Yunzhong Hou is an administrator on the Future Wikia.

The following pages are part of the futurologist Yunzhong Hou's predictions, and could be constituted as a school of thought.

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue Phase5
  2. Prophesy's Principal Practical Principles Phase5
    1. Knowledge Phase5
    2. Wisdom Phase5
    3. Pragmatism Phase5
    4. Ingenuity Phase5
    5. Neutrality Phase5
    6. Justification Phase5
    7. Limitation Phase5
  3. Four Future-Forming Fundamental Factors Phase5
    1. Fast Phase5
    2. Forceful Phase5
    3. Functional Phase5
    4. Flexible Phase5
  4. Ten Tenets to Technological Trends Phase5
    1. Eternity's End Phase5
    2. Wit Beyond Measure Phase5
    3. The Realm of the Infinite Phase5
    4. The Changing Face of Prophesy Phase5
    5. Growth as a Transcendent Function Phase5
    6. The Limit Toward Infinity Phase5
    7. The Summation Toward Infinity Phase5
    8. The Fall is Eternal Phase5
    9. Darwin's Greater Nightmare Phase5
    10. The Resilience of Eternal Change Phase5
  5. New World Order Phase5
    1. The Rise of China and India Phase5
    2. The Lambasting of the United States Phase5
    3. The Internalization of United States Policy Phase5
    4. The Disintegration of the Multinational States Phase5
    5. The Rise of the United Nations Phase5
    6. The Communist-Democratic Cycle Phase5
  6. The Tragedies Phase1
    1. The Tragedy of the Commons Phase1
    2. The Tragedy of Outsourcing Phase1
    3. The Tragedy of Privacy Phase1
  7. Wars of the Twenty-First Century Phase1
    1. The War on Big Business Phase1
    2. The War on Robotic Outsourcing Phase1
    3. The War on Developing Resistance Phase1
    4. The War on Ecology Phase1
    5. The War on Obesity Phase1
    6. The War on Cancer Phase1
    7. The War on the Holy Land Phase1
    8. The War on Lawsuits Phase1
    9. The War on Stroke and Heart Attack Phase1
    10. The War on Terrorism Phase1
    11. The War on Privacy Phase1
    12. The War on Plague Phase1
    13. The War on Waste Management Phase1
    14. The War on Welfare Phase1
    15. The War in Space Phase1
  8. The New Peoples Phase1
    1. The New Slang: Precisionism Phase1
    2. The New Slang: Symbolism Phase1
    3. The New Literacy Phase1
    4. The New Skepticism Phase1
    5. The New Ideal: Creativity Phase1
    6. The New Ideal: Empathy Phase1
    7. The New Culture: Globalization Phase1
    8. The New Culture: Specialized Education Phase1
  9. Tree of Knowledge Phase1

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