Cartoon Network Station is a man-made island, named after the television station of the same name, located in the Pacific Ocean, it is not owned by any countries and is perhaps a territory of Earth. 

History & Geography

The island was constructed in 2031 and the construction was finish in January of 2033, all 88 workers and their families moved to the island.

There is one school located on the southern end of the island. The school is called Pacific Community Schools and has about 176 students, 12 teachers, and 16 other staff. 

The island is also dotted with restaraunts and stores including McDonald's and Walmart.


According to the census of 2040, Cartoon Network Station had 352 people in population. 50% of the population were male and 50% of the population were female. 3% of the population were children under the age of 18.