World map in 2040


2040 World map


As of 2040, the world is ruled by 14 superstates, with their vast number of colonies across the stars. Earth become Type One civilization and is united under one single parliament: Terran Commonwealth in which all states on Earth and colonies have their representatives.

Superstates on Earth

Name Capital Coverage Area Government type
Eastasia Confederation (EAC) Kyoto Manchuria, Japan, Korea, Far East Russia, parts of Siberia Federal Russia Unitary semi-presidential republic
Greater Vietnam Republics (GVR) Saigon

China excl. Tibet/Xinjiang/Manchuria, Taiwan,

Southeast Asia, Mongolia

Parliamentary Democracy
Greater India Empire New Delhi India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Quinhai region, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka Unitary semi-presidential republic

Confederation of Centro-Asia Socialist Republics

Astana Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, parts of Russian Siberia and Ural districts Presidential Republic
Persia-Arab Commonwealth Dubai entire Middle East region exclude Turkey Islamic constitutional monarchy
Europa Federal Union Bern remaining of Europe and Russia, re-organize into 27 provinces across Eurasia, with Swiss as the center of economy and finance Parliamentary Democracy
Nordic Confederacy Copenhagen Denmark (excl. Greenland), Sweden, Finland, Norway (excl. Svalbard), parts of Northern Russia Confederal constitutional monarchy
Empire of Anglo-Dutch London United Kingdom, Nerthelands, Greenland, Belgium, South Africa Confederal constitutional monarchy
Iberian Federation Madrid Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria Unitary semi-presidential republic
Mediterranean Commonwealth Athens Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albany, Greece, Tunisia, Libya Unitary semi-presidential republic
United North America Federation San Diego United States, Canada, Mexico Federal constitutional democracy
Union of Latino Republics Bogota Central America, Columbia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana Federal socialist republic
South America Federation remaning of South America Presidential republic Confederation
Argentine Empire Chile, Argentina, Southern parts of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay Federal constitutional democracy
North Africa Confederacy remaining of Northern Africa Islamic  constitutional monarchy
South Africa Republics remaining of Africa Federal socialist republic
United Oceania Republics Sydney Oceanian continent Federal constitutional democracy

Vatican in Europe, Lhasa in Tibet, Indian Empire and Jerusalem in Middle East are the only free cities with their own governments and systems.

A Solar System too small for everyone

With the only exception of Titan as a commonwealth settlement, all other planets among the Solar System has been under influences of some of those superstates above.

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