The Confederation of North India
Capital Kolkata
Official Language


and Chinese



Sikhism and Jainism

Largest Cities




Other Cities


Akshai Chin,Kanpur,Raipur

Jamshedpur,Jaipur etc.

Government Democratic Republic
Currency Kashmiri Rupee
Population ????
Time Zone UTC+5:30C

Confederation of North India is a country located in Central,North and Western India,Pakistan,Tibet and aksai chin.After the Nuclear Holocaust,The people in kashmir started to Explore and the Founded the Current cities.This Nation is rich in Minerals like Gold,Iron Ore etc. Main allies include Naya Vijayanagar and Nazi Greece.they are Improving their relations with Latvia.Their Leader is Rahul Gandhi,who is the Last Decendant of The Gandhi Family.

Literacy Rate 

The Literacy rate was low just after the Holocaust,but Schools were Constructed for the young as well as the aged.since then the literacy rate has Increased Dramatically.The people has Started to develop their Skills in Computer.and has now learnt to send messages to other countries and also to translate them.

Type of Government

The type of Government they follow is a Democratic Republic.Elections are held every 3 years.the Women and anyone above 17 can vote.Women of age above 20 can be a candidate for Election.and thus it was Shown when Rahul Gandhi was their Prime Minister,the President was a woman by the name of Priyanka who was from Delhi.the President has only Nominal power,while the real power is towards the Prime Minister.

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