Deo Vindice
CapitalAtlanta, GA
Other cities Richmond, Little Rock, Miami, Houston, New Orleans, Dallas, Orlando, Charlotte, Oklahoma City
Demonym Confederate
Currency Confederate Dollar (CSD)
Calling code +1
 The Confederate States of America is a nation located in North America. It has a land border with the United States and Mexico. It has a meritime border with Cuba and the Bahamas.


State Capital Abrev. Joined
Georgia Atlanta GA June 6, 2046
Alabama Montgomery AL June 9, 2046
Mississippi Jackson MS June 13, 2046
Florida Tallahassee FL September 15, 2046
Louisiana Baton Rouge LA December 29, 2046
South Carolina Columbia SC January 1, 2047
Hazzard Macon HZ January 1, 2047
North Carolina Raleigh NC February 10, 2047
Tennessee Nashville TN February 11, 2047
Texas Austin TX June 6, 2047
Arkansas Little Rock AR June 6, 2047
Sequoyah Muskogee SQ June 6, 2047
Oklahoma Oklahoma City OK September 25, 2047
Texoma Amarillo TM October 19, 2047
Virginia Richmond VA November 4, 2047
Lincoln El Paso LC January 1, 2048

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