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LumaLive tshirt

LumaLive t-shirt

Luminex is a luminous fabric that uses fibre-optics. It is industrially available as of 2006. More glowing fabrics [3] from Loop.pH and from Philips (LumaLive).

Safe & Cool project uses fabrics with active cooling and internal structure. This signifies a shift from simple materials (just natural or synthetic threads woven together) to complex systems with many layers, active elements, sensors, etc. This is the early beginning of smart matter.

Hussein Chalayan - fashion 00340m

Animatronic dresses designed by Hussein Chalayan use computerized motors and monofilament wires to radically transform from one style to another (5 dresses morphing from 1906 style to 2007). [4], [5], [6]

Solar bikini

Solar film bikini [1]

Solar-Clothing-zegna 07 SolarKragen

Designer apparel with iSolarX solar power [2]

Clothing can incorporate electronic devices (flexible keyboards and displays) as well as solar panels to charge them. [7] [8] Such clothing also usually has more pockets and concealed power and data cords for connecting various mobile devices.

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