2055 CapitolFlag  2059
Capitol City Parliament Election, 2057
33 Seats

17 Needed to form Government

August 15, 2057
First party Second party Third party
Blank person Blank person Blank person
Leader Tim Bivens Mary Cane* Rick Pontz
Party SDLP Alliance CRL
Leader's seat 3rd 27th (Defeated) 9th (Defeated)
Seats won 22 11 0
Seat change Increase13 Decrease13
Popular vote 245,501 189,503 16,602
Percentage 54.4% 42.0% 3.6%
Swing Increase10.6% Decrease6.7% Decrease3.9%
FC CP 57
Results by Ward
Speaker before election
Mary Cane
Elected Speaker
Tim Bivens

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