Carly Fiorina
50th President of the United States
In Office:
January 20, 2043 - January 20, 2051
Vice President: Troy Hay
Preceded by: Christine Gregoire
Succeded by: Troy Hay
Born: September 6, 1954
Austin, Texas
Died: December 20, 2021 (age 66)
Washington DC
Nationality: American
Political party: Republican
Spouse: Frank Fiorina (1985-2021), Todd Bartlem (1977-1984)
Residence: Maryland
Religion: Nondemonical Christianity

Carly Fiorina (September 6, 1954 – December 20, 2021) was an American politician who was a former HP CEO, a nominee for senate, & the 45th President of the United States.

Early lifeEdit

Fiorina's father was a businessman. When she was a young adult she dropped out of law school. Her father said she'd never make it. In spite of this, she eventually became the CEO of HP.


After a controversy, HP fired Fiorina.


After learning she had cancer, Fiorina went in for surgery.

Senate runEdit

After recovery, Carly Fiorina ran for senate but lost to incumbent Barbra Boxer.

Presidential runEdit

In early 2015, Fiorina announced her candidacy for president. After first her pole numbers were low in the party, but after a successful debate, she soared. She narrowly defeated Donald Trump in the primaries. In the general election, she defeated Senator Bernie Sanders & was elected the first woman president.


Fiorina declared war on ISIS. This war turned out to be successful. During this time, this economy was the best in years.


After learning her cancer had returned, Fiorina confirmed she would not run for a second term. She was succeeded by her Vice President, Troy Hay. She died only a few months later.