Cartoon Network is the prime kids channel throughout Australia and New Zealand. It broadcasts programmes coming from Cartoon Network US and Cartoon Network UK & IRE. This is a future projection of currently airing television shows made by The2016.


  • Adventure Time 2010-2019 (Reason: Stays popular all the way; all good things must come to an end though)
  • Regular Show 2010-2017 (Reason: Announced that the 8th season will be its last)
  • Amazing World of Gumball 2011-2018 (Reason: Becomes unpopular and is cancelled)
  • Uncle Grandpa 2013-2017 (Reason: Announced 5th season will its be last)
  • Steven Universe 2013-2018 (Reason: Sixth season is its last)
  • Clarence 2014-2019 (Reason: fifth season is the last season)
  • We Bare Bears 2015-2018 (Reason: Cancelled due to bad ratings)
  • Powerpuff Girls Reboot 2016-2018 (Reason: Again, Cancelled by bad ratings)