The Canine Rights Movement is a group of both humanoid dogs and humans against the discrimination and persecution of dogs. The most prominent activist group is called Canine Revolution! and their leaders are Hannibal Jefferson and Lee John Darry.


Main article: Canis sapiens

Humanoid dogs are so psychologically similar to humans, that they have been used in psychological studies too dangerous for human beings. Due to their high-loyalty factors, and strong builds, humanoid dogs are often used in combat situations, especially for very dangerous missions and tasks.

Humanoid dogs are not integrated into human society, and a majority exist in specialized reserves. In many countries, it is legal to own a humanoid dog, as they are generally unable to exist or cope with modern, human life. Most of these dogs are treated like slaves by their owners. There are cases of humanoid dogs being physically and psycologically abused, and some are even made to fight so that their owners can make money. This specific treatment, however, is outlawed in most countries.

In some countries, there are laws forbidding dog races, which are considered more aggressive, and this also applies to humanoid dogs. These races are persecuted by governments and radicals, and the activist group Canine Revolution! considers this similar to the persecution of Jews by the Nazis.

Canine Revolution! campaigns for acceptance of members of the species as individuals and human beings, and its militant wing called the Canine Revolutionary Front (CRF) has made terrorist attacks and assassinations in order to end the persecution and Holocaust-like situation.

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