Chinese-Pacific War
Part of the 21st Century Wars
Explosion 2050

Downtown Manila 2 seconds before the explosion


15 August 2049 – 27 May 2053

Location Pacific, Asia
  • Chinese Occupation of Malaysia
  • Failed Chinese Occupation of the Philipines

United Nations

 United Republic  European Federal Union  United Nations  United African Union

 United Federation of China

Pacific-American Alliance             United States

 United Federation of the Pacifics



Commanders and leaders
 Sarah Nazer

 Francois Frellenge  Assad Urdhin  Chang Minzhe  Kuan Yanmei  Ange Giner  Anders Mandela

 Kenan Anderson

 Don Hendrix

 Gavéz Alejandro

 Theo Yin

United Republic

900,000 Soldiers

4000 Drones

700 Robots

7000 UAVs

400 UGVs

European Federal Union

100,000 Soldiers

800,000 Drones

2000 Robots

500,000 UAVs

200,000 UGVs

100,000 Soldiers

0 Drones

60 Robots

100 UAVs

200 UGVs


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