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Democratic Republic of New Vermont
Timeline: A nice new world...
CapitalVermont City (6,558,000)
Other cities Concorde (1,575,828), Halifax (1,500,000) Nixon (1,400,000), Safewater (985,875), Carterton (750,575), Green Valley (650,000), Portland (554,500) and Port Boston (554,532).
Demonym Vermonter
Currency Vermont Dollar, V$.


The nation is almost entirely flat and largely forested country. The climate is temperate in the the Clinton Peninsular and borial in the north center, but is tundra in both the south and the flat coastal plains of the South Pole hinterland. Virtually all major settlements are on the peninsular.

The Eastern Clinton Peninsular has been mostly cleared for high-yield cattle farming. It also contains the small, coastal, Safe Water and Port Boston gas fields. There are both the Nixon Hills and the large Nixon Iron Mine are in the far south. The highest point is Nixon Hill at 500ft.

The polar hinterland contains only the small fishing villages of Anchorage and Juno, along with a hundred or so migrant seal hunters in the western Alaska region. 2 15 man weather stations a 18 man scientific station and the 50 man Cold End Airbase\Navel Base in the eastern Wisconsin region. The highest points (sited in Wisconsin) are Peak Wisconsin at 14,500ft, Peak Kennedy at 4,500ft, Mount Lincoln at 3,800ft and (in Alaska) Mount Daxon at 3,500ft.

Industry has many forms and focuses around Safehaven, Port Boston, Nixon and Vermont City. The steel industry is based in Vermont City, Portland and Nixon provides almost all the iron ore. Ships are built in Safehaven and Port Boston, while communications equipment and power tools are built in the small town of Hertford, 10 miles north of Nixon. Most bulldozers, transport equipment and tractors are made in Concorde, many of which are exported.

A nature reserve covers the whole length of the western River Potomac and it's banks, except for were it runs in to the sea at the fishing port of Carterton.


Vermont City was devastated in 20 by an American and British kinetic rod weapon, with many thousands deaths.


  • New Hampshire
  • Vermontshire
  • Vermont Metro
  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • Connecticut
  • Port Boston
  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota
  • Delaware
  • Potomac
  • Alaska
  • Nixon
  • Safehaven


Major railways are


Power stations

  1. 5 coal (1 shut)
  2. 5 gas (1 planned)
  3. 2 oil (1 planned)
  4. 1 nuclear (planned)
  5. 1 geothermal

Overseas territories

It has a sizable and undeveloped peace of mountainous land on the South Pole. Tundra exists on the coastline over the Vermont Channel, but the rest is snowy inland mountains. Some oil and natural gas has discovered in the Vermont Channel in recent years.



  • 12% GST.
  • 1% income tax on poor, 5% income tax on middle earners and 10% income tax on upper earners.
  • 1% alcohol and tobacco duty.
  • 1% excuse duty.
  • 5% customs duties.
  • Private health and pension insurance sceams are run by the state.

Armed forces

It is a small elite strike force of only 12,000 and is not intended to fight in long running\traditional wars. not It is meant to be used in a anti-terror role and for strategical strikes on the enemy's military. Vermont's military was informally formed in 0 a few days before independence to see off an incursion from earth, but disbanded in 80. It was then reconstructed as a formal military in 175.


  1. 35 anti-shipping missiles (akin to the OTL Exocet).
  2. 30 Cruise Tomahake equivelent cruse missiles
  3. 5 patrol boats.
  4. 5 mine hunters.
  5. 5 mine layers.
  6. 5 Maritime patrol aircraft
  7. 5 ASW helicopters
  8. 3 offshore patrol vessel.
  9. 3 coastal patrol vessels.
  10. 3 coastal patrol submarines.
  11. 1 Stealth multi-role frigate (akin to the INS Shivalik).
  12. 1 escort frigate.
  13. 1 Guided missile frigate
  14. 1 vittler supply ships.
  15. 1 oiler supply ships.
  16. 1 ammunition supply ship.
  17. 1 Amphibious assault ship
    1. 2 troop carrying helicopter.
    2. 2 troops only landing craft
    3. 1 ASW helicopter
    4. 1 utility helicopter
    5. 1 tank only landing craft
  18. 1 light assault ship.
    1. 1 ASW helicopter
    2. 1 utility helicopter
    3. 1 troop carrying helicopter
    4. 1 troops only landing craft
    5. 1 tank only landing craft
  19. 1 radar picket ship.
  20. Safehaven Navel Base
  21. Port Boston Navel Base
  22. Cold End Airbase\Navel Base

Air force


4 F-16 equivalent fighter-interceptors from Wisconsin county flying over Port Boston in 2049.

  1. 15 F-16 equivalent fighter-interceptors.
  2. 5 AWACS severance aircraft.
  3. 5 Troop transports
  4. 5 Cargo planes
  5. 5 Maritime patrol aircraft
  6. 5 ASW helicopters
  7. Cold End Airbase
  8. Vermont City Airbase
  9. Safehaven Airbase
  10. Cold End Airbase\Navel Base


  1. 3 Chinook troop helicopters
  2. 3 Chinook cargo helicopters

Air defenses


  1. 4 utility helicopters.
  2. 4 Maritime patrol helicopters.
  3. 2 coastal patrol vessels.
  4. 2 Maritime patrol aircraft.
  5. 2 offshore patrol vessel.
  6. 2 fishery protection vessels.
  7. 2 Cargo carrying helicopters
  8. Safehaven Navel Base
  9. Port Boston Navel Base
  10. Cold End Airbase\Navel Base

Law and order

The quality of law enforcement is generally higher than the UEM standards on fairness and neutrality due to the near total absence of bribery and intimidation. There is no death penalty.

Last 5 election results

Bill Clinton visit to Los Alamos

The first UEM Secretary General and ex-Vermont President John Harrison Davis. His tenure was from 540 to 560.


Each major town and city has a analogue FM and a local digital FM radio service. 4 digital FM station also operate in capital. There are 4 national digital AM radio and 4 digital TV channels.

All families have video recorders, CD players and land line phones. 45% have mobile phones and 8% have smart phones. Fiber optic phone lines, 4 G phones and broadband internet are commonplace through out thew land. 5% have the internet, of which 1% have Boardband internet. Wifi Internet is commonplace.

Thire are 3 national newspapers. All major urban settlements also have a local news paper by law.

8 typical images

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