December War
US troops
Date November 30, 2015 - December 20, 2015
Location Canada
Result UPC victory!

Loyalist ousted from Canada. UK, US, France and NATO recognized the UPC as the Government of Canada

Ultranationalist Party of Canada
  • UPC Forces
Canadian Loyalist
Michael Figueroa David Sharp
26,000 11,000
Casualties and losses
60 120

The December War, also known as the Canadian Civil War, was a brief armed conflict that took place in Canada from November 30th, 2015 to December 20, 2015. The war began when Canadian Loyalist to the Crown, supported by the British Army, attacked the headquarters of the Ultranationalist Party of Canada, killing 10. The Ultranationalist Forces, army of the party, retaliated by attacking loyalist positions, thus beginning the war.

The UPC and Loyalist fought for days. Many as 20,000 Canadians were displaced. On December 11, the UPC Forces began an Operation to search for Loyalist and oust them from Canada. The British Army was supplying the Loyalists, who were still loyal to Queen, who lost control of Canada throne during the Canadian Revolution of 2015.

The War ended on December 20. Some many loyalist were ousted (only them, not family) and most escaped to Yukon and territories. Almost 20,000 UPC Forces were mobilized to fight the 11,000 Loyalist Army. Casualties were severe on both with UPC losing ten government officials and 50 soldiers while the Loyalist lost 120. Civilians killed during the war counted up to 100 while 350 were injured. The British Government, along with the United States, France and NATO, recognized the Ultranationalist Party of Canada (UPC) as the legitimate government of Canada.