Canadian Revolution
Date September 15, 2015 - November 20, 2015
Location Canada
Republic of Marxist Canada
  • Canadian People's Army
  • Protesters
Flag of Canada Government of Canada
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Ontario Provincial Police
  • Armed Forces of Canada

Supported By
Flag of USA United States

Soviet Star Michael Figueroa (Leader) Flag of Canada Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister)
400,000+ Protesters 27,560 Police Officers
Casualties and losses
33 killed, 10,000 protesters arrested 12 government officials, 59 police officers killed, 2,000 Civilians

The Canadian Revolution, or Uprising in Canada, was a civil uprising and unrest that occurred in Canada on September 2015, orchestrated by the Republic of Marxist Canada in response to Black September. It was followed by series of protest. On September 27th, Heavily armed members of the CPA groups launched an attack on parliament hill on September 27 and killed several members of parliament, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Minister of Defence John Wright. The Canadian Armed Forces, with no government leadership, did not attempt to stop this revolution. Local police forces however and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), did attempt to stop Marxist forces, however suffered severe losses. After negotiations between the two party, an agreement was signed and Canadian government was dissolved.

Although the Canadian government had surrendered to the communist, the Armed Forces and the Police Departments hadn't. In December 20, a attack was launched by both parties against the Parliament. The attack resulted a massive response by the RMC that war had been triggered. The Canadian Civil War had begun.

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