Democratic Republic of Jakolima (World War III, The Flood and Emugan Contact)

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Democratic Republic of Jakolima

にちょリまみんしゅきょうわこく (Japanese)
일고리마 민주 공화국 (Korean)
日韩辽满民主共和国 (Mandarin)


"Jinbutsu, shizen to kuni no tame ni."
("For People, Nature and Country.")


"떠오르는 태양"
"Tteooleuneun Taeyang."
("The Rising Sun.")



Official Languages Japanese, Korean, Manchu and Mandarin
State Ideology Democracy
Government Semi-presidential federal republic
Head of State

2190 - present


Sakura Kaneko

Heads of Government

2190 - present

2190 - present

Prime Minister

Jan-hu Eom

Deputy Prime Minister

Xiaomei Hu

Population 444 Million
Currency Yewon

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