{{Infobox Military Conflict
|conflict= Canadian Emergency
|date=December 3, 2015—Janauary1, 2016
|result= Canadian Government victory. Conservative Party disbanded.
|combatant1=Flag of Canada Canadian Government
|combatant2=Flag of Canada Conserative Party of Canada

|commander1=Flag of Quebec Darko Aguillon

Flag of Quebec Mila Adams

Flag of Quebec Paul-Henri Aries

Flag of Quebec Jaques Affre

Flag of QuebecFlag of Ukraine Vladko Staković

Flag of QuebecFlag of Georgia Andrei Mladić

Flag of QuebecFlag of Tajikistan Ante Vasilijević

Flag of QuebecFlag of Armenia Kren Kośek
|commander2= Flag of Canada Steven Harper

Flag of Canada Paul Hellyer

Flag of Canada Gen. Michael Smith

Flag of Canada David Gargo

Flag of the United States Barack Obama

Flag of the United States Chuck Hagel

Flag of the United States Raymond Odinero

Flag of the United States Walter Roman

|casualties1=112,000 killed in action/died of wounds, 25,000 dead in Quebec prisons

~365,000 total dead
282,000 wounded
|casualties2=75,000–94,000 killed in action/died of wounds, 26,000–31,000 dead in American-Canadian prisons

~260,000 total dead
137,000+ wounded

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