government, the Bulgarian Army deploys an additional 15,000 troops to the border, along with the 10,000 or so border guards already present. The Air Force begins monitoring Greek activity within thirty kilometers of the border. The government of Bulgaria also recognized the independent nation of Novorossiya. We also ask Russia for future military cooperation.
  • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia will provide future military cooperation with Bulgaria is the military campaign is in the best interests of the government of Russia, and the Russian people.
  • 24px Japan asks the US to bring Japan's regular military like the US's military. Japan recognizes Catalonia and puts an Embargo on Greece. The leader of Japan's Social democratic party, Tadatomo Yoshida, attends Putin's funeral
    • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States asks Japan to clarify its request.
  • Flag of Bulgaria.svg The Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Giorgi Bliznashki, is assassinated while giving a speech in Varna, a city on the Black Sea coast. The attacker is not known. An investigation is begun to determine the identity of the attacker, and meanwhile, the Bulgarian Land Forces move more troops to the Greek-Bulgarian border, raising the total personnel on the border to 38,000, with 30 aircraft, as tensions rise. The Bulgarian embassy in Athens is evacuated. Sanctions by Bulgaria are placed on the fascist government.
    • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States offers its condolences to Bulgaria in the wake of Prime Minister Bliznashki's death, but warns Bulgaria "not to incite anything it doesn't want". The United States tells Bulgaria to handle this situation with caution and that it should not make any further advances on Greece unless prompted to do so. "We know this is a challenging time for you," the President said, "but let's not forget Europe's history with fascist governments."
    • Flag of Bulgaria.svg The Bulgarian government thanks the United States for its support in these times. The President says that snap elections for prime minister will be held within the next several months. A popular communist politician, Vladimir Spasov, was appointed as the acting Prime Minister until the elections, as voted in by the National Assembly. Meanwhile, the Bulgarian forces on the border with Greece are told to be more careful and to not provoke the Greek border troops.
  • Flag of Spain A secret government bunker for the event of nuclear war is built in northern Spain. Spain also puts an embargo on Greece.
  • Flag of China China asks for a Sino-Russian Space Pact, which if accepted by Russia, will allow them to use our space craft designs and our newly established Space Station, Tiangong-2. This Record Breaking space station, set up at 2037.6 Kilometers in the Medium Earth Orbit Zone (MEO) is the first to break the Low Earth Orbit threshold of 2000 Kilometers. China would be thrilled to share this glory with the Russian Federation.
    • Flag of the Russian Federation Russia agrees to this proposal, and requests the mixed use of Chinese rocketry and Russian technology. This is due to Russian Soyuz rockets being unable to launch manned Soyuz spacecraft to this orbital height, and lack of heat shield technology to reenter the atmosphere from this height.
    • Flag of China China happily agrees to this. We hope for a great experience together with this pact.
  • Flag of China China places multiple embargos on Facist Greece.
  • Flag of China (Top Secret) Due to riots in recent years in Tibet, the Chinese government sends the Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China, or (MSS) to Tibet to kidnap Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, and place him in the Qincheng Prison of the Changping District of Beijing under charges of treason. This defeats a major idea of Tibetan nationalism, taking a bit of stress off of China's government.
  • Flag of China China begins to send motorized military surplus vehicles to Thailand and the Philippines.
  • Flag of Spain The construction of three spy submarines for Spain is underway, all expected to be complete by New Year's.


  • Flag of Bulgaria The Bulgarian military finishes construction on four destroyers, one cruiser, and twelve aircraft. They are commissioned into the Bulgarian Armed Forces. Meanwhile, the government proposes to Macedonia the formation of a "Customs Union of Bulgaria and Macedonia", which will enhance cooperation in economic and military fields. The Bulgarian president awaits Macedonia's response.
  • Flag of Spain All three subs are completed. [Secret] -> Two are sent out to spy on the southern coast of Greece and the third one is still awaiting its maiden voyage.
  • 405px-Meandros flag.svg Greece finds out the Spies thanks to the Greek Secret Police, the Secret Police immediately arrests them and send them to Concentration Camps, we declare war on the EU for this, and immediately invade Bulgaria.
  • Flag of Peru (war) We declare the state socialist, and nationalize all assets held by Russia and Chile. We close the many mines since they are dangerous.  Food is given to poor people in Lima. The heavy use of agriculture is encouraged. Intellectuals are watched closely and sometimes assaulted. Divorce and cocaine/cocoa narcotics becomes legal. Small arms are sent to Bulgaria. Peru mocks NATO and Greece and calls them "overtly divided". Meritus Invictus House, Lima, becomes a brothel. Solariums are closed since they cause skin cancer. (Joke post to see how stereotype you wanted it).
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland makes several embargoes on Greece. The Icelandic National Communist Party has been officially appointed and the Parliamentary constitutional republic has been replaced by communism. The cure for Ebola has been finished and Iceland gives the cure to Russia, China, Ireland, United States, and the United Kingdom. Other countries may buy the cure from Iceland if they want to. Iceland plans to make money on selling the cure to other countries. Drones in mass production now are at least 600 in total. Population has increased by 1300. The military of Iceland has increased by 3000 people from military propaganda. (Secret: Iceland prepares to develop warfare technology, planning to create Bio-weapons, Chemical Weapons and Nuclear Weapons)
    • Flag of the United States The United States thanks Iceland for their contribution to the Ebola outbreak and begins mass producing vaccines out of the cure. Ebola cases in the United States decline even further and mortality rates approach 0.
  • Flag of China China thanks Iceland for the cure, and Chinese scientists begin to create a vaccination out of it.
  • Flag of China China asks Russia about using a Russian Soyuz Rocket to send staff to the Tiangong-2 Sino-Russian Space Station (SRSS) to do maintenance and to set up initial operations for research.
  • 405px-Meandros flag.svg Greece declares itself as the 4th Reich, and the Greek Secret Police is now upgraded, looking like the Politburo, In Athens celebrations are held, as the Government has had power for two years, we mobilize our troops and tanks, we place embargo on all members of the EU and those who Embargoed us.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland calls a meeting with Russia, China, Ireland, and Bulgaria to discuss the Fascist Greece. This meeting will discuss a call to action for Greece.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland persecutes any non-Christian people, including tourists of other nations. The INCP establishes a law requiring for anyone who enters the country to state their home country, ethnicity, religion, age, and gender. Any people who are Greek or non-Christians are either sent out of Iceland or arrested. Since the country is 98% Christian, the law passed smoothly without any riots.
  • Flag of Spain Spain just ignores the threats coming out of Greece, mentioning that it's amazing how the country is still existing with an embargo on the rest of Europe.

