Countries Established Post 2015 (The2016's World)

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Kosovo (2017)

Kosovo was finally established at the 2nd Brussels agreement, forcing Serbia to give the disputed territory independence.

Scotland (2018)

The Republic of Scotland was established on September 26, 2018 after they held a referendum to leave the United Kingdom & Succeeded with only 16% against and 84% Pro independent.

Abkhazia & Ossetia (2021)

The Republic of Abkhazia was established when the Georgian war allies defeated Georgia and Abkhazia & Ossetia were established, With the Eurasian Union taking the rest of Georgia.

Karakalpakstan (2028)

During the invasion of Central Asia by the Eurasian Union, Karakalpakstan was established in the crossfire, leaving only it, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Pakistan.

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