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Conglomerate Alliance

The Conglomerate Alliance is a partial successor to the Open Handset Alliance. It was founded in 2032 in Tokyo, Japan.

Industry: Conglomerate


  • Baidu
    • Baidu Japan
  • Dwango
    • Niwango
      • Niconico (formerly known as Nico Nico Douga)
  • Toshiba Corporation
    • Microsoft
      • Bing (discontinued in 2100)
    • Nokia
  • NEC Corporation
  • Samsung
    • Samsung Electronics
    • Samsung Heavy Industries
  • LG Corporation
  • Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
  • Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment (ZTE) Corporation
  • Lenovo Group Limited

Sony Corporation

Industry: Conglomerate

Products: Video Games, Radio, Publishing, Media, Mobile Devices, Television, Consoles, Telecommunications


  • Sony
    • Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.
    • Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.
    • Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc.
    • Sony Electronics Inc.
    • Sony Mobile Communications AB
  • Team Shanghai Frontier
  • Nintendo Co. Ltd.
  • Capcom Co. Ltd.
  • Square Enix
    • Taito Coporation
  • Sega Sammy Holdings
    • Sega Corporation
    • Sammy Corporation
  • Camelot Software Planning
  • Electronic Arts
  • Rockstar Games
  • Yahoo!

Armada Music

Industry: Music (mostly Electronic dance), Radio


  • Armada
    • A State of Trance (Radio and Label)
  • Flamingo Recordings
  • Ninja Tune
  • ...and others.

Mitsubishi Group

Industry: Mining, shipbuilding, telecom, financial services, insurance, electronics, automotive, construction, heavy industries, oil and gas, real estate, foods and beverages, chemicals, steel, aviation and others


SkyTeam Corporation

Industry: Airlines


  • All Nippon Airways
    • ANA Wings
    • ANA & JP Express
  • Asiana Airlines
    • Air Busan
    • Asiana IDT
  • Fuji Dream Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • S7 Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Adria Airways
  • Air China
    • Air China Cargo
    • Air Macau
    • Beijing Airlines
    • Dalian Airlines
    • Shandong Airlines
    • Shenzhen Airlines
    • Tibet Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Thai Airways International

Sun Corporation

Industry: Airlines


  • Japan Airlines
    • J-Air (JLJ)
    • JAL Express (JEX)
    • Japan Air Commuter (JAC)
    • Japan Transocean Air (JTA)
    • Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC)

Former Companies

  • Apple (collapsed in 2034)
  • Google (bought and merged into Baidu in 2038)
  • YouTube (collapsed in 2040)
  • Uber (collapsed in 2021)

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