Mod Event: Greece is sent into national turmoil as the nation hits bankruptcy due to the international community continuously subjected Greece to economic isolation. Riots break out throughout fascist Greece, raiding shops, burning buildings, and destroying banks. By the middle of the year, Greece is on the verge of complete revolution and collapse.

  • Flag of Sweden Sweden continues to improve its economy, industry and build up its military. In January, Sweden leaves the Nordic Council and reported all companies over Sweden that has long time uses Nordic visions before 2017 now replaced with Swedish visions and the Swedish peoples are bring happy. But the visions for Denmark, Finland and Norway also gets its own vision with its own official language, as their did before the 2010s. In April, because Earth's temperature is getting warmer, the Swedish Government said that all cars using Oil as fuel are now replaced by electricity as fuel and Sweden becomes the first country in World to replace diesel-dived cars by electric cars. On 19 June, Swedish Space Corporation begins working on its first space journey to moon, the rocket Tor 1 is constructed in Vidsel, Norrbotten County, Sweden. In August, Upgrade at roads E16, E18 and E20 completed and construction begins at roads E22, E45 and E65, from only (already built Dual carriageways not upgraded) 2+1 or Two-lane expressway and Single carriageway to Dual carriageways. In September, Influence on Norway begins. (Turn One of Three)
  • Flag of Spain All three Spanish submarines patrol the Mediterranean and Atlantic around the coasts of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Two more subs are being built in Valencia.
  • 640px-Flag of the United States.svg The United States holds midterm elections for Congress. Congressional approval ratings sink below 5% as the public becomes less and less trusting of the government.
  • Flag of Spain All three Spanish submarines patrol the Mediterranean and Atlantic around the coasts of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Two more subs are being built in Valencia.
  • Flag of the United States At this point in time, the NSA has become more invasive than it had been before. With Net Neutrality on the line yet again, protests begin in Washington, New York, and Los Angeles.
  • Flag of the United States NASA launches the James Webb telescope, the more advanced replacement for the Hubble telescope. Additionally, the Orion spacecraft is sent beyond Earth orbit and safely returned. NASA announces that the first Orion craft, Orion I, will be placed in orbit around the Moon next year. The following year, Orion I will make the first of a series of unmanned landings on the Moon. Space-X and Boeing also begin dry runs of their commercial flights to the ISS.
  • Flag of Spain Spain celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution of 1978 with parades and a military march through Madrid.
  • Flag of Russia Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Novorossiya are agreed to be the newest members of the Eurasian Financial Union. The Eurasian Financial Union, headed by Russia, now includes Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Novorossiya. Upon the addition of the three nations into the financial union, Russia has expressed intent to spread the financial union, aiding countries in financial turmoil. Azerbaijan, Armenia and Novorossiya officially are added on August 3, 2018.

Mod Event: By December, riots overrun the streets of Greece as the entire Greek economy and government begin to collapse. Multiple historical sites are destroyed by crude, homemade bombs, while all government officials have been forced into exile, or have been assassinated. By New Year's, multiple official government offices have been stormed by the public, while separatist groups have claimed independence without recognition throughout Greece. The United Nations dubs the Greek Revolution as a 'serious humanitarian catastrophe'. Over 29,000 citizens have been arrested and executed by the authoritarian Greek government since the beginning of the revolution.

  • Flag of Japan To clarify our request, we say that in 1945, we signed a treaty which included to disband our military and replace it with a self-defense force. However, with the growing nationalism in Japan, we would like to restore our old military, but we would follow international law.
    • Flag of the United States The United States understands that Japan is speaking of this treaty. The United States will take a moment to study the treaty and develop an informed response to Japan.
  • Flag of the United States To Japan: the United States has read the "Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the United States and Japan". Its understanding is that Japan's military was, in fact, dismantled and replaced by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, which is the default army as of today. The aforementioned treaty also states that the United States was authorized to increase their own military presence in Japan to monitor the post-war transition to peace and prevent any retrogression to the nationalism that compelled Japan's actions from ~1930 to 1945. US military bases were built throughout Japan as a peace-keeping measure to ensure that what occurred in East Asia before and during the Second World War would not happen again. Moreover, any attack on Japanese soil by an external force would be considered a threat to both Japan and the United States, and both nations would be required to meet that threat as one force. It is, however, important to remember that Article 1 of the treaty requires that all disputes must be resolved with peace first and that war will be reserved as a last option when all other options have failed. The United States concludes that rising nationalism in Japan could be a threat to the region and reducing military presence in Japan, as well as allowing Japan to reestablish its military, would be too risky. The United States will continue to carefully observe the situation.
  • Flag of Germany German people celebrate their victory in the World Cup and party in the streets for almost a week, boosting nationalism largely. A new nationalistic and somewhat authoritarian party is also emerging in some local governments and has a couple of seats in the Bundestag.
    • Flag of the United States The United States congratulates Germany on their second straight World Cup victory, but also asks everyone to remember why it's scary to hear "Germany" and "nationalism" in the same sentence.

​Mod Event: In the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, The country with most gold medals is Norway, followed by South Korea and Russia. In the 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia, the winner is Germany, winning against Italy 5-2.

  • Flag of Bulgaria The Bulgarian government is worried by the unrest in Greece, and closes the border. Greek refugees are allowed to enter, however, as some 10,000 flee across the border. The Bulgarian army exchanges fire with the Greek army on several occasions, as the Greek forces try to stop the flow of refugees across the border. Meanwhile, Macedonia agrees to join into the Customs Union of Bulgaria and Macedonia, which gets rid of visa restrictions between the two nations, and enhances military and economic cooperation. In the parliamentary elections, the "Attack" nationalist party wins several seats.
    • Flag of the United States The United States finds it alarming that there is an 'Attack' party in the Bulgarian government.
  • Flag of the United States The United States warns Greece that Bulgaria, as well as Albania and Turkey, are NATO member states and that "any advancement or incursion onto these sovereign nations will result in NATO returning to Greece, but not to allow Greece to rejoin NATO".
  • Flag of Russia Russia proposes sending Russian military police to the Bulgarian-Greek border to monitor illegal border passing and limit the current refugee crisis. Russia has broken off all relations with the current Greek government.
  • Flag of Spain [Secret] An unmanned sub spies on the coast of Greece. The sub gets to this area and makes observations before heading back to Spain.
  • Flag of Russia The 2018 Russian Presidential Elections are completed. The elections are the closest in democratic Russia's history. President Medvedev of the United Russia party wins reelection, but, Gennady Zyuganov, the leader of the Communist Party of Russia, comes in second with 41% of the vote. The reason for the massive jump in popularity of the communist party of Russia is generally awarded to the assassination of Vladimir Putin in the previous year, and the destabilization of the United Russia Party. Influence coming from the communist government of Iceland also allowed for the Communist Party to make large strides in popularity. The next Russian Presidential Elections are set to be held in November of 2020.
  • Flag of the United States (TOP SECRET) Drones are flown over Greece to assess the situation in real-time and make accurate predictions for the immediate future.
  • Flag of China China asks Russia about using a Russian Soyuz Rocket to send staff to the Tiangong-2 Sino-Russian Space Station (SRSS) to do maintenance and to set up initial operations for research.


