Here are the developing countries, that are coming out of the developing stage:

The Cities (gallery)

Nation Summary
Flag 11 United Federation of India India's population will grow and so will the technology, and science. Education across India developed as strong as South Korea's education, and by 2035, the literacy rate was at 100%. India's health care was similar to Chile's health care. (Idealology: social democracy)
Social Democratic Federation of Libya
Democratic Republic of Ghana Once Ghana's economy had fully developed, they focused on developing living conditions, and modernizing Ghana to become a first world country. During the late 21st century, in fact, most architects and scientists came from Ghana. They had to help other poor countries, not only in Africa, but also countries like Haiti, Afghanistan, and Bhutan.
Free Democratic Republic of Mongolia Under British ruling. Modernizes. (Government: Social Democracy)
Saudi Arabian States Women's rights were given after the Women's Uprising, and disputes in parts of the country which occurred in the late 2030s. In 2040, rights we're given to women. Many other countries followed such as Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Iran. Afghanistan had not followed, as it was still developing. The infrastructure became better, and the government was adapted from the American federal presidential constitutional republic. (Government: Democratic monarchy (founded by George IV in 2018 in Northen Ireland.)
People's Republic of Bhutan (Idealology: Marxism, and Communism) (Under Communist Party of Bhutan)

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