In the future, cameras will be everywhere linked to artificial intelligence. This will prevent crime but also limit privacy. All terrorists' movements will be tracked. If anyone commits a crime it will be recorded by super high def cameras in the city. Police robots will be part of the City Awareness Grid Electronic C.A.G.E monitoring system. These robot police officers will be sent to the scene of the crime to stop it. The police robots will know automatically who is committing the crime. All criminals will be prosecuted. The City Awareness Grid Electronic C.A.G.E will be highly integrated into homeland security and will reduce drug traffic with police robots.

Security robots would know if a human or robot climber over a fence because of Smart camera's from IntelliVision.


  • Speed cameras are being vandalised sufficiently frequently and the cost of cheap web-cams has become sufficiently low, that in many places the speed cameras are being watched by one or more cheap webcams, in order to identify vandals.

Ubiquitous Speed-Cams

  • A plan to have cameras spaced at every 250m of roadway is being discussed. The cost compared to the cost of building the roads is very small and, if they reduce speeding, may pay for themselves.
  • One design for speed camera embeds the camera in the cats eyes in the centre of the road, using the self-cleaning lens of the cats-eye to focus the image for the camera.

Red light cameras

Red light cameras take photos of people who run red lights, much like speed cameras take photos of people who speed. However, there is far more controversy over red light cameras.


  • 3D face scan.
  • Retina scan.
  • Thumb scan.
  • Blood scan.
  • Voice scan/password.
  • 5 people must be scanned at the same time.
  • Truth serum.
  • Bio activated gun, can’t be used by the bad guys.
  • Genetic algorithms help victims better identify the face of criminals.
  • CIA criminal biometrics database.
  • Also Motion activated cameras/alarms.


Google Maps adds real-time traffic data

Computer system lets Fresno police see crime trends