  • Flag of Bulgaria The Bulgarian Land Forces report that more than 12,000 Greeks have tried to flee into Bulgaria, from the fascist regime. Meanwhile, the remaining aircraft are complete, and more than half of the new vessels for the fleet are commissioned. The Bulgarian state border guard service and the land forces continue to exchange fire with Greek troops, and Bulgarian aircraft continue carrying out reconnaissance of Greek troop concentrations on their side of the border. Nationalist politicians call for a military intervention in Greece. Meanwhile, the joint general staff of the Customs Union of Bulgaria and Macedonia begins to secretly work on a plan in the case of a war between Greece and its two northern neighbors. In other news, the railways of Bulgaria will be greatly expanded and modernized. Rail links are constructed with neighboring Romania and Macedonia.
  •  Flag of Ireland We accept Thailand's trade proposal.
  • Flag of Ireland We condemn Iceland's Sectarian laws.
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden continues to improve its economy, industry and build up its military. In May, all Swedish video game companies stationed in Sweden now supporting that all Swedish video games now adding Swedish and Finnish language presented by Steam. In November, all European routes in Sweden are now completed and upgraded from only 2+1 or Two-lane expressway and Single carriageway to Dual carriageway. As a result, all Swedish national roads begins to be upgraded and construction begins at national roads in Scania, from only (already built Dual carriageways not upgraded) 2+1 or Two-lane expressway and Single carriageway to Dual carriageway. Influence on Norway continues. (turn 2 of 3)
  • Flag of Japan Akihito dies, his son, Naruhito, ascends to the throne as the 126th emperor. 2019 Japanese election, Shizno Abe decides not to run for a 3rd term, and dies 87 days later. Banri Kaieda wins and becomes the 63rd Japanese prime minister.
  • Flag of Spain The Spanish military, air force, and navy have risen 3x since 2017. 40 planes are being built alongside a 200 meter (656 foot) aircraft carrier.
  • Flag of Japan Japan, worried about the growing nationalism in Germany, bans the Far-right Restoration party, and all of their seats in the house of Representatives are now vacant
  • Flag of Spain Spain reacts sort of the same way. The German embassy in Madrid is put on constant surveillance to ensure no incidents occur. The ambassador is especially being watched.
  • Flag of Ireland We place Further sanctions on Greece

Map of the Greek peninsula, post-revolution (June 2019)

​Mod Event: The Greek Old Royal Palace is stormed by thousands in early January. With all parliamentary leaders in exile, the protestors of Athens officially deem the government 'overthrown'. In the fascist government's place, a democratic government is established. With the establishment of the new government, Greece is broken into three sovereign divisions. Ostmakedonien, Makedonien, and the People's Republic of Greece. Although the governmental systems of the three divisions are based on European political mechanics, a harsh attitude towards the European Union is kept within the majority of the public. Much of the public blame European sanctions as reason for the Greek collapse. A reintroduction of Greece into the European Union is denied by all three governments. As the fascist government is overthrown, riots continue to subside throughout January. By January 31, the three divided governments call on all of Europe for recognition, and humanitarian aid.

  • Flag of Russia TOP SECRET: Russia begins providing the government of the People's Republic of Greece with financial aid, producing Russian influence and dependence of the newly formed government. Among the highest funded are anti-EU political parties, and political officials with Eurasian financial ties.
  • Flag of Russia Russia officially recognizes the validity of the People's Republic of Greece, Makedonien and Ostmakedonien.
  • Flag of the United States The United States tells its German ambassador to watch the situation and report back detailed updates.
  • Flag of the United States Space-X and Boeing send their first civilian passengers on a two day round trip flight to the ISS on 20 July 2019, the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing. An aging Buzz Aldrin calls it "a historic day and important step to continuing space exploration, one that Neil Armstrong would have loved to see".
  • Flag of the United States NASA successfully puts the Orion I in circumlunar orbit. Upon Orion I's safe return, NASA announces four unmanned Moon landings will occur next year. After that, the Orion II craft will repeat the same feats around asteroids. "Then we can begin to talk about manned landings on both surfaces," the head of NASA said.
  • Flag of the United States The United States condemns the situation in Greece and "hopes that this will be the return to democracy in the very place that began democracy".
  • Flag of the United States The United States recognizes the three new Greek states.
  • Flag of the United States (TOP SECRET) The United States gives funding and other aid to Makedonien and Ostmakedonien, as well as facilitating the clean-up process. The CIA helps reinstall democracy to both nations without either one knowing that both were being helped at the same time. It becomes no coincidence that these two states gradually turn pro-West.
  • Flag of the United States Protests in Washington, New York, and LA swell to include thousands of people. Police are switched with SWAT teams and riot police, and many people are injured with tear gas as public outcry worsens.
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland recognizes the three Greek states.
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland bans the movement of military equipment through Shannon Airport, its main stopover in the transportation of US military goods, this severely damages their efforts in Greece and other locations worldwide. The reason given is Ireland's neutrality and the fact it will not support conflict of any kind.
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland bans the formation of friendly-foreign military bases on its soil.
  • Flag of Ireland TOP SECRET: Ireland funds Russia in Greece.
  • Flag of Spain Spain recognizes the three states and the Greek embassy in Spain is re-made to be the embassy of all three. The giant 200 meter aircraft carrier is complete and named the Santiago.
  • Flag of Liberia The government declares martial law as over 100,000 people died of Ebola, and now that people are returning to the cities, crime is on the rise, as empty houses are broken into and robbed. It is hoped that shortly the effects of Ebola on our nation can be reversed. Infrastructure is updated, as is the healthcare service, in the hope that we will be better prepared for another outbreak. Sierra Leone is suffering worse than us, so we send peacekeepers into their cities in an effort to prevent mass chaos in the absence of a surviving government.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland accepts the three Greek states' sovereignty. Rumours of several atheist and Muslims kidnappings have been reported all over Iceland as more tourists flock to Iceland due to its historic value with Vikings. Many attribute these kidnappings to the INCP, but seemingly, less people care, due to the Christian majority.
  • Flag of Bulgaria.svg The Bulgarian government is worried about the developments in Greece. The government currently does not recognize either Makedonien and Ostmakedonien as being legitimate states, but does recognize the People's Republic. Meanwhile, in the presidential elections, the new president is from the nationalist "Attack" party, as the patriotic leanings of Bulgarians has grown.
  • Flag of Bulgaria.svg TOP SECRET: The Bulgarian Land Forces amass 20,000 troops on the border with Ostmakedonien, and the Bulgarian Air Force—38 aircraft. The nationalist president is planing on invading the state to stabilize the situation, and redraw the borders of the WWII-era Kingdom of Bulgaria.
    • Flag of Russia TOP SECRET: Russia will financially support Bulgaria in their military efforts within Ostmakedonien. With the People's Republic of Greece under Russian influence, both Ostmakedonien and Makedonien cause blockades in the allowance of Russian political ideals into the peninsula. The Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, is flown to Sofia in hopes of a joint effort in the shaping of Ostmakedonien.
  • Flag of Finland Finland builds up military force in response to continuing Swedish build-up; Finland places sanctions on Communist Greece.
  • Flag of Spain The Spanish aircraft carrier Santiago goes out on its maiden voyage, docking and showcasing in 12 nations around the Mediterranean Sea - Spain, France, Italy, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Portugal before heading back home. Overall over 500,000 people came to see this giant ship.
  • Flag of China China Recognizes the sovereignty of the three Greek states.
  • Flag of China China starts funding the People's Republic of Greece, Bulgaria, and Germany.


