Timeline: Scenario: Desire Drive
Currency Chinese Yuan

China, officially The Republic of China, is a nation in Asia.

Having fled to Taiwan from Mainland China in 1949, the Republic of China managed to stay free from Communist Rule. Meanwhile, the People's Republic of China managed to rule over the Mainland for nearly Seventy Years. Starting in 2019 however, the Communist Government saw major decline and suffered from various issues. Nevertheless, they remained in power until 2023, when the Chinese Civil War broke out. The Republic of China, with the aid of Seiga Kaku, Yoshika Miyako, Japan, Korea, and the European Union, invaded the Mainland successfully and were on their way to reclamation. In 2027, Beijing fell in Republican hands, and the Communists retreated to Manchuria, and attempted to cede. It went unrecognised, and by 2028, the last of the Communists were defeated.

The Republic of China later joined the Third World War on the side of the Allies. After the fall of Russia, China gained Tuva and Outer Manchuria.

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