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In 2014, Russia under putin annexed Crimea. In 2015 russia annexed Donbass and luganisic oblasts.

in 2017 Russia now has complete control over ukrain, but putin isn't happy he wants more land.

In 2018 Putin's forces overwhelm Belarus.

In 2019 he spills across lithiuania. Then Nato and America declares war on russia.

2 million Russian trooups vs. 4 million Nato trooups.

Georgia, Kazakstan, Armenia, Azerbaijian, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan,Tajikstan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuiania,Chechenia, Transnitra, and Nagorno-Karabash, South Ossetia,Abkhazia refused to help russia or be annexed. Even lands that were pupper states like South Ossetia refused to help. These countries formed an anti-russian alliance, called the No-Putin's allowed club. They agreed to protect each other from putin. Also included was the Belarus Goverment in exile and The Ukrainan Governent in exile. They helped Nato and Freed Ukrain and Belarus and KalinGrad from Russian Control. They also Freed the world of Putin who they attacked and killed when visiting Ukrain.

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