Central American War
Part of World War 3
Date Aug. 20, 2020 - Sep. 15, 2020
Location All of Central America
Result Central America, excluding Mexico, is annexed by the Brazilian Union and communist governments are set up in each state
Most of Central America is absorbed into the Brazilian Union

Flag of the United States The Alliance


Flag of Brazil Brazilian Union

Flag of the United States Chris Christie

Flag of the United States Dominik Müller

Flag of Brazil Josè Rabelo
Flag of the United States 375,000
Flag of Brazil 850,000
Casualties and losses
Flag of the United States 280,000
Flag of Brazil 395,000


The Cental American War was an invasion of Central America by the Brazilian Union that lasted just under a month. The invasion started during the South American War of Unification and lasted until after that war ended. By capturing Central America, the Brazilian Union could provide the Axis Coalition with total access to the south border of the United States. This war began with the invasion of Panama and ended in the removal of Brazilian forces from Mexico. The Alliance sent some forces to Central America, but was so weak and stretched so thin at this time that it couldn't send enough to fully stop the invasion. This invasion set the stage for the Axis Coalition to close in on the United States and prepare an invasion.


August 2020

  • Aug. 20: Brazilian forces invade Panama
  • Aug. 21: Brazilian forces capture the city of La Palma.
  • Aug. 22: The Alliance sends forces to Panama City. Brazilian forces use ships to enter the Panama Canal from La Palma, dividing the country in two.
  • Aug. 24: Brazilian forces in the south reach Panama City and Brazilians lay siege to the city from both sides.
  • Aug. 26: Panama City falls to the Brazilians and the Alliance sets up a line of defense near Lake Nicaragua.
  • Aug. 27: Panama falls and is annexed. Brazilian forces enter Costa Rica.
  • Aug. 28: Brazilian forces capture San Jose and occupy the country.
  • Aug. 29: Costa Rica is annexed. Brazilian forces meet Alliance defenses in Nicaragua.
  • Aug. 30: The Alliance holds their positions well and the Brazilians are stopped.
  • Aug. 31: Brazilian forces take heavy losses and begin to prepare for a lengthy battle. Alliance bombers hit Brasilia and kill a high ranking government official.

September 2020

  • Sep. 1: In retaliation, the Brazilian Union sends a massive group of reinforcements to Nicaragua.
  • Sep. 2: Brazilian bombers decimate the Alliance front lines and Brazilians invade the country.
  • Sep. 4: The Battle of Granada begins and Alliance forces prepare their final defense in Nicaragua.
  • Sep. 6: Brazilian forces begin breaking through Alliance defenses and burn their strongholds.
  • Sep. 7: Granada is captured. Hours later Managua is captured and Nicaragua is annexed.
  • Sep. 8: Brazilian forces invade Honduras and capture Tegucigalpa.
  • Sep. 9: Honduras is annexed. El Salvador is invaded and San Salvador is captured.
  • Sep. 10: The Alliance is forced to set up its final defenses in Mexico. Belize and Guatemala are both defenseless and are annexed.
  • Sep. 11: The Sydney Terrorist Attacks take place.
  • Sep. 12: Brazilian forces invade Mexico and are attacked by Mexican and Alliance forces.
  • Sep. 15: Brazilian forces, exhausted and spread thin, retreat from Mexico.

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