# Amendment
1st Freedom of speech, religion, press, to assemble, and the right to petition the government
2nd Right for citizens to bear arms
3rd No forced quartering of soldiers in one's home during peactime
4th No unreasonable seizure of one's self, property, or papers without a warrant based on probable or reasonable cause
5th Right of indicment by grand jury and eminent domain, and prohibits self incrimination and double jeopardy
6th Right to fair and speedy trial by jury, to be notified of accusation, confront accusers, and to obtain witness
7th Right to trial by jury in civil cases
8th No ecessive fines, bails, or cruel and unusual punishments
9th Protection of rights not enumerated in the Constitution
10th Powers not enumerated by the Constitution reserved to the states, or the people
11th Sovereign immunity from suits for foreigners and non-citizens
12th Revisions the Presidential Election Electoral process
13th Abolishment of slavery
14th Defines U.S citizenship
15th Voting rights for people of color
16th Congress can collect income tax
17th Direct election of Senators
18th Prohibition of of manufacture, sale, or transport of liqours and alchoholic beverages
19th Women's voting rights
20th Moves Inauguration Day to January 20th
21st Repeal of 18th Amendment
22nd Presidential term limits to 2 terms
23rd Electoral Votes for the District of Columbia
24th Abolishment of Poll Taxes
25th Describes Presidential sucession
26th Voting age 18 years old
27th Prevents Congressional salary from taking effect until the next session of congress
28th Electoral Votes for Puerto Rico
29th Provides a single Represenative and a single Senator for the District of Columbia
30th 10 year terms of Supreme Court Justices. After 10 years the U.S Senate shall vote on whether the Justice shall get another term by a majority vote
31st Lowers voting age from 18 to 16

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