5 years from now.

UK retailer stops stocking floppy disks

Analog television US television stations are scheduled to switch to digital output by February 2009. [1]Australian and UK analogue TV is to be switched off between 2008 and 2012. [2] Finnish analog television broadcasts are to be switched off on August 31, 2007. In Canada, no official switchover date has been set yet, because the broadcast regulator, the CRTC wishes to let the market set the pace for the changeover.

Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium will support up to 16 GB of physical memory, and will be supported until 2012

10 years from now.

Low def television.

Non LCD computer monitor.


Camcorder. Non cell phone camera.

ipod. Non cell phone MP3 player

15 years from now.

Low def DVD


Lithium ion battery.

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