Curbstomb Warcrime

Curbstomb Warcrime
Origin Helsinki, Finland

Extreme Hardcore

Experimental Thrash Metal

Black Metal

Post-2019 Rock

Years active 2016 - present (on hiatus)

Brainscoop Productions

The Legend Factory.


Matti Niinisto - Lead Vocals

Adolf Hellbelter - Lead Guitar

Napalm Volivoxa - Bass

Astuvansalmi Vanhanen - Drums

The Band

The original creators of the Rockese Language and the undisputed masters of post-2019 Rock, Curbstomb Warcrime are one of the most influential bands of the last 20-years. Always controversial, the band's first Album "Banzai!" was banned in many countries due to it's graphic sexual lyrics, violent profanity and outright satanism. Their second album "Queens Of The Ratf**k S**t-heap" was similarly banned.

It was not until they released their third album "Skullbusting" that they were enshrined as Rock Gods. Skullbusting was an experimental album, and all but one of the songs on the album was sung in Rockese, the now widely spoken manufactured language that almost all Rock is sung in. Fans of hardcore Rock music universally applauded the album, calling it "the album of the century" and "the turning point". Sure enough, within a year, dozens of other hardcore rock bands began singing entirely in Rockese.

Adolf Hellbelter's Arrest

Adolf Hellbelter, Curbstomb Warcrime's German-born lead guitarist, was arrested in January of 2023 after he was filmed performing the Nazi salute in front of the Auschwitz Holocaust Remembrance Center in Poland. Hellbelter (real name Maxmillian Metzger) was charged by the Helsinki Constitutional Court of Holocaust Approval, and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Despite harsh critisism, the band have vowed they will tour again once Hellbelter is released from jail.


Banzai! - 2016

Queens Of The Ratf**k S**t-heap - 2018

Skullbusting - 2019

Vach Zunghe (The Song) - 2020

Bu Naffltocht (In Hell) - 2022

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