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The 2021 Canadian Federal Election was held on September 21, 2021. Prime Minster Jason Kenney dissolved his minority government in order to receive a stronger mandate.


2021 Canadian Federal Election Results
Party: Conservatives Liberals NDP Bloc Green Others
Leader: Jason Kenney Dominic LeBlanc Megan Leslie Andre Bellavance Andrew Weaver Various
Leader's Seat: Calgary-Shepard (AB) Beausjour (NB) Halifax (NS) Richmond-Arthabaska (QB) Victoria (BC) Various
Seats: 177 86 67 6 1 1
Seat +/- +43 -11 -25 -6 -1 =
Vote: 37% 25% 22% 8% 6% 2%
Vote +/- +5% -2% -3% +1% -2% +1%


The Conservatives won a stable majority government, gaining seats in Ontario as well as 21 in Quebec, the most the party has ever held their.

Dominic LeBlanc disappointed, and the Liberals lost seats. Despite this, he would continue to serve as the Liberal leader. After this election, the party began to move more to the centre-left. In 2024 many dissatisfied Liberals left the party to found the Atlantic Coalition, a new centre-right version of the Liberals. They elected former Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams as their leader.

The NDP were also disappointed, and leader Megan Leslie resigned from the party leadership. Ontario MP Charlie Angus replaced her.

The Bloc lost half their seats, but Andre Bellavance remained as party leader. In protest, MP Jean-Francois Fortin left the party to found the Parti Progressiste Québec (PPQ) with independent MP Maria Mourani. The PPQ eventually became the primary choice of Quebec regionalists and separatists.

Elizabeth May retired from politics in 2021 and the Greens lost Saanich-Gulf Islands to the Conservatives. Andrew Weaver left the federal party to lead the BC Greens, and went on to serve as premier. From this point on, the Greens took from many European Green parties and chose to elect joint spokespersons. Notable author Naomi Klein of Quebec and provincial politician of Victor Lau of Saskatchewan were both selected. Andrew Weaver resigned from his seat and it was picked up by the NDP, leaving the Greens without a seat in parliament for the first time in 10 years.

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