तौलिए आह पोंछ
2018 – 2020
US Cascadia
Cascadia COA

Watching the stars...

Cascadian territory2

April 2020
Dark blue: United Federation of Earth
Blue: Republic of Cascadia

Capital Olympia
Official language English
State ideology Democracy
Government Federal presidential


Head of state and head of government President

Johnattan Boone

Supranational Power UFE-Cascadian Union
Population 7,478,150 (2020 estimate)
Currency World Credit
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The Federal Republic of Cascadia, commonly referred to as Cascadia (French: Cascade; Spanish: Cascado; Romanian/Italian: Cascada, Hindi: तौलिए आह पोंछ; Chinese: 擦手擦地啊; Russian: Каскадия) was a federal republic located on the Western Coast of the North American continent. It was composed of four states, each with their local government. The nation emerged from the UFE in the post-war era, wishing sovereignty from the Federation, which reluctantly agreed. Even though secessionists, the Cascadians kept very good relations with the UFE, to the point of acquiring protection against the Russian threat.