  • Flag of RussiaGold The Russian 2020 Elections are held on November 5, and, in the first time since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, a communist government returns in the Russian Federation. The Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov wins the elections with a 51% lead on United Russia's Dmitry Medvedev. Upon the succession of Zyuganov, massive legislative changes are made throughout Russia, including the restoration of government responsibilities for housing and utilities, enhanced suppression of crime, and an overhaul of the Russian healthcare system. By the end of November, the Russian Federation's flag is changed to resemble traditional communistic flags. By the end of 2020, national polls continue to progress in the popularity of the communist government. The government change is marked by Russian historians as "One of the most significant moments in Russian history". The office of president is ousted, replaced by Chairman, or General Secretary. Although the democracy of the previous Russian Federation is ended, similarities of Chinese democratic practices are adopted, allowing for small land divisions to cast votes for politicians chosen by the Communist Party of Russia. By the New Year, much of Russian law, politics, democracy, and practice is banned, and replaced by communist ideals.
  • Gold The Russian Novoluniye IV lands on the Moon, a year overdue. Being an unmanned probe, the vehicle is the first Russian object to land on the Lunar surface in almost fifty years. Further plans for the Russian Lunar Exploration program are set to be publicly released in the spring of 2021.
    • Flag of the United States The United States formally requests talks with Russia to collaborate on space exploration, which includes "manned Moon landings and, above all else, a future manned Martian landing".
  • Flag of the United States NASA has four successful unmanned landings on the Moon throughout 2020 via the Orion I. The last Orion I craft does not return to Earth at first, it ventures out to the asteroid belt to examine the best possible asteroid to capture and orbit next year. It provided several viable targets and returns to Earth.
  • Flag of the United States NASA announces that twenty astronauts have been selected and are beginning training for a series of lunar orbits and landings on the Orion I. Four groups of five people will orbit the Moon and the last group of five will land. The fifteen orbiters will begin their missions next year, as the Orion II craft captures an asteroid and orbits it. The manned landing will occur the year after. NASA alludes to further plans following these events.
  • Flag of the United States The United States reiterates that it would like to join Russia in exploring space and combine their efforts into one.
    • Gold The Russian Federation denies all requests towards American-Russian space cooperation. Roscosmos has, within this year, ended all support of the International Space Station, and no longer allows American use of Soyuz Spacecraft. In a public statement, the head of Roscosmos states that "Russia's future glory in space lies within Asia. Our recent integration with the Chinese National Space Agency and their Tiangong 2 Station transcends all possible collaboration with the United States. Russian technology can accomplish any feat of space exploration, all without international aid."
      • Flag of the United States The United States is not asking to give Russia international aid, just to explore space together. "This is not a matter of assistance nor is this a matter of diplomacy," the President says in a private phone call to Gen. Sec. Zyuganov. "This is just a matter of achieving Man's destiny in two ways: 1) leaving differences aside and uniting Earth, and 2) proceeding to leave Earth." The United States feels that Russia's future glory in space does not lie in Asia, it lies outside of Earth. Despite any differences the US, Russia, and China have on Earth, they all can be forgotten in space.
        • Gold Russia expresses that space exploration is among the most important aspects of its national agenda, but, it is also among the most expensive. The United States has continuously sanctioned the Russian Federation throughout the decade, deteriorating our economy. Russia sees no future in which it will provide the United States with financial contribution in the exploration of space. "One thing that cannot be forgotten in space is earth bound finances." says General Secretary Zyuganov. Diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia have been damaged, and will not be forgiven.
          • Flag of the United States Again, the United States is not asking to make any contributions of any kind. Not through aid, or money, or manpower. Zero US dollars and zero US cents were on the table, ready for delivery to Russia. But the United States understands and respects Russia's wishes, and "hopes to see them up there".
  • Flag of the United States The United States government gives NASA an enormous boost in funding following their current success in returning to the Moon and plans for the future. Moreover, public support for NASA and space exploration reach levels that have not been seen since 1969. "This will greatly support our efforts to return Man to his place in the stars," the head of NASA says. "Much of these new funds will go to the manned lunar landing, but most will go to what we have planned afterwards."
  • Ambassador Flag of Thailand.svg After 2 years of waiting the rebels in Burma rise up and begin to fight the government with help from our armoured troops and jets. The war is expected to continue into next year. We unveil a new calls of submarine and destroyers to help our navy. We send our influence over Brunei and Malaysia. ASEAN makes almost as much money as Germany. We work making our nation more equal monetarily and racially.
    • Gold Russia publicly supports the rebel campaign in the Burmese civil war, and begins providing their organizations with military weaponry, and finances. TOP SECRET: Russia begins a program of influencing rebel groups within Burma to communistic views, shying away from their democratic ties.
    • Flag of China China begins to fund the Burmese Rebels and commends Thailand for their cause of helping the Burmese citizens. Sends weaponry and finances to the Burmese Rebels.
  • Flag of China China begins to support India's Upper Left Party, and promotes communistic views.
  • Flag of China China requests a Political Alliance with the People's Republic of Greece.
  • Flag of India India's Upper Left Communist Party begins to rise in popularity in both the Lok Sabha, the lower house, and Rajya Sabha, upper house. Many predict a new age of government, and a turn to communism. On a side note, India begins to reform its military, become more strict and adopting a new training regimen deemed by many as radical.
  • Flag of China China improves its economy tenfold. China begins to build up its military even more so, with a MASSIVE recruitment operation throughout all of China. Massively produces armored vehicles, submarines, destroyers, aircraft, and a 220 Meter long aircraft carrier.
  • Flag of Ireland places an embargo on Iceland until they lift their sectarian laws and we also seek a political alliance with Russia, Greece and India
  • Flag of Bulgaria.svg The Bulgarian government thanks Russia and China for the support, and the president soon announces that the two former Greek regions of East Macedonia and Thrace (now Makedonien and Ostmakedonien) are too destabilized, with Greeks continuing to flee across the border, and the Bulgarian Land Forces enter them to pacify the area. The elements of the former Greek Army put up minor resistance, but were quickly destroyed by the combined land and air forces. Several Bulgarian Navy ships arrived from the Black Sea to eliminate the states' naval elements. The two regions are occupied, and a new government of Greeks is established, backed by Bulgaria, the State of East Macedonia. However, it is an autonomous province of Bulgaria. An all-Greek local security force is also formed, the East Macedonian Volunteer Corps.
  • 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil follows China's lead in converting to Solar power, as well as hydroelectric plants and ethanol. Brazil still maintains, and funds, its coal and oil operations, exporting them for further income.
  • 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil increases police and investigation forces hoping to subdue its high criminal activities.
  • 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil takes steps in reducing corruption levels and inflation in its government, and begins to lessen the gap between social levels.
  • 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg Brazilian Government boost their tourism, leading to growth in the economy.
  • 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil reduces funding in Space programs believing that Space Exploration will only be successful as a Human effort, not a petty race.
  • Flag of Romania Romania has had a change of government. They propose to increase health care funds and will soon begin to develop a maglev train system. They hope to put the trains into practice in the next 10 years.
  • Flag of Romania Romanian government have begun work on several landmarks, in an attempt to boost tourism. They have also rethought the countries grassroots football, which will hopefully make the population fitter and gain money through their success.
  • Flag of China China spends billions of dollars to begin to improve living conditions and medical care throughout the whole country.
  • 24px Former members of the Restoration party starts to protest on the house of Representatives. Surveillance cameras are put on the Chinese, American, South Korean and Russian embassies in Tokyo to make sure nationalists don't storm it/commit incidents. Japan recognizes the three Greek Countries. The 2020 summer olympics take place in Tokyo, it cost 25 billion Japanese yen
  • Gold Russia signs a defence treaty with all members of the Eurasian Financial Union. The treaty states that an attack or aggression against any state within the Eurasian Financial Union will result in the returned attack or aggression of the entire financial union. With the treaty, the decision to open borders between nations within the Eurasian Financial Union is passed. The treaty marks a massive step in the unification of once divided nations. All defence and financial benefits of membership to the Eurasian Financial Union will be given to all sovereign members.
  • Gold Russia proposes an introduction into the Eurasian Financial Union for Bulgaria and Romania within the year of 2021.
    • Flag of Bulgaria.svg The Republic of Bulgaria would join.
    • Flag of Romania Romania would join.
  • Bulgaria

