A currency in the most specific use of the word refers to money in any form when in actual use or circulation, as a medium of exchange, especially circulating paper money. This use is synonymous with banknotes, or (sometimes) with banknotes plus coins, meaning the physical tokens used for money by a government.

Here is a list of currencies in use, by Buddhist Calendar Year 2744 (Year 2200 CE):

  • New Chinese Yuan (formerly New Taiwan Dollar prior to 2045)
  • Japanese Yen
  • Euro
  • South East Asian Baht
  • Swiss Franc
  • Indian Rupee
  • Indonesian Rupiah
  • Brazilian Real
  • Mexican Peso
  • Argentine Peso
  • Korean Won
  • Shōtoku Yen
  • Louisianan Dollar
  • Arabian Rial
  • Persian Rial
  • Turkish Lira
  • African Rand
  • Kazakhstani Tenge
  • Russian Ruble
  • Canadian Pound
  • Cuban Peso
  • Oceania Pound
  • Tennessee Dollar
  • Carolina Dollar
  • Indiana Dollar
  • New York Dollar (World's least valued currency unit)

Some notable former currencies include:

  • The old Chinese Yuan, which was replaced with the New Taiwan Dollar (renamed to the New Chinese Yuan) after the fall of the People's Republic of China in 2045.
  • Zimbabwe Dollar, which had been abandoned in 2009 due to Hyperinflation.
  • Hungarian Pengő, which had the most severe hyperinflation in history, until it was surpassed by the...
  • United States Dollar, in which it had beaten the previous record during the downfall of the US Economy from 2028 until its collapse in 2035. At its height in January 2035, the US Dollar reached a monthly inflation rate of 5.62 × 1021 %, the highest bank note ever officially used in circulation was the 1023 Dollar Bill, and its prices doubled every five hours.

In 15,000, all of the existing currencies were replaced by the Global Yen.

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