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‹ 2056 Canadian Federal Election, 2060 (Malformedmule)
Canadian Federal Election, 2060 (Malformedmule)
October 21 2060
Turnout 58%
First party Second party Third party
Blank Person Blank Person Blank Person
Leader Hadrien Trudeau Jeff Whitaker Mark Thompson
Party Liberal Socialist Conservative
Last election 169 seats, 29.8% 204 seats, 41.5% 13 seats, 12.7%
Seats before 172 200 14
Seats won 215 146 23
Seat change +43 -54 +9
Percentage 42.7% 27.9% 17.1%
Swing +12.9% -13.6% +4.4%
Fourth party
Blank Person
Leader Jenna Wilkins
Party Communist

Last election 2 seats, 6.0%
Seats before 2
Seats won 4
Seat change +2
Percentage 9.2%
Swing +3.2%

Canadian Federal Election, 2060
Map showing the results of the 2060 Canadian Federal Election by province,

The Canadian Federal Election, 2060 was held on October 21, 2060. It marked the Liberal Party of Canada's first election victory since 2016. It also marked the end to the 18 year reign of the Socialist Party of Canada under the leadership of Prime Minister Jeff Whitaker.

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