    Bulgaria in December, 2020.

    Flag of Bulgaria.svg The Bulgarian president announces that the former region of Greece is now fully part of the Republic of Bulgaria, having been stabilized. It is now known as East Macedonia, a province of Bulgaria. Meanwhile, the presidents of Bulgaria and Macedonia sign an agreement to merge the two nations, due to historically close ties and for the economic and security benefit of both countries, with the Customs Union of Bulgaria and Macedonia having seen good results. Some Macedonians do not agree with this, and a war broke out in northern Macedonia, close to the Serbian border. The Bulgarian and Macedonian Land Forces are working together to fight the rebels, and it is suspected that they are being armed by Kosovo authorities.
  • Flag of Romania Romania has completed the construction of Milik Tower in Bucharest. It has immediately increased tourism and has enabled them to pump more money into the countries development.
  • Flag of the United States As the 2020s begin, 24 out of the 50 US states have legalized gay marriage, and 13 out of the 50 US states have legalized marijuana.
  • Flag of the United States The United States President loses reelection, and Congress becomes split between Democratic and Republican.
  • Flag of the United States (TOP SECRET) The United States provides funding and munitions to the Burmese government to fight rebels. Furthermore, the CIA trains government soldiers in guerrilla warfare, scorched earth tactics, and attrition warfare. The CIA also flies drones over the Burmese jungles to spot the rebels and give away their positions to government soldiers.
  • Flag of Romania Romania has qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022, the first time in decades. President Milik hopes their progress will unite the people of Romania. He also says that the population should expect more success in the future.
  • Flag of India India's elections conclude on May, 12. India's Upper Left Communist Party win by a landslide, gaining the majority of the lower house, and one-fourth of the upper house. A bill has been proposed to destroy the traditional caste system once and for all. Meanwhile, new building projects are being implemented, building schools, factories, and several new hydro-electric dams.
  • 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil begins talking with South American Nations in taking steps against other countries aggressive expansion of military, space programs, and escalating Cold War situations. Brazil proposed South American countries to begin uniting South America, and making a loose Federation in which the South American countries are more dependable upon each other. Bolivia, having consulted with Brazil before the proposal, is the first to join, Paragauy, and then Urugauy join the Federation. Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana, after long debates between each other, join with Brazil and the southern countries. Argentina, supported strongly by Venezuela, denies the proposal, and insults Brazil on their ignorance of the worlds political state. Chile, Colombia, Argentina, and Peru are undecided on the matter, with their populations divided on the decision. Pro-Federation Rebels raise against the Ecuadorian government after Ecuador deny the request. The Federation is dubbed SAF, The South American Federation. [The Federation does not place countries under Brazilian control, it lays the foundation for a united continent.]
  • Gold TOP SECRET:  Russia begins extensive funding of Burmese rebels against the Burmese government due to their harsh, negative attitudes towards communism and the militaristic crushing of the communist party of Burma during the 1970s. Russia plans to send peacekeepers and military aid to the Burmese rebels in hopes of an established communist party within Burma.
  • Gold Russia begins public financial support of the upcoming Indian Communist Party.

