Charles A. Obama was the great grandson of Barack Obama. He was born in July 4, 2063 in Arlington, VA. He grew up in Arlington, VA and loved history. He decided to become president like his great grandfather but first tried for governor. He became the governor of Virginia from 2100-2105. Obama had solved many problems in Virginia which made him try for president. He lost the 2108 election and won the 2112 election. He was one of the favorite presidents of the United States and was remembered for solving the pollution problem and also invented a tree planter to plant trees automatically.

Obama had spoke against the gang who assassinated his father Mike S. Obama.

Obama was president from 2113-2121. After being president, he and his wife Mina Obama went to France. In France, Obama had helped them from World War VI of 2129. He had died on March 27, 2145 as a very important and remembered person. His family history had everyone surprised.

Obama Family History
Person Birth and Death Remembered For Barack H. Obama 1961-2041

Solving tax issues, was president

from 2009-2013.

Sasha Obama 2001-2089

Speaking against a tax company to

remove taxes.

Mike S. Obama 2035-2085

Supported his father in an election.

Was assassinated.

Charles A. Obama 2063-2145

Solved the pollution and tax issues.

Was president from 2113-2121. Had

defeated a gang who assassinated

his father.

Louis E. Obama 2091-2151

Joining the France army. Was killed

as an important person.

Anna Obama 2123 President from 2160-2164
Jennifer Obama 2149 None

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