A massive orbital installation resting inside of the Van Allen Belt, the chronoscope went online on March 3rd, 2021, and is capable of actually folding space time to produce sound and light from the past. The first image from the past viewed was that of the Trinity Detonation at Los Alamos. The Chronoscope and its many sister installations are considered invaluable to both science and culture, in that the revelations from the past have completely re-worked people's view of history and have resulted in what many are calling the End of Religion.

The Following Have been specifically Viewed by scientists, historians, and scholars by the chronoscope:

  • Birth of Christ
  • Death of Muhammad
  • Signing of the Magna Carta
  • Signing of the Declaration of Independence
  • The Library of Alexandria and all of its collected works
  • The Gospel of Eve
  • On Sphere Making by Archimedes
  • The Rare Books section in the House of Wisdom
  • The complete Epic Cycle
  • Hermocrates by Plato
  • Ab Urbe Condita Libri, by Livy
  • The Book of the Wars of the Lord
  • The Battle of Thermopylae
  • The Gettysburg Address
  • Confucius
  • The Buddah
  • The Assassination of Franz Ferdinan
  • Charles Darwin writing "The Origin of Species"
  • Albert Einstein discovering the Theory of Relativity
  • The Dinosaurs
  • The Kennedy Assassination
  • Ronald Reagan's true involvement in Iran Contra
  • The extent of Bush/Cheney's efforts to expand the power of the presidency
  • Napoleon's crowning as Emperor of France
  • Hitler's death
  • Alexander the Great's death.

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