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June 2014

United States: United States gets more states having 54 states during this time.

Canada: Canada takes Alaska to be another state.

Mexico: Mexico destroys Belize and made it a state.

Colombia: Colombia gets rid of some of Brazil and most of Northern South America

Chile: Chile1 also gets rid of Brazil most of it and most of Antarctica.


United States: The Bahamas turns into a state of the US and the US gets rid of few of Mexico.

Hawaii: Hawaii turns into a Country, its islands turns into states, its cities turn into Counties and new cities form.

India: India's mission is to destroy Greenland and turn it to terissory of India, not Denmark and destroys the Danish language and added Indian languages to Greenland.

China: China destroys few of Russia.


US: The United States takes most of Russia and talks to Russia: "I'm sorry, now you're my state.".


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