Canadian Federal Election, 2047 (Malformedmule)

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Canadian Federal Election, 2047 (Malformedmule)
October 10, 2047
Turnout 48%
First party Second party Third party
Blank Person style="text-align: center; border-bottom: 6px solid blue--Template:Nationalist/meta/color-->#blue"|Blank Person Blank Person
Leader Jeff Whitaker Vincent Marcolini Chris Newgate
Party Socialist Nationalist Liberal
Last election 199 seats, 40.5% 25 seats, 17.6% 158 seats, 31%
Seats before 198 28 156
Seats won 163 159 63
Seat change -35 +131 -93
Percentage 35.1% 34.8% 22.1%
Fourth party
Blank Person
Leader Ben Harper
Party Conservative

Last election 6 seats, 11.6%
Seats before 6
Seats won 3
Seat change -3

The Canadian Federal Election, 2047 was held on October 10, 2047 to elect members of the House of Commons. The left wing Socialist Party of Canada won a slim minority government and the second place Canadian Nationalist Party won four seats less than it.

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