República de Cuba
Timeline: Scenario: Futatsuiwa of Sado
Flag of Cuba
Flag of Cuba
Location of Cuba (Futatsuiwa of Sado)
(and largest city)
Language Spanish
Religion Atheism
Government Unitary presidential republic
Prime Minister
Currency Cuban Peso

Cuba was a nation in Vinland.

After the 2018 elections, although the Communist Party of Cuba remained in power, the nation slowly would transition away from a one-party state. The elections of 2033 was the last consecutive victory for the Communist Party of Cuba, as while still maintaining a good portion of the parliament, several other political parties had grown and gained more representation, such as the Liberal Solidarity Party, Democratic Socialist Current, and the Liberal Union. In the 2038 elections, saw the first loss of the Communist Party of Cuba, with the Liberal Solidarity Party winning the election.

In 2056 and 2058, the Bahamas and Florida merged with Cuba respectively via referendums. A few years later, tensions between the independent states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia-Atlanta over Cuba emerged, due to the new authoritarian governments emerging in those states taking power due to Florida joining Cuba. The hostilities from Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia-Atlanta later resulted in the Vinlandian War in 2102.

After the Vinlandian War in 2102-2107, the former states of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia-Atlanta were annexed into Cuba following their loss in the war.