Caucasus War
Part of Second Cold War
Russian government forces firing artillery
Date 17 May 2016 — 22 August 2017
Location Caucasus region
Result Russian victory
Flag of Russia Russia

Supported by:
Flag of Iran Iran
Flag of Belarus Belarus
Flag of China China
Flag of India India
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Flag of Georgia Georgia

Supported by:
Flag of the United States United States
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of Armenia Armenia
Flag of Turkey Turkey

Flag of Russia Vladimir Putin

Flag of Russia Sergei Shoigu
Flag of Russia Valery Gerasimov
Flag of Russia Oleg Salukov
Flag of Russia Anatoly Lebed

Flag of Georgia Mikail Sakashvili
Flag of Russia 44,000 troops, 300 tanks, 81 aircraft, 15 warships

Flag of Armenia 16,000 troops, 35 tanks, 21 aircraft
Flag of Azerbaijan 19,000 troops, 39 tanks, 24 aircraft
Flag of Georgia 8,650 troops, 12 tanks, 4 aircraft

Flag of Georgia 56,000 troops, 5,700 Foreign Involvment, 43 tanks, 25 aircraft, 8 warships

Flag of NATO 15,000 troops, 150 tanks, 70 aircraft, 20 warships

Casualties and losses
Flag of Russia 9,308 killed or missing, 12,054 wounded, 38 tanks, 27 aircraft, 4 warships destroyed

Flag of Armenia 5,548 killed or missing, 7,005 wounded, 13 tanks, 8 aircraft destroyed
Flag of Azerbaijan 6,226 killed or missing, 8,109 wounded, 21 tanks, 12 aircraft destroyed
Flag of Georgia 1,984 killed or missing, 3,627 wounded, 7 tanks, 1 aircraft destroyed

Flag of Georgia 17,681 killed or missing, 25,389 wounded, 26 tanks, 18 aircraft, 5 warships destroyed

Flag of NATO 6,792 killed or missing, 7,843 wounded, 83 tanks, 46 aircraft, 11 warships destroyed

The Caucasian War was a full-scale war between Russia and Georgia. The war began on May 17th, 2016 with the Russian Invasion of Georgia.

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