Mod Event: A massive 8.4 earthquake hits upon the San Andreas Fault, near the city of Los Angeles. The earthquake devastates Los Angeles, destroying infrastructure, transportation, and human life. Most highway overpasses collapse throughout the city, while poorly built slums suffer the worst damage and life loss. The earthquake, within the first day, becomes the deadliest earthquake in American history, claiming the lives of over 10,000. Within the week, fires and building collapse cause over 100 more fatalities. The economy of California and the United States experiences massive backlash from the devastation of Los Angeles.

  • 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil volunteers fly to California to aid survivors and give support.
  • Flag of China China begins to send finances to India.
  • Flag of China China continues to improve living conditions, medical policies, and their Armed Forces.
  • Flag of China China begins to fund Burmese rebels and sends them munitions and arms. China sends diplomats and military officials to aid the rebels and promote communism.
  • Flag of India India continues strengthening its military, also lowering the minimum military entrance age to sixteen. The vote to abolish the caste system passes, due to the large number of lower-caste voters. Many new factories are built, providing jobs and helping to slightly bolster the economy through exports. The government offers several low-paying labor jobs to India's unemployed and homeless, building and maintaining transportation systems and public buildings.
  • Flag of Spain Spain sends over 4 million euros (equivalent to 5,074,700 USD) and supplies to help with the earthquake relief.
  • Flag of the United States In response to the LA earthquake and its economic fallout, the President issues an executive order implementing a work program that will pay volunteers (at an hourly rate, ten cents above minimum wage) to help clean up Los Angeles via the National Guard, Red Cross, and other organizations. The United States uses the international aid to supply both the actual cleaning materials and the workers. The work program is a major success: unemployment rates drop and more money is placed in the pockets of the general public. Much of the economic damage suffered from the earthquake is mitigated. There is still damage, but it shows signs of improvement by the end of the year.
  • Flag of the United States As a result of the LA earthquake, Hollywood and the American film industry make a slow migration out of California. It appears to head northwards to Washington state, with most of it concentrated outside of Seattle and the rest centered on the border near Portland, Oregon.


  • Flag of the United States NASA has made a manned landing on the Moon, after engine failures on one of the orbital crews forced them to make an emergency landing on the lunar surface. Two of the four orbital crews successfully orbited the Moon throughout spring 2021. The third crew, however, reported sudden oxygen and fuel loss on one of its main engines while in orbit around the Moon. NASA ordered them to land, fearing that they would crash, and manage a repair as best they could. The fourth orbital crew was sent out to assist them with repairs, food, and oxygen. After a nine day effort to make repairs, the third orbital crew's ship was eventually left on the Moon since no repairs could be made. They piggy backed their way home with the fourth orbital crew, and all astronauts returned home safely to Earth.  The landing crew scheduled to make the first lunar landing next year is still set to go, but they will no longer be the first. These events become known as "the Miracle on the Moon".
  • Flag of Romania Romania is still developing Maglev technology. It will provide extremely fast public transport. They have asked The Republic of Bulgaria if, when the tech is fully developed, we could begin work on a train from Bucharest to Sofia.
  • Ambassador Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand's rebels in Burma end the war with the capture of the capital in late December. We take control of the land of the land mass of Burma and begins giving welfare to the poor people. We set up public work jobs to also boost the government. Almost half of the new regional council is communist being the first time communism has been allowed in Thailand in 40 years. Lastly we rename ourselves Khmer.
  • Flag of Ireland We inquire about the results of the Northern Ireland referendum we also finish our transition into a Socialist State.
  • Flag of Iceland The INCP have been making propaganda about how Muslims are evil and how Atheists are nothing but infidels. The INCP have arranged the executions of several non Christian people around all of Iceland. The population is starting to disagree with what the INCP are doing. Iceland starts developing more drones and reaches a population of about 350,000 people over all for this year.
    • Gold Russia immediately ends all support and financial funding of the communist party of Iceland. The acts of execution are seen, throughout Russia, as non-communistic and sick. Russia, by the end of the year, begins heavy sanctions of the Icelandic government.
    • Flag of Ireland Ireland places heavy sanctions and largens its embargo on Iceland, siding with Russia on how Iceland is a non-Communist country. We call for a overthrow of government
    • Flag of the United States The United States announces an embargo on Iceland and pulls all its ambassadors out of Reykjavik, calling the actions of Iceland "sick and depraved".
    • Flag of the United States (TOP SECRET) The CIA begins working with pro-democratic political parties in Iceland to stage an overthrow of the current Communist government.
    • Romania places heavy santctions on Iceland. And has stated that the INCP's actions were sick.
    • 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil finds these acts unhumane and unlawful. We also call for a overthrow of government.
  • 24px The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency sends a shuttle to the Moon.

Mod Event: The long overdue Irish Unification Referendum is permitted and held by the United Kingdom on September 4, 2021. The referendum's results return in favour of Irish unification with 51% of voting individuals wishing for the unification of Northern Ireland and Ireland. The official unification of the island will occur on January 2, 2022.

