Czechoslovakian Federation (Regrettable Diplomacy Failure)

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Czechoslav Federation
OTL equivalent: Czech, Slovakia
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Prague
Largest city Prague
Other cities Bratislava
Language Czech, Slovak
Demonym Czechoslovakian
Government Full Presidential Republic/Federation
President Dude Guy
Vice President Guy Dude
Population IDK Millions
Currency Euro
Internet TLD .czs
Organizations UN, GTO, EU
Czechoslovakia is a newly established federation in Central Europe.

Tensions in 2018

In January, Armies of the East enter Hungary, where the government changes stance and joins East. While Russia starts to encircle Ruthenia and Slovakia from Hungary and Poland, a few unloyal political parties and soldiers form a paramilitary organization, that is supposed to prevent fighting on Czech and Slovak territories.

Outbreak of the uprising

At the end of February, the organization taken over Slovakian parliament and declares neutrality and allows presence of Russian an Hungarian forces. Because most of the EUMS guards borders of Germany and Italy, Czech Republic is ordered to attack Slovakia. The decision enrages public, but before the invasion can happen, armies of the East enter Moravia. They meet almost no resistance, the only resistance appears in Prague.

Battle of Prague

Armed sympathizers of both factions clash in Prague, whilst the pro-American gunmen prepare to defend Prague against Russian Army, the opposition supporting Slovakia and Hungary tries to prevent any fighting. Near the end of the battle, pro-NATO government resigns and the Czech President alongside with Slovak PM forms Czechoslovakia.

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