Life excpectancy increases thanks to advanced healthcare techniques and artificial organ transplants and by 2040 the average life excpectancy increases. This effectivly leads to extended adolescance and adulthood moves from 18 to 30. Old age doesnt properly begin until 75. Advanced fertility treatment's allow women to remain fertile until their late 60's. The practice of having children at an older age also increases thanks to improved cosmetic and sexual characteristic enhancement surgery. This allows men and women to remain sexually attractive and effectively abolishes wrinkles.


Fashion changes little during the near future.Because of increased sexual awarness, mens and easpecially womens clothing becomes more revealing. From 2040 onwards womens mini skirts and shorts become shorter, and mens clothes become tighter. These revealing trends are only really popular with the younger generation and never really take off fully. But these clothing types do become very common amongst the 15 - 30 yearolds during the 2040's and 2050's.

Makeup becomes much more popular amongst women, particularly lipstick, which by the mid 2040's is worn almost constantly. Semi - premanent makeup is used by some.

Thanks to the so called Earphone Revolution of the 2010's, an
Earphone jewel

An example of earphone jewelry. (2015)

d the increased use of personal media players, earphones became very common. Consequently they soon become a fashion accessorie and from 2014 onwards bejeweled earphones are a common site amongst celebrities and many famous young women.


Music becomes much more popular through the 2000's and 2010's and this continues into the 2020's and beyond. This is largely thanks to personal music players. There are some new kinds of music, particularly pop and rock, but thanks to easily avaliable music on the internet people mainly listen to "old music" (present day music).


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