  • Flag of the United States The United States congratulates Ireland on a peaceful reunion and commends "their ability to change borders with peace and democracy instead of warfare and bloodshed".
  • Flag of the United States NASA's Orion II craft successfully captures and orbits an asteroid. They announce that twenty more astronauts have begun training to orbit and land on asteroids, as well as more manned Moon landings. Their schedule for next year is presented as such: January - February: 3 more capturing of asteroids. March 26, Orion II launches a crew to land on the Moon. They are scheduled to land March 29-30, will launch back home on April 2-3, and land on April 6-7. April - May: 3 more capturing of asteroids. June 8, a manned Orion II craft will launch and attempt to orbit an asteroid. Three more orbital crews will make the same attempts until November. November 17, Orion II will make its final launch and send another manned crew to the Moon, with arrival around November 20-21, and return home around November 26-27. NASA will use the Orion III from 2022 until 2025.
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland has reported the assassinations of certain INCP members and the repealing of several religious hate laws. The INCP hopes to reestablish trade with China, Russia, and Ireland once again. It is believed that the INCP split into to two different parties, The INCP, and the Icelandic Christian National Communist Party, or the ICNCP.
  • Flag of Finland Finland seizes the Kola Peninsula and Karelo-Finland from Russia.
  • 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg Ecuadorian rebels take over Ecuador's Government with the support of Brazil, and join the SAF, Chili and Peru elect to join shortly after the SAF victory. Columbia is still undecided on the matter, and Argentina is hostile twords the SAF, backed by Venezuela.
  • Flag of Spain A massive coup attempt by the Communist Party of Spain goes horribly wrong with only 50 deaths but over 7,000 people are arrested. In response to this the Spanish government disbands the party altogether and imposes several strict anti-communist laws.


  • 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil begins funding railroads throughout the country, and proposes a joint SAF Space Program
  • Flag of Iceland Iceland begs forgiveness for past actions and wishes to reestablish trade with Ireland, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, and China
  • Flag of Spain Security is improved in all major cities around Spain, with some cities having soldiers patrolling the streets.
  • Flag of Ireland We begin the funding of a less extreme communist party in Iceland
  • Flag of Finland We begin sending shuttles to colonize Mars.
  • Flag of Japan The Japanese Republican Party is made to make Japan into a Republic, it takes the 3 remaining seats once held by the Restoration party. Japan makes a law saying that every 7 years, they will be a new election, meaning that the next election will be in 2026.
  • Flag of the United States NASA has one of its most successful years in over half a century. Two more manned crews landed on the Moon and returned home safely, unmanned Orion II crafts captured and orbited a total of six asteroids, and (their biggest achievement) three manned crews captured and orbited asteroids. Public support for NASA continues to skyrocket (no pun intended). NASA announces that next year, a manned crew will attempt to land on an asteroid and return home safely.
  • Flag of the United States NASA announces that from 2023-2028, a series of new Mars rovers will be launched to examine the Red Planet. (TOP SECRET) Several of these rovers will land on the Moon, launch off to an asteroid, and then rendezvous with Mars in an attempt to chart the best possible route for future manned Mars missions.
  • Flag of the United States NASA announces that three more manned crews will land on the Moon next year. (TOP SECRET) These three crews will begin building outposts for refueling and resupplying of future manned Mars missions.

Mod Event: 2022 FIFA world cup, Brazil wins aganist Germany 5-4. Brazil won aganist Germany 20 years ago, and the first time both teams compete and the same outcome since West Germany won against Argentina in 1990.

  • Flag of Iceland Iceland starts trying to form certain sports teams and starts to build the Icelandic sports stadium, as a tourist attraction and an increased governmental revenue through sports
  • Flag of China China improves its economy, living conditions, medical care, and trains medical workers on the handling of outbreaks and sanitary precautions. China continues to improve its military, with more recruitment operations throughout all of China. Produces more armored vehicles, submarines, destroyers, aircraft, and after almost three years of construction, China's new 220 Meter long aircraft carrier project is finally finished, and the carrier will be fit for service by next year.
  • Germany continues to build up its military in the early half of the year. In November recently elected Chancellor Tobias Hoefler gave a speech on the need for diplomacy and a strong hold on the military. In the middle of the speech a shot was fired from the crowd into Hoefler's chest. The gunman screamed "Eine kostenlose Bayern ist der einzige Bayern!" He then shot himself in the head, killing himself. He was identified as Wells Lange, a free Bavarian sympathizer and radical. Hofler's condition is still uncertain.
  • Flag of the United States Much of the protests in major metropolitan areas have quieted down in recent years due to the public's growing fascination with NASA's increasing success in outer space.
  • Flag of the United States (TOP SECRET) The CIA sends undercover agents into Germany disguised as German troops to gauge the extent of the German military buildup.
  • 125px-Flag of Brazil.svg Argentina, with the Brazilian victory in claiming the world cup to pour gasoline on the fire, are as hostile as they have ever been towards Brazil and the SAF. (SECRET) Brazil begins funding Pro-Federation organizations in Argentina, and secretly mobolizing there troops along their southern border. Brazil also plants agents in admenistrative positions through out the Argentinian government.
  • Romania managed to get to the Round of 16, with 4 goals from Stancia to get them through. Their team has improved since their rethink of the grassroots of football. They hope to reach the final of Euro 28
  • Ambassador Flag of Thailand.svg ASEAN becomes a very large power in Asia. We our navy becomes the best in Southeast Asia will our armed forces are also very well trained. We begin to line troops on the Laos border to prepare for a helpful aid. Our kings Rama IX dies of old age being the longest serving monarch on Earth and in Thailand his son is crowned Rama X. We begin to crush the rebellion in Pattini and move in to Malaysia to hunt down the rebels


  • Flag of China China calls Thailand a third world country, and says that they should not try to expand too fast, or a more powerful pawn may place them in danger.
  • Flag of China China's new aircraft carrier, completed in 2022 is now fit for service and fully staffed.
  • Flag of the United States Self-driving cars are introduced and sold to the general public for the first time in the United States. They come with a hefty price tag but that does not deter people from buying them. The US government projects that the total sales of self-driving cars will overtake the total sales of manual-driven cars within the next fifty years, so long as the price lowers and demand increases.
  • Flag of the United States NASA successfully lands a manned crew on an asteroid via the Orion III, who become the first human beings to land on an asteroid. The President hails it as "the biggest step in space exploration taken since 1969". (TOP SECRET) The crew, in addition to exploring the asteroid and making notes on successful asteroid landings for future crews, works on a method to extract helium and other elements from asteroids. The method is not complete but will be built upon throughout the next manned landings.
  • Flag of the United States NASA successfully lands three more manned crews on the Moon. (TOP SECRET) These three crews separately work on a single refueling station in the Sea of Tranquility, dubbed "Apollo Base", that future manned crews heading to Mars will use to resupply fuel, oxygen, and other materials for their voyage.
  • Flag of the United States NASA launches three new Mars rovers in the spring, summer, and winter of 2023. The rover launched in spring, due to its launch date, is the only one to land. (TOP SECRET) This rover successfully hops from the Moon to an asteroid, then waits until the asteroid is in close proximity with Mars, then lands on Mars. NASA finds some issues with this plan, such as refueling and time taken, but overall thinks this might be a viable plan to send astronauts to Mars.
  • Flag of the United States Next year, NASA will land three more manned crews on an asteroid and three more manned crews on the Moon. (TOP SECRET) The asteroid crews will work on elemental extracting on asteroids, the lunar crews will work on Apollo Base. Furthermore, the final asteroid crew will attempt to land on the Moon and then launch off to an asteroid to give NASA an idea of what it would be like for manned crews to fly the same route the Mars rovers did.
  • Flag of the United States (TOP SECRET) NASA begins working on a new spacecraft that is specifically designed to carry men to Mars, which will be named the 'Armstrong' spacecraft after the late Neil Armstrong.
  • Flag of Bulgaria.svg The Bulgarian government agrees with Romania's proposal of building railways between the two nations, between Sofia and Bucharest. The government of Bulgaria also asks Romania whether or not they want to have closer military cooperation.
  • Flag of Bulgaria.svg At the same time, the Bulgarian National Football Team, in response to no major successes being made at FIFA, is given more funding to pay for better, more experienced coaches. This will hopefully result in better performances from the team.
  • Flag of Bulgaria.svg Meanwhile, the eastern Greek and Macedonian security forces are absorbed into the Bulgarian Armed Forces. The Land Forces and Air Force continue operations against militants on the border with Serbia and Kosovo (though Bulgaria recognizes Kosovo as a part of Serbia, not an independent state). The government has uncovered evidence that the Kosovar authorities are backing the militants. The Bulgarian Land Forces carry out operations against the terrorists, taking no prisoners.
  • Flag of Bulgaria.svg A national referendum is held and it is determined that the Bulgarian people want to again return to monarchism. A descendent of the Bulgarian royal family is crowned the Tsar, and elections are held for prime minister. The former president, leader of the nationalist Attack party, is elected for the post. The new Tsar promptly renames the state to Kingdom of Bulgaria.
  • Flag of Bulgaria.svg The new monarchist government decides to create a "Balkan Union" within the next several years, and invites all states of the Balkans region to join. States outside of it may get observer status.
  • Romania agrees to Bulgaria's proposal of closer Military cooperation. They have also released the first prototype of their new maglev trains. Test runs will begin in 2024. The Bucharest to Sofia train track will begin construction in 2025 and hopefully be fully functioning by between 2028 and 2030.
  • Flag of Japan The Japanese Republican party merges with the Communist & Social Democratic party, the ruling Democratic party loses members to the Republican party. Opponents use the Bulgarian monarchy that "A former monarchy can become a monarchy again in the modern era".
  • Flag of Ireland We send over 13,000 troops to overthrow the Icelandic Government. We improve our Military.


  • Flag of the United States NASA lands three more manned crews on an asteroid. (TOP SECRET) These crews have made significant progress with asteroid mining and return home with helium and various metals. In addition, the final manned crew successfully visits the Moon first before landing on an asteroid. Their fuel is low from the extended journey, but they manage to mine materials necessary to create more fuel and return home safely.
  • Flag of the United States NASA lands three more manned crews on the Moon. (TOP SECRET) These crews work on Apollo Base and it is now more than halfway complete. NASA projects it will be completed by the end of 2026. A finished Apollo Base will be a series of 'buildings' that include food, oxygen, fuel, as well as materials that visitors can use to mine the Moon in the same way they mine asteroids. Again, all these materials are for manned missions to Mars, and they will be replenished as necessary by manned crews before a voyage to Mars.
  • Flag of the United States The two Mars rovers launched last year have successful landings. (TOP SECRET) Both hop from the Moon to an asteroid, then wait for the asteroid to reach a certain distance from Mars before launching. This provides further confirmation that this will be a viable route for manned crews headed to Mars.
  • Flag of the United States The Orion III spacecraft makes its final flight and will be succeeded by the Orion IV starting next year. The Orion IV will be in use from 2025 to 2028. (TOP SECRET) The Orion program's successor, the Armstrong program, is on track for completion by the time the Orion IV is retired. NASA schedules a test launch for 2025, with flights beyond Earth orbit possibly achieved the following year. If their tests are successful, NASA will declassify the Armstrong program and send a manned crew to the Moon via the Armstrong in 2027, and a manned crew to an asteroid possibly that same year or the next.
  • Flag of the United States (TOP SECRET) With success on the Moon and on asteroids, NASA sets their sights on Mars and begins a program called Project God of War. Six members of the asteroid landing and orbiting crews have been selected for a mission to orbit Mars, and begin training in spring 2024. NASA believes that the asteroid missions have given these astronauts the experience necessary to carry out an expedition to the Red Planet. NASA projects that with Apollo Base ready in 2025 or 2026 and asteroid mining completed around the same time, the astronauts could launch in late 2026 and achieve orbit in 2027. Because the Armstrong program is not complete yet, the orbital crew will fly on the Orion IV spacecraft (which will have advanced enough engines and fuel capacity to carry them to Mars, but not to land).
  • (TOP SECRET) NZ offers to the US financial support for the space race and in return if the TSA gets created they allow us to use the base for our own purposes.
    • Flag of the United States NASA responds by saying that "we should wait until the TSA is operational before we make any promises, agreements, or guarantees".
  • Flag of Japan Prime Minister Banri Kaieda resigns due to low approval ratings, Natsuo Yamaguchi of the New Komeito party becomes Prime minister
  • Flag of Bulgaria.svg The Kingdom of Bulgaria receives permission from the Serbian government to bomb Kosovo security forces positions in Kosovo, as it is suspected that they are arming rebel groups in Bulgarian Macedonia. The Bulgarian Air Force deploys 20 Su-34 fighter bombers for the mission.
  • Flag of Finland (TOP SECRET) Finland funds a large starship to be sent to Jupiter to start colonies on the rings and moons, and also for hydrogen and helium mining.
  • New Zealand orders 15 single-seater F-35Bs and 10 twin-seater F-35Bs as the new government re-creates the Air Combat Force. We propose to Australia that us two countries create the Tasman Space Agency (TSA) (Mod Response). We also propose to all Oceanic countries that we combine our navies and create the Oceanic Sea Force (OSF), the navy will be for duties in Anti-Piracy, peace keeping and coast-watch duties against illegal fishing vessels (. New Zealand calls for the 2025 Antarctic Treaty Conference to be held in Wellington. We also start building up our military and economy.


  • PAPAUPapua, New Guinea: We are the peaceful nation of New Guinea in Eastern Oceania. We are interested in trading and diplomatic relations please respond.

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