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Timeline: Scenario: Futatsuiwa of Sado
Currency Chinese Yuan

The Republic of China was a nation in East Asia, one of the world's largest countries. It had been in existence in 1912, but lost control of Mainland China by 1949 and fled to Taiwan. For nearly a century, the Republic of China managed to stay independent from Communist Rule. By the time the People's Republic of China suffered another Tiananmen Square protests in 2040, Taiwan lent support to the Democratic rebels. As a result, the Chinese Civil War started up again, and with help of Korea, Japan, and the European Union, the Republic of China government in Taiwan managed to make a comeback on Mainland China. The Chinese Civil War lasted for five years, and ended in 2045 upon the fall of Beijing to the Republican government. After the civil war, the Communist Party of China disbanded and dissolved into smaller political parties, and the Republic of China managed to take control of Mainland China once more.

By 2150, the Republic of China managed to regain all its territories it originally held from 1912, along with Outer Manchuria.

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