China is a shadow of its former self. The country's economic economic stagnation, population aging, and large emigration have largely contributed to this. A century ago, it had the world's largest population; now it has less than half of India's.

History Edit

The chinese civilization is among the oldest currently existing in the world. Over the course of millennia, China has been the host of several dynasties. China was the origin of paper and fireworks. In 1949, the communist party took over and the democratic government fled to Taiwan.

21st century: Edit

China was prospering. Back in the 2nd decade, there were projections that China would be the next superpower. however by the end of 2015, there were hints that this would not be the case: China's economic growth was beginning to plummet (though that didn't stop china from surpassing america's GDP by 2022) and the UN projected that the worker population would decrease in proportion with the elderly. In 2030, China reached its peak population of 1,415,545,000.

Civil war: Edit

In 2035, the chinese president began making reforms as a result of protests demanding that the CP have less control of the economy as a result of economic decline. A year later, the military took over since they belonged to the communist party which wasn't quite happy with the reforms. This resulted in more protests, leading to something similar to the Tianmen square massacre nearly 50 years prior. Soon, it became an insurgency and this became a decade long civil war. In the last year of the war, the government launched nukes at rebel controlled cities. The war claimed 50 million lives (not including nukes which claimed an additional 20 million). Taiwan's government took over, Tibet became independent, and China has lots of rebuilding on its shoulders.

The rest of the century saw China's economy improve after the civil war but it never rose above India or even the US.

Economy Edit

China's GDP is the 3rd highest in the world

Infrastructure: Edit

there is a vactrain connecting every major city in china. The new road system is much smaller than a century ago thanks to the diversity in transportation and a smaller population.

Demographics Edit

Population: Edit

the population is only 765,400,000 compared to its peak at 1.5 billion and is barely higher than Nigeria's 752,247,000.