This classification is a way of classifying how powerful a civilization is.

List of Civilization Types Edit

Type Distinctive Features Capabilities Our


0 A civilization in its infancy. Ranges. Type 0 Civilizations have limited control over their surroundings. prehistory-2032
1 Planetary Civilization Complete control over home planet. Geological activity is usually under control as are meteorogical parameters. May engage in interplanetary colonization or asteroid mining. Usually united under one governing body. 2032-2064
2 System-wide Civilization Total colonization of home system. Limited control over gravity. Home planet may entirely urbanized. Interaction with higher civilizations present and permitted. May use Dyson Sphere in home system. 0 AS- 19 AS
3 Sector-wide Civilization Capable of star manipulation. Usually has finished colonization of a galactic sector. May use primitive FTL travel. Mastered control over gravity. 20 AS- 80 AS
4 Galactic Civilization FTL travel commonplace. This type of civilization usually spans an entire galaxy. 80 AS- 280 AS
5 Intergalactic


FTL travel is wildly spread. This type of civilization is rarely aggressive and is capable of creating Craion brains (named after the Craion the first species successful in building it) a ring around a galaxy
6 galactic-cluster civilization Civilizations of this order have control over a galaxy clusters and are capable of creating galaxies, and are even capable of breaking the Darton barrier (named after Darton the scientist who theorized about it and thought that this was the max speed) and reach speeds over 10000 ly/m (lightyears per minute)
7 several galactic-cluster civilization A civilization of this advance is capable of creating entire planetary systems within seconds, letting them to do experiments (like what would happen if a moon crashed into a planet) on a system-wide scale
8 Supercluster


9 Intersupercluster


10 Pre universal civilization /
11 Universal civilization / (does not exist)
12 Extra universal civilization There is no proof of the multiverse

so it probably does not exist

13 Multiversal civilization There is no proof of the multiverse

so it probably does not exist

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