Canadian Invasion of Greenland
Date January 1st, 2017 - January 3, 2017
Location Greenland
Result Canada annexes Greenland. Beginning of the Canadian-Danish War
Flag of Canada Ultranationalist Canada
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • UPC Forces
Flag of Denmark Denmark
  • Danish Greenland Defense Force
  • Danish Coast Guard
Flag of Canada Prime Minister Michael Figueroa Flag of Denmark Prime Minister Kim Kielsen
5,000 500
Casualties and losses
1 injured 0

The Canadian Invasion of Greenland, also known in Canada as the Canadian Occupation of Greenland, was a armed military occupation of Greenland by the Canadian Army and UPC Forces. The invasion had no death, other than a injured soldier, with little to no resistance from the resident of Greenland.

The Danish government wanted the Canadians out. The Danes gave tge UPC a ultimatum. The set of demands included Canadian forces leaving Greenland. The ultimatum was ignored by UPC and on Feburay 1, Denmark declares war on Canada and invaded.

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