Carla Anderson (January 05, 2009) was the 53rd President of the United States, serving from 2065 to 2073 upon the expiration of her term by the 22nd Amendment. She is widely remembered for leading the US through the Canadian Civil War, and annexing the old Commonwealth nations who's populations had largely been resettled in the US and Canada during the flood.

Presidency (2065-2073)

First Term

Canadian Civil War

2065, only three weeks into here presidency, President Anderson deployed US troops into Canada to end their civil war. US forces in occupied Cascadia and the Yukon invaded westward, while forces from Newfoundland pushed into Quebec to aid the nation in repelling an invasion from the North. With America's entrance into the First Nations War, Canada had hoped that victory would be assured, but one year on, the President Anderson's commitment was clearly marginal at best, as she kept US forces in a purely defensive role, mainly to keep the war from reaching American interests. Facing an impatient public in the 2066 midterms, President Anderson put the US on a more direct path to end the conflict. The US successfully captured and occupied Calgary within two weeks after the surge, pushing north into Tlicho propper. Fighting in Alberta calmed, but as Tlicho began to take control of northern Canada's prairies and by extension the majority of Canadian farmlands, the government fell to internal fighting in Manitoba and Ontario. To secure American interests on a larger scale, the US sent peace keeping forces to restore order and installed a military government in Ottawa. By 2067 the US had deployed Space and Naval forces into the Arctic nations, and forced a ceasefire. Her last act in office was the signing of the Union Act of 2073 that formally annexed the Anglosphere nations under free association with the United States.

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