U.N.F Military Vehicles rolling into the City of Baghdad after the U.N.F Forces Liberated The city from Arab Alliance Forces

The First Middle East Wars are the First in the Three Middle East War that was Fought between the Arab Alliance and the United Nations Federation

The Begining of the War

May 18th, 2049- The Arab Alliance Invasion of U.N.F States in the Middle east Begins as Suadi Arabia Attacks the Borders of the U.N.F

May 29th, 2049- Arab Alliance Forces take baghdad, Jerusalsm, Gaza City, Kuwait City and Beriut while in the State of Oman and Yemen Remain U.N.F Armed Forces are fighting in Sana'a, Yemen and Muscat, Oman

June 3rd, 2049- Arab Alliance Forces take Sana'a and Muscat after a four days siega remaining

United Nations Federation Middle East day one

Map of the Middle East during the First Middle East War Dark Green: Arab Alliance Dark Cyan: United Nations Federation

U.N.F Forces are killied

June 14th, 2049- the Island State of Bahrain has falling when Joint Suadi Arabian and Iranian Forces using Amphibious and Airborn Invasion of the Island

June 20th, 2049- Arab Forces begins to Advance into Turkey, Egypt, Georgia, Afganistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenian and Turkestan

United Nations Federation middle east day 2

the map of the Middle east after day two Light Green: Occupied Middle East

United Nations Federation Middle East after the first few days

Map of the Middle East after June 20th Light Green: Occupied Middle East

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