Welcome to Corrupt-A-Wish

How it works

This game works by you responding to the next person. You respond to (and corrupt) a previous wish, then add your own. Note: I, and I alone, will occasionally archive this to prevent endless scrolling.


  • User A: (Responds to previous wish) I wish for a bowling ball.
  • User B: It falls on your head from an airplane. I wish for a computer
  • User C: It fails to boot. I wish for complete control of this wiki

And so on.

The game

  • I wish for a partridge. (I can't respond to a previous one because I'm the first)
  • It runs away. I wish for a crazy alien.
  • It kills you and attacks Earth. I wish to control all of Wikia.
  • Trolls attack you through the messages. I wish to control all of Earth.
  • You succeed but every life form on the planet moves planets because of a nuclear war so you control a wasteland.I wish to control all of the universe.
  • It ends. I wish to restart the universe.
  • You succeed but the previous universe still exists and all life moves there.I wish to control the cosmos.
  • Everything gets crunched back into a singularity. I wish to be an immortal deity with unlimited power.
  • You succeed but then people steal your powers and immortality and kill you.I wish to control the cosmos which cannot be crunched back.
  • You succeed but then the Mogons mount a rebellion and kill you. I wish to be resurrected.
  • You succeed but die 2 seconds later.I wish to control the cosmos which cannot be crunched back and aliens cannot rebel either
  • God himself comes down from the heavens and tells you that no matter what, I shall not let you have the cosmos and sends you to purgatory forever. I wish for a wizard friend.

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