In the future, as the need to conserve becomes more important, people will heed it more often, and things that could be used over and over again will not be so readily discarded. Instead, they will either be reused by whoever has them, or be donated to others who are not as well off, or are used for other purposes such as agriculture. Examples are containers, batteries, coins, and leftover foods. As a result, recycling's needs will be reduced. Another situation in which this idea is paramount is that of sharing: in the future, reusable items will be shared increasingly frequently, and this practice will be encouraged through the simple sense of supply and demand. Of course, given the progress of technology, we are headed toward a society of wastefulness where supply is extremely high. In order to supress the supply, then, the government will need to adopt more economically restrictive policies. Doing so will be in turn advantageous because the resources can then be tapped into by the government.

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