Confederation of Kopan
こぱんこっかれんごう (Japanese)
코판 국가 연합 (Korean)
2031 - 2043

"Jinbutsu, shizen to kuni no tame ni."
("For People, Nature and Country.")


"떠오르는 태양"
"Tteooleuneun Taeyang."
("The Rising Sun.")



Official Languages Japanese and Korean
State Ideology Democracy
Government Directorial parlamentary confederal republic

Heads of State and Government

2039 - 2043

Confederal Council

-Kamomiru Abe
-Huang Min-seo
-Naoko Inoue
-Kim Jeon-lua
-Yamato Nakaruma
-Pak Won-hye
-Ren Okimoto

Population 233 Million
Currency Yewon

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