On March Seventh, 2022, a ship was spotted in the edge of our solar system that was shaped like a ring and was two miles large. Several ships of different shapes were spotted over the week, causing great panic awe and wonder. and leading to a new era.

2022 Edit

  • alien spaceships spotted between the orbits of Saturn and Jupiter of strange design and function.
  • two days later a civilian telescope spots them and the whole world is informed of there presence. 
  • a group of scientist conclude that the ships are using some form of time warp propulsion. estimate that the ships are traveling at one percent light speed ... towards earth
  • uncertainty and fear optimism and hope are expressed by the media as the ship passes mars and will be in earths orbit within 24 hours.
  • the ship sends a signal to earth, SETI sends one back to direct them towards the White House.
  • aliens land and send an ambassador to the White House requesting to learn earth's languages.
  • the alien with computer interface learns earth's languages in seconds.
  • the alien is given a speech in the UN explaining that their world was dying and were forced to go to this solar system for a new home, so they can colonize the rest of this galaxy from our sol system ... requesting a coexistence between man and alien. they promise cures to diseases and new and exciting technology, coupled with wisdom and companionship. The world nations agree to allow construction of an alien city on earth and several in the asteroid belt. 
  • human volunteers request to live with the aliens in their colonies.


  • alien technology changes the world, curing diseases and making space travel and other futuristic tech cheap.
  • aliens come back on their two feet establishing prosperous colonies on earth and the asteroid belt.
  • with some artificial help, human alien hybrids are born.
  • aliens become the dominant superpower and mankind's companions.
  • human colonies are established on Luna.
  • alien/human joint missions are common.
  • mankind embracing open border